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  1. basically when i clicked on any NPC in the town was something like missing HTML , path and then number like 3030.HTML missing I don't have any screenshots but every npc with HTML error
  2. they don't want to do Wipe, they still trying to fix it , otherwise they would say straight away and we could play right now, but just wanted to ask if this is really complicated to damage server like that ?
  3. Thanks for your answer, just to let you know that I was playing in the server (interlude) and now that server is closed, because someone messed up server database and server settings through the NPC. Admin told me that one guy injected something through the NPC and even server chat colors were blinking and different colour. All NPC showing errors, ALT+B not working, server is offline and they trying to rollback everything So just wanted to ask if this is very hard to do it, or you just need special software and skills He was using fake IP , so he got a ban,
  4. Hello All, Does anyone has any SQL Injection for interlude ?
  5. good server ! fun to play !
  6. does any1 know how to change gm access what number, cant find on this server.....
  7. server is dead already, people leaving like always
  8. i like this server and i will play here, mostly people have family and working so its perfect, coz mainly everybody is online at evening , even if its on 40-60 people im happy with that coz everyone is friendly !
  9. i would join this server if enough ppl coming :) i want exp party in loa , ppl can use even supports for buffs, must be nice, but ofc i would like to see not 50 or 100 people :)