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  1. correct, i only fixed superpoint.bin (geodata folder)
  2. Have you placed the fixed file in your geodata folder? Look as you have corrupt your "superpointinfo.txt" in your script folder (this is other different file). L2npc load boths file during startup, "superpoint.bin" in geodata folder (my fixed) and one other file on script folder "superpointinfo.txt".
  3. Anyone has one link for clean High Five part 5 client installer (Fog login screen)?
  4. HF Here you have full server with some small fixes (still too work to do)
  5. I am using too HAuthd , all work good, i can reloging, i can to send you my HAuthd if you need.
  6. You is using incorrect syntax, change: myself.OwnItemCount -> OwnItemCount
  7. Eressea is in correct, you need add item(s) to itemdataex.txt This is my itemdataex,txt script:
  8. Thank you, I see on decompiled code something weird, i use options "--chronicles=c1 --tree=0 --utf16le=1", as can you see show some KR/JP string on beginning all classes after "default_npc" class. This don't happen if use default encoded utf8 " --utf16le=0".
  9. Thanks you for the new update, for c1 support we have download c1-support branch from repository?