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  1. Hi guys, especially @adr.bot, how can we read system messages on adr? i have cracked 1.71 version. Or on screen damage messages? @fAkeNhi, i can print the id of message but cant read the message. how can i read the message text? need to read system messages. thx for any help
  2. There is no smartguard project only cliext.
  3. Tower working like a charm. Just you dont know how to start it. I put to exping after 30 min I back still botting.
  4. Hi guys, Did someone bypass protection for tower or adrenaline? Many ppl using bot. Are they all using adrenaline premium? And what protection server has? I guess its not smartguard or l2jguard. Any information appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello guys, Someone bypass protection on L2Eola? for tower or adrenaline? I guess its not using smartguard. Can someone give us info ? or bypass method? Thanks all.
  6. Link dead. Can you share this one again?
  7. Tower working like a charm.only you dont know how to do it =) doesnt matter version.but better choice cuz of no 3h limitation.
  8. Well i am using already but tower.but melee option does not work..i just inject 1 time with our favourite injector.i dont inject also l2tower.it works but as i said melee fuc king does not work and my previous saved configs not load =( so i am trying to make with your way.
  9. I downgraded to (you said 1.4.123 i think its same?) then when i try to inject with tower i got Unsupported Game Version error.How can we solve this?
  10. Hello guys, I am trying to load-save my configs at tower.First of all i am using injector +5dlls.So when i am in game. ".save Name" i save but i cant find that saved file.Also i cant load with ".load Name" command.Saved files are not going under l2tower/config files.Can anybody knows the solution when using external injector+5dlls?
  11. Hello guys, my problem is when i login a character i need to 1 time unequip-equip a part of armor set to get set armor passive skill.So it doesn't give me passive skill even armor set already equipped after login.How can we solve this problem? I am using vanganth cracked files in forum.Thanks for help=)