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  1. they are so smart that they have sent spam mails to everyone that had an account at cosmos forums
  2. yayyy, the best option of the summer! It's the 25$ pack of l2jsunrise?
  3. Bad files (not even tested by them) Bad and greedy Staff copying someone else's project name 0 players The only thing I could find here was bugs, tons of them We even found a bug in your sh1tty ALT+B to obtain donator coins but i wonder if you can even work at html To the players, dont waste your time here and search for another server to play at
  4. You could have used another name for the project...perhaps you would have gathered more followers. This smells like trash.
  5. Why would anyone want to play this server? wtf
  6. Not real mythras, just a faky fake. Forum doesn't even work lmao, 404 not found.
  7. Situation Lineage 2 is on very bad shape, full of High Five/Interlude Java trash servers using same files over and over. Yet you shit on a server with OFF Files and work behind it. These MxC rats are everywhere are they.
  8. Me and my clan (we are about 48 ppl) was thinking of joining but the Olympiad time is CRAZY for us (in fact, olympiads are unplayable for ANYONE from Europe and anything that is not America. Are you guys considering to change the olympiad time or can we say that this server is only for american players? Come on, there's always a middle point to satisfy everyone but that's crazy for us... My advice, If you want more people to join you should at the very least make the game playable for everyone. We really want to play but we have that concern.
  9. Why would I play that poop If Skelth exists?
  10. Thypical PvP Token System uh? 0 creativity, 0 ideas, only wipes and wipes. Wellp, another server name that deserves to die.
  11. I have some questions 1.Why would I join your server? 2.What's different from all the other servers over the years? 3.If the server fails, what would you do with it?
  12. Yep, devil has 10 times more player than "beyond" server. Haha
  13. The day has come everybody, L2J Servers are more "retail" than L2OFFs on C++ !
  14. Hhahahahaha So, before closing Amazon you told to all players from that server to move to Lucia because is a "friend's project" that you recommend. 2 hours after that you tell all ppl from amazon that you are going to apply some fixes in next restart that is going to be made in 10 minutes...right after the restart Amazon was closed. You also told to the ppl from Amazon that they could get donations discounts in L2Lucia. Let me tell you something, in all of my L2 Experiencie I have never met such a brainless guy, I swear, you broke all the god damn records in L