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  1. The Faction Massacre mode has ended and the server is now offline. The players named below will get LIPO Coins on the official opening. -Winners: Raulo, Hethalion, AdmiralLoLStar, Kirvis, LooneyTunes, P*rnos, Miseri, AizenSousuke, Brutal and Mol. Please contact me so i can verify you and give you the coins when the time comes.
  2. Tomorrow the faction Massacre mode comes to an end. Although there wasn't any faction scale PvP, the players that are on the winners list will still get their LIPO Coins based on their spot on the ladder. A few things about the game progress: I just started updating the quests and the dialogues for the Yin faction, there's still some things to do and i will need some players to test them. Send me a message if you want to help and i will inform you in due course. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/VyFKNGK
  3. Normal enchant scrolls can enchant up to +4. Blessed can enchant up to +9 (weapon) /+7 (armor) with higher chances than the normal (below +4 since normal cannot enchant any higher) And then there are the Legendary Scrolls, which enchant only legendary items up to +9/+7 (same chances as blessed) but they cannot break, because the legendary item cannot break. It's all good bro, my purpose is to share the thing that i made, i accept all the criticism but it doesn't affect me. Also that doesn't mean that i don't change things if they have a negative influence on the gameplay. Anyway, thanks again for your constructive post. Join our discord if you want to keep up the conversation/learn more things: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK
  4. Well, all your points where based on the gameplay, while there is none in the thing you played. I've learned to not to expect anything from anyone so i don't believe anything, i will just offer the best thing achievable. If you want to play, and i repeat, play something, then here's the place either to immerse with it or to have some quick good PvP. About scrolls: Normal, Blessed, doesn't matter. It's not about scrolls if they break the item. its about the item. Only legendary items cannot break. :P
  5. Thank you for your feedback bro, although currently the server is in the "Faction Massacre" mode with no gameplay :? The purpose of it was for the players to see the endgame pvp and give me some feedback about it. And yes, there are around 70 people that checked the mode and did some pvps because the project is new and has no validation yet. I'm gonna answer to each of your point, but have in mind that this mode is not the gameplay, not even close. The normal gameplay was available before but from only the Yang side, and again for testing, because everything is new and not something finished. 1)About the Legendary Gear, they are the normal S grade weapons/items with different color & panner, as an effect of crafted from minerals (gold/azurite and etc) that you get from mining. Their appearance won't be changed, at least not for now, they don't have priority, not in the Prologue. About the recipes :? i didnt understood. About the custom items are not even custom? Again, I don't know what you mean, nothing is random, everything has been done by me, everything is changed and has a logic behind it, so i don't know how to answer. For example Grilled fishes come from grilling dead fishes via the campfire. 2)At the neutral zone, the crystals have a purpose behind them and they have full flawless geodata. So i don't know what you're saying. 3)I'm working and fixing all the descriptions from every single skill, all the descriptions are outdated and i'm currently halfway through. Please, after i update everything and you see those grammatical errors send me a msg on discord. It's impossible to correct everything, but everything will be made perfectly by time. 4)Normal scrolls can enchant an item up to +4 (free to buy from shop), Blessed scrolls can enchant an item up to +9/+7 (drop from Raid Chests) and have higher chances. The "item break" thing has nothing to do with the scroll and everything to do with the item. Only Legendary Items can't break because their power cannot be shattered. 5)Those are the bridge guards. They won't be killable, only during the sunday siege, enemy troops will attack them and open the path for the faction to invade the enemy territory. All other guards will be killable, so a full party can invade the enemy territory and do whatever they want, if they are strong rnough to handle the hunting guards. 6)The Dungeon Treasure chests, have been removed from the Prologue, plus they wouldnt be in this mode thought. 