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  1. np,hope it helped you. As for geodatas most shared ones are not good for use,so you have probably to find a premium one wich is ready for use.
  2. Here you are: https://mega.nz/#F!UhsQCZ7A!dQOIg8j5y9Ixv8YQfl0NeQ
  3. It's a part of the quest taken by captain of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force,i think npc name Pierce,it's a reworked fix. As for learning i might create a script tutorial when find some time
  4. At Vanga did not work this quest, fixed spread. I hope not to forget anything. ai class 1 merc_cap_peace : citizen handler 4 1570 // TALK_SELECTED variable_begin "fhtml0" "talker" "myself" "_choiceN" "_code" "_from_choice" variable_end push_event // _from_choice push_const 544 add fetch_i4 push_const 0 equal branch_false L2 L1 push_event // talker push_const 40 add fetch_i // level push_const 1092 add fetch_i4 push_const 66 greater_equal push_reg_sp fetch_i branch_false L5 push_event // myself push_const 704 add fetch_i push_event // talker push_const 40 add fetch_i push_const 62
  5. Thank you,i really appreciate this. Thank you Administrator,i will try better and for more ;)
  6. Since i see many people request some npcs etc and noone gives the required info or help,i would like to make this guide for them so they can develop and improve their skills on creating these by themselves.It's a very usefull guide for people to learn how to make them. In this guide/tutorial we will learn how to do the Teleporter(gk),Gmshop,Buffer and you can start with opening the scripts.I wish my guide to be understandable to you and wish you the best results following it Teleporter/Gatekeeper: AI.obj, You must look for class teleporter_multi_list. class 1 clavier
  7. give credit to dadiarena ^^. It's not your guide.
  8. This share is about years of age in other forums.Although it can still be usefull
  9. just confirm it and if you're sure that it is already shared just lock my topic.i told this in my 1st post
  10. I don't know if such a thing exist here,i searched a bit and didn't find one so here you go.If it already shared then i'm sorry,feel free to lock my topic.I don't like client modifications that much but i find this one cool and wanted to share. download: https://mega.nz/#!Ywdg1A5Z!o7iqglfxU4ZQjWV8pN9tAdJ8WT-YyDrUL2S6o86Va7o Credits for creation: I don't know who made this lol Credits for Share : Me