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  1. Hi all, I haven't found any update on pathnode tools . So I have upgraded from old HD source to x64. So far it works with a new geo locations. Please have a try.
  2. Hello I have a question maybe Maxtor or someone else could explain to me just for the learning purpose. Sometime ago I used toplay on Lithuanian server and just forfun used OOG l2walker. And it used quite interesting token (03.06) fs32=80020 0 <---- ?????? ts32=2A C9 0F A4 EE 08 D2 D7 0F C0 C1 88 C9 0F AF FD 89 FE 8A CE red pointed simbols are completly diferent from the regular token.... And other thing: fs32=80020 0 <----- Whats that???? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was useing Saurons walker patch 3.03f.... The funiest thing is if you are useing this token with other programs L2Walker wont work... Sorry for my bad English ;)
  3. Nothing special just pay some REAL money and you will get nice tool thats it... In this site is written only the advantages of 2 programs l2bugger and l2brute some pictures and more ... NO download to check... :lol:
  4. They are not all thesame even the first and the last token's nubers can be changed for example: battle for down used to have such a token 2A C9 0F A4 EE 08 D2 D7 0F C0 C1 88 C9 0F AF FD 89 FE 8A CE