7)Yes bridge guards have no dialogue yet, cause i will went through the whole guard/siege system next week. About the altars, idk what you mean. There is only the "Marmoreal Altar" at the neutral zone, which can be captured only by clan leaders from each factions and the faction with the most weekly captures, gets the siege on sunday. 8)Yes, only 70 people has logged in to check somethings, because the project doesnt have any validation yet and rewards means nothing (yet). But i'm keeping up making the things that i have to do as perfectly as i can. I have the plan and the budget to invest for the online, and the good thing is that the people will stay and play, because unlike anything else, there is a gameplay. 9)Well, spam heals, mp and stuff dont exist here. There are some consumables/grilled fieshes, self heal, relax skill (out of combat), healers, passives for regen, SA skills (if i'm not wrong), mby ill add agument skill "heal" (that would be nice). But no, nuker classes doesn't have a big heal, only self heal. We will see how everything will play out and changes are here for that same reason. I hope i covered you and sorry for the typos and etc. Again, thank you for your feedback but as far as i see, you thought this was the gameplay, but it's not even close to it. Check some things here: http://projectlipo.com/library/ (although, their pretty much outdated) I'm trying to manage everything but it's just to much, i will update the site in approx 7 days. About the success/fail thing... Whatever. All i can guarantee is that many people will join and you will have the best lineage 2 experience inside Project LIPO. For sure it won't be perfect from the start, but it's really big and has so much to offer, that it doesn't even matter. That's it, if you can and you're not bored, send me everything on discord or even post here. I'll be glad to read and answer/fix_my_shit since i have the time now to do so. Edit: And i'm not advertising anything as a bubble thing, unlike everyone else. My purpose if to offer the best there is, not to inflate a bubble, get some money and pop it. You will see it, and you will play it. Even if it "fails", the project will continue with its community and will offer nothing but the best. I sound like i'm a greedy person, but all i say is the truth.
  6. The server will open in 1 hour for the Faction Massacre mode that will last until 15th of June. For the first day, the Clans and the PvP ladder will be unavailable. Play Now: http://projectlipo.com/download/ Discord (latest news): https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK Patch Link (Secondary): http://www.mediafire.com/file/4uo88dxj0oaol4i/System.7z
  7. Limited Time Mode: Faction Massacre (2nd of June (20:00 GMT+3) - 15th of June) Just a quick update with some info about the mode. Players spawn in each faction village, level 70. Only adena currency. All 11 new classes available (unlimited changes/cost adena) Available Zones: Dungeon (exp/adena), Neutral Zone (pvp/exp/adena) Soft farm for S-Grades and level 80. All in game progress can be bought with adena: Legendaries, Augment, SA, Biologist and other Skills, Grilled Fishes and consumables, Blessed Scrolls, Cubics, Clans, Hero, Noble and etc. The mode also features a Capturable Altar inside the PvP zone and only clan leaders can capture it. Resets every hour. Insane prizes on the official opening to: Top 3 clans (with the most captures over the Altar) Top 10 players (with the most PvPs) Don't miss it! Play Now: http://projectlipo.com/download/ Discord (latest news): https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK
  8. Faction Massacre (LTM: 2nd of June - 15th of June) The purpose of this mode is to test the Endless end-game massive-scale PvP among all 11 new classes! Insane prizes to the top 3 clans and the top 10 players. Don't miss it! Play Now: http://projectlipo.com/download/ Discord (latest news): https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK
  9. Project LIPO - Beta Phase 2 Our community is growing everyday. Already 150 beta testers found a home to play! What about you? The current tests will finish at the end of May. Next step..? Faction Massacre! An End-Game, Mass-Scale, Faction PvP mode, with in-game prizes on official launch! Stay tuned! Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK
