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  1. Hello, Looking for a client developer who can import skills for me from one chronicle to another. PM me your price and a video of your similar work if available.
  2. Hello, i am new to L2 Servers and i wanted to discuss security about html bypasses. So let's take as an example this class change bypass: <a action="bypass -h class_change?class_name=1">Warrior</a> Since this is present on client side, i am thinking that someone could replace the value of class_name to something else and exploit it. So my first questions is; Can someone manipulate the html on the client side? If yes, do you place code on the ai that checks again the response from the client if it is valid? For example let's say that a Human Fighter goes to the class changer. The class changer calculates the available classes based on his current class and presents him three options: <a action="bypass -h class_change?class_name=1">Warrior</a><br> <a action="bypass -h class_change?class_name=4">Knight</a><br> <a action="bypass -h class_change?class_name=7">Rogue</a><br> After the client submits his request to change to Warrior, do you still re-check the validity of that request or take as granted that since you provided him these options in the first place, the response that you get from the client is valid and proceed to perform the class change action without further checks? Thanks, Hugo
  3. Hey @Celestine, Have you had the time to look into the following two? Critical message not showing Cannot move items from pet inventory Thanks!
  4. Hey, well after i restarted the processes everything works. So the spacing was ok. Thank you for your reply!
  5. Very insightful, thank you for taking the time! I will play a little bit with the spacing and report back! Thanks, Hugo
  6. It works that way! Thank you. Can you elaborate a bit on that, why it works that way and the difference between your proposed way and myself.OwnItemCount? Also, it would be better instead of using direct item id in the code, i place a paramter and use that instead, so: if(OwnItemCount(talker, 57) > 0) becomes: if(OwnItemCount(talker, myItemID) > 0) I have also created this parameter section: class myclass : citizen { parameter: int myItemID = 57; } But i get an error that this is an "abnormal" parameter when the NPC reaches that part of the code. Am i not using it correctly? Thanks, Hugo
  7. Hello guys, I want to check through ai if an item exists in the users inventory. I have tried using function: OwnItemCount but i got compilation error: Undefined function. (Using l2shrine compiler shared by Eressea). Below is an example of my code as i am trying to compile it: set_compiler_opt base_event_type(@NTYPE_NPC_EVENT) class default_npc { } class citizen : default_npc { } class myclass : citizen { ... EventHandler MENU_SELECTED( talker, ask, reply) { ... if(myself.OwnItemCount(talker, 57) > 0 ) { //do something } } ... } I have also tried using GlobalObject::OwnItemCount like gg.OwnItemCount but i get the message that gg is an unknown variable.. Do you use some other function for this? If anyone could shed some light on this i'd appreciate it. Thanks, Hugo
  8. Hello, one thing i noticed is that once you place something on the pet's inventory, you cannot take it back. Can you check if it is working for you ? Thanks,