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  1. You is using incorrect syntax, change: myself.OwnItemCount -> OwnItemCount
  2. Eressea is in correct, you need add item(s) to itemdataex.txt This is my itemdataex,txt script:
  3. Thank you, I see on decompiled code something weird, i use options "--chronicles=c1 --tree=0 --utf16le=1", as can you see show some KR/JP string on beginning all classes after "default_npc" class. This don't happen if use default encoded utf8 " --utf16le=0".
  4. Thanks you for the new update, for c1 support we have download c1-support branch from repository?
  5. Sorry mistaken mine i updated last descompiler source and now show correctly all parameters. des
  6. ok, I never has seen this parameter in GF/freya ai.obj, i need add this parameter to "default_npc" class, but there a problem after descompiled. How you can to see second and third parameter show both together, when should be:
  7. Problem with empty string in "MakeFString" function. After descompiler: Should be: class warrior_parameter affected and some more.
  8. There is 3 functions missing from eressea's compiler.
  9. nice, you have one missing handler " handler 164 SOCIAL_ACTION_EVENT ".
  10. Hi, good job but you need fix other small bug on all classes than use "skill_name_id / 256 * 256" you need change from : Else some npc ai doesn't work as Treasure chest and more.
  11. Wow! Work fine now.