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  1. multiskill no (if it means that every char can take others actives or passives ) now for the subs personaly am fine with all 0,1,2,3,4 no matter but not skillsharing merry xmas
  2. 1st hi . 2nd if this is the wrong section i apologize and request the move of it to the correct , 3rd and main point, is simple i am looking for a server no interlude or classic for the xmas ,one that doesn't close in a week and has 100 peoples on at least in the most untrafficed hours with peak at 200 would be nice, over x10 . 4th i also look for friends to play with like a cp or some shit like this, i play all 5th merry christmas all 6th please ? someone ?anything ?
  3. i hope u dont have a driver's license ,for real
  4. Dont even try it is awful so much that i will not enter in details .... just dont...
  5. Dogos are good i love them, i dont know who is sorin , yes i agree ppl can log and see how dead/empty the server is, ppl are not stupid.Also imagine the other have 20k fake and u have 500 fake sadski storki :(. And anyway my point is this u took ur donation money, now please close it u are hurting l2 and it community,there will be no more post from me u can say what u want,pictures dont lie and ppl can log in and see with their own eyes how is the server.I am just a player who wants to warn the others so they dont waste their time like i did thats all good day sirs and madams :*
  6. Dead before it start...+Admin caught lying his ass off