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  1. seem author forgot share sources :) http://la2man.ru/threads/hd-pathnode-generator-generacija-patchnode.46/
  2. good idea, but i still trying to leave l2, hope this will be last update from me
  3. https://www.4shared.com/archive/2Mc-0BR9ei/rideable_ant.html? chronicles c0-Interlude updates: added sounds to rideable ant, wyvern replaced to different flying object
  4. this is the gap between 2 client geodata files (unr) solution: take those 2 files from gracia epilogue or something
  5. how to enable this in grand crusade client UseUnderWear=true ??? in some previous client it enables feature - when character is naked - underwear showed instead of low level armor
  6. extender source int tradetype = trade_zone_check_e(CSharedDat->x, CSharedDat->y); //check allowed trade zones >>>Issue: I can connect to the server. But after connecting to character lobby it says Protocol version is different. Please continue. this server supports all clients, and all client have different protocols. for example: 478, 485 - c2 530,555,560 c3 732,737,740,744,746 interlude 12 gracia 530 (again) Lindvior 109 grand crusade and so on.............. to support them - ser
  7. you are right, that's why only gatekeepers protected, not all the girls in the world any additional activity near gatekeepers means lags and problems for other players when server online something more than 100 well, abusers can use mass buffing near gatekeepers... but this is limited to mana of abusers
  8. well, solution is to disable in extender attacking teleporters ps. you know, l2 world full of npcs, full of mobs. enough targets for mindless violation. other npcs cannot resist but teleporters can ------ the real problem is that player cannot defend innocent npc. this is against players. ---- when man sees someone beating innocent woman or girl, man must retire and hide because of tolerancy but game l2 is not about tolerancy. man must defend woman in l2
  9. check in ai sources why. baium is not c1. he is reprogrammed and tested by my own hands and first player waked baium is not killed by the way
  10. client l2 connecting to jdbc? where to download such client you know, this is client development branch