  10. i lost you on "this entire project" xD The Prologue (=background of the project, main project starts on Chapter 1 until Chapter 9) has around 4 months of gameplay and the goal is to "weaken" enemy faction by doing a successful siege each Sunday. The faction with the most weekly captures over the Marmoreal Altar will have the "attacker" role on the siege. The gameplay of the Prologue, is faction based. Capturing the Altar is faction activity, that's why it's not about clans. Of course clans can do wonderful activities, like invading enemy kingdom and steal raids (while they can handle the hunting guards), but clan progress like retail lineage 2 doesn't fit in a faction gameplay. So, the players that want to form a clan/want to be the leaders of each faction, will. If they can't donate for it, they can buy it from others ingame. Having free to create clans is absolute madness for such a gameplay, so w/e you believe bro. PS: Forget everything that you know especially from other lineage 2 servers and retail lineage 2 lol
  11. Well, 99% the cubic thing will be deleted. Check here for more info: http://projectlipo.com/library/rebirth/ About the dyes +-4. Hmm, they just give and take more stats than normal +-2. So if you want to achieve that must casting speed on the game with a waterbender, then you can buy those. That's their intention, if they don't fit this criteria, they will be changed. Last but not least, the clans. Create a clan is only with LIPO Coins to the Community Manager. Well the "short explanation" explains the main points of why. But if clan lvl 8 with 5 random skills seems op, think about it as clan lvl1, or plain clan, the point here is that there is not much point on building a clan and leveling it up etc etc etc, since we are on a faction gameplay (always talking about the Prologue) But, it's a nice add up, if you want to capture the Altar on neutral zone http://projectlipo.com/library/neutral-zone/ or respawn flags on sunday sieges, extra benefits with random clan skills and clan can be traded. Anyway, i can go on and on forever but wasn't expecting to see "op donations" because once again, there a billion ways to to actually milk the hell out of such thing, but my intention is to provide a worth playing (unlike anything else) lineage 2 experience, and not to make money out of my creation that took me years on making(solo). And to be completely honest, i wouldn't even have in game donate currency, i would stay on the plain "donate if you love what your seeing", but i already created a "gameplay" out of it, through npc interaction, some fun things like "chameleon rest" or "squanchy" and etc.
  12. Can you please point me out the OP things? PS: I know that everybody says: "I'm not doing this for the money", blablabla, so i won't say that, money will come or they won't. But hear me out on this one, this project is on every single aspect wrong in "business" terms. So, as the note says, nothing from donate list will influence the gameplay in a bad way, if it does, it will be removed. [Things above got few/none explanation]
  13. The server is back online with the normal gameplay! (only Yangs for now) Updater: http://projectlipo.com/download/ Discord (latest news): https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK
  14. Hey everyone! The only thing that's left is to finish the Treasure Rooms in the Dungeon. Join us on Discord to stay updated with our Project or just to interact with our community. Treasure Rooms Each Dungeon has some rooms where treasures randomly spawn. Currently there are 3 different Dungeon Treasures: Treasure of Hades, Cursed Treasure and Pandora's Box! Each Treasure has its own riches and "curses". So, in order to start a Treasure Room, the "first hitter" must be in a party of at least 5 members and all the members must be in the same Room (where the treasure is). Else the "first hitter" just dies and nothing happens. Once the Treasure Room starts, the doors will close (key drops from the treasure), and the treasure will defend itself by summoning waves of monsters that you have to gradually kill before they get too many... So the goal here, is to survive the waves and destroy the treasure before a Nemesis arrives!!! A Nemesis..? Let me explain. The "first hitter", not only starts the treasure room, but he also initializes its Nemesis. A Nemesis is a "Room Ending" monster that copies the class of the "first hitter" and it gets summoned by the treasure after a certain amount of time. Each Nemesis is very strong and it gets even stronger after he kills his Rival (the "first hitter")! Those are the basics of a Treasure Room. What class would you think is the best as "first hitter"? I'm sure it's not the Healer class. ;) *The "Dungeon Explorer" knowns more about the Treasure Rooms than me, so if you wish to know the details, refer to him in-game. ^^
  15. Class tests are now finished. Each and every class has unique spells that favors some strategies while punishes others. Many bugs have been fixed and PvE tests are almost over. Oh, also Elves are available! Updater: http://projectlipo.com/download/ Discord (latest news): https://discord.gg/VyFKNGK