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  1. 4 bug rune > valley of saints > run till forest of dead gracia final client so fcuked up i guess official release come with that problem
  2. find 3 bug tp aden> blazing swamp (if you run till aden castle you will see texture bug) solved by changic loc from {"Blazing Swamp"; 155310; -16339; -3320; to {"Blazing Swamp"; 154059; -19988; -1736; its very primative way to solve this problem, but still better this way than no other way i think texture bug somehow generated wrong in system dll or smth... is it possible to make epiloge system to work on gracia final ? (my advext says wrong packets to server )
  3. f.e. talking island tp to obelisk of victory gives texture bug also it is nothing about unr files i guess problem is inside system folder but thanks for your time for this bug now i can easily solve known problems
  4. nice job something usefull ok so you can fix it if you know if problem exist, but if i dont know some tps which are bugged?
  5. i tried system with 87 protocol, but still texture GAP exists
  6. copied all .unr files from h5 client same issue btw i tried using same Gracia Final client , but f.e. h5 system or epiloge system, and no problem at all everything works fine but if i use same Gracia Final client and Gracia Final system it shows texture GAP ( not only in goddard f.e. talking islanda some of rune town places )
  7. downloaded tested still dont work i guess its server side problem because if you login at that spot you dont get this bug the only way to get this bug is to teleportto goddard from any other city
  8. i saw in eglobal this bug exists even with full eglobal client and system tested on 2 different hardware, tested in few servers gracia final is it server or client problem ? can someone share clean gracia final system ? VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6rtfteWvYlkYkljVjdmOFNWc1E/view
  9. i have item which gives buffs when used, but problem is that servitors dont get those buffs i tried to change this in skilldata but no effect target_type = self affect_scope = single p.s gracia final item_begin etcitem 14739 [fresh_milk_event] item_type=etcitem slot_bit_type={none} armor_type=none etcitem_type=potion delay_share_group=-1 item_multi_skill_list={s_fresh_milk_might3;s_fresh_milk_wind_walk2;s_fresh_milk_haste2;s_fresh_milk_vampiric_rage3;s_fresh_milk_berserker_spirit2;s_fresh_milk_empower3;s_fresh_milk_arcane_acumen3;s_fresh_milk_shield3;s_fresh_milk_focus3;s_fresh_milk_dea
  10. f.e. i have ai.obj how to compile to nasc and decompile againt to obj ?
  11. how to send any item to character using web PHP while he is online ?
  12. i saw in some other lineage server a launcher when you click l2.exe first connect you to server and then make you a localhost user something like hamachi or etc.
  13. ai compiler for GF working ? or i need compile / decompile files ?
  14. for how long this buffer gives buffs ? 20 min ? how to change f.e. might 273411 for 1h?