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  1. Discussion Project LIPO

    Our website is slowly getting better. I'm currently making the Library page that will be filled with in-game information. So far it contains only the Mining System as a preview of how things will be released. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Library (under construction): http://projectlipo.com/library/ I'm open for suggestions on how things will look better. A ton of things are yet to be explained, so it is crucial to find the ideal design pattern first and then move the content in!
  2. Discussion Project LIPO

    A rather peaceful and relaxing video, showcasing the starting zone of the Yangs with a female Elf starting her journey! More info at the video description... If you're unfamiliar with what Project LIPO is all about, check our site: http://projectlipo.com/ Time flies, but i'm proud and ready to finally show you my creation :3
  3. Discussion Project LIPO

    haha, remember? <3
  4. Discussion Project LIPO

    Thank you for your feedback! Project LIPO is here to offer the best possible experience that Lineage 2 has to offer and it is here to stay until its Epilogue. I added at the site the exp rates and max enchant, because i haven't reveal some basic stuff... So the exp rate is full custom and because of that i can't give you an exact number, but generally it's "high rate", quests and other activities give exp also, so don't expect boring exping or farming.. xD those things don't belong here. The gameplay is made with almost 0 boring stuff. And the enchants. Weapon max enchant: +9 , Armor/Jewels max enchant: +7. It is worth to be mentioned because i haven't explained crafting, that the +9 S-Grade weapons & armors can be crafted to +0 legendary gear (golden and azurite). Coming soon with videos, full details on classes and the trailer of the Prologue in a couple of weeks.
  5. Discussion Project LIPO

    If you mean: why the emoticons where not implemented in the social actions, there are many reasons. If you mean: why not just using social actions instead of emoticons... Well you can... Emoticons are only being used as en "enchantment" to plain text, particularly to express a feeling with ":), <3, :O, :'(, etc..." or even bm someone with words like: qq, gg, ez and etc. If you mean: why not expanding the current social actions without adding emoticons then my answer would be: if i could, you wouldn't see my project inside lineage 2. :P
  6. Discussion Project LIPO

    Thank you for your feedback! The content that i have revealed so far for the Prologue (starting point of the project) doesn't even touches the 5% of the overall gameplay, so yea, i would consider me as "nothing special" too. Anyway, I have 2 months to post everyday content and to make everything more detailed with videos and etc. To be honest with you, i'm not a person that will say big words or something, but all i can say is the truth. Straight up, i offer the best gameplay that can be achieved inside Lineage 2, i didn't developed my advertising skills nor my social image and i don't even know how things work, but all i can say to everyone that will try the gameplay is that, that there is no chance that you would like to quit in order to play anything else related to Lineage 2. So give me a week, to "level up" my game on presentation and even if you're not impressed or you did not read anything at all, i will just ask to try the gameplay (when the time comes), everything inside the game are being explained (if one wants to) like he plays the game for the first time. Moving on..! Today's topic is a bit controversy of the things that i'm saying above, because it's more of a fun one. But what can i say, it's already a chaos for me trying to present things in a certain row. xD Get ready for trashtalk that transcends words! Edit: Apperantly it has a problem showing a gif from fb, so here's the link of the laughing emoticon with the related text: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who said anything about emoticons inside Lineage 2? Express your feelings in-game with more than just words! All you need to drink in order to start spreading emoticons is... You guessed it..! An Emotipot! Currently there are up to 10 emoticons that one can use via certain words, but we will look into more "bming" ones that provide legitimate tashtalk to your enemies lying on the ground. If you're unfamiliar with what Project LIPO is, visit our site on http://projectlipo.com and find out!
  7. Discussion Project LIPO

    What has been revealed so far: Our latest post: The map of the Prologue PS: If you want to see more similar content, like our page, but if you want to show us your love share it with your friends!
  8. Discussion Project LIPO

    Thank you for your feedback. About the armors they are not looking that good on purpose. I just wanted to showcase the classes with their main gear. In game their animated and well balanced on color and opacity aspects, so i don't think i'm gonna touch them at least for now. Although i have plenty of plans to improve them and add more similar content. Thank you for your feedback. Now, I don't believe that a word (success/failure) can label anything. To me, it is already a success because i managed to make it and finally share it with you, it didn't happen over night, it took me a good couple of years with a ridiculous amount of dark effort, starting from the point of a complete newbie in all areas. About the "2k real" that you're saying... That's the maximum number of players a server can have. I will explain it later on but the logic here is because the map is still closed, a single server can't hold all the players (if they are so many). So the Project will always have an Alpha server that writes the official story and other, secondary servers, that play on the same Chapter as the Alpha one. For example, in less than 2 months the Prologue will start and will last around 5 months. After 2 months, this Alpha server will lock and new player won't be able to join, why? The reason is simple, the players that started from the beginning have already reached endgame and they already wrote half of the Sub-Chapter's story. So if there is more demand, secondary servers will be made and will offer the same gameplay as the Alpha server with the only difference that they can't rewrite the official story. Anyway, that's it for now, i will explain it extensively at the forums. In conclusion about your post, all i can say is that Project LIPO has content that will last around 3 years(it's not a static gameplay and you will be the judge of its quality), it will happen only once and there is not a single chance that it will close, unless it's above me. Thank you very much. PS: If you wish to start the journey from today, make sure to follow our facebook page, i will be posting a topic every single day about the gameplay and not only.
  9. Discussion Project LIPO

    Thank you eressea for your kind words. I'm really aiming for something truly big, but since i've never done this before i'm taking it slowly and steady. I'm not really interested in the official lore and that's why i've set the storyline to be at "the beginning of everything". I'm not a professional writer, so I hope that i wrote it at least well. I also wanted to bring the story to life via a video but such thing is not possible yet. Although, even if i said that the story that has been revealed so far is a tiny part of the whole, i would be lying... So there is a long way ahead to make it perfect.
  10. Well i was preparing a big text with all the fancy words and beautiful pictures to persuade you that this is something new and unique, but i got sick of everybody doing that. You see, everybody can hide something behind big words but not everybody can offer something truly amazing, and in my case, words can't describe what Project LIPO is about. So, if you want to see something interesting check it out. Site: http://projectlipo.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ipotonic/ This is only the beginning! PS: I will be posting at the facebook page more information about the major aspects of the game until the forum is finished.
  11. Brut you should be ashamed of yourself. I can't imagine how miserable your life is in order to spread such words. Besides, words are just words and have no meaning but talking like that you just show how immature/no emotion piece of garbage you are. Disgrace to humanity. About your customer service, you're beyond trash, communicating with 1 word each time because you're bored to live. Putting your mood above your customer, telling to a forum that you are clever. LMAO. Pity you Anyway even if you don't get banned, life will get you and in this case it already did, cause you proved that your dead inside.