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  1. You never answered on the previous 10+ posts why he didnt code those 5 codes? Please show me your reply so i can understand whats my mistake.
  2. Quick update: Kara before 7 days said he would refund the codes he didnt complete in 4 days but i didnt receive anything yet. My pack has/had HWID system as users above wrongly accused it and even mods like SweetS avoid answering on why i shouldnt get a refund for the following codes. - right click toggle auto pots (left click still usable)- oly cycle config not working- commands party duel- fort siege timer (like castle)- trade input of weapon = yellow pm with link to item
  3. Since you are talking about me. If you dont want ur trading info to this forum complete the task u were payed for to complete.
  4. If they want to complain about my behavior towards them they can msg me here or on my skype. You didnt complete the codes No. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 from the list i payed you to code. You completed codes 2, 3, 8, 11. You sold me vote code for 20 euros so im adding extra 10 euros for the rest of the 4 codes you didnt make. It seems im asking less money that what i should. You didnt complete even 50% of what we agree and you want to refound 40%.
  5. You are the one refusing to refund the work you didnt complete and thats why there are so many posts. Even when you said you will refund you added extra delay. You still try to manipulate the audience. I said it seems to be working on local but i had to test on live server. (dont have 2nd tester on local) Also that happened like 5 times, did you forget about those?
  6. sure but it wont for you as well because he didnt use this method and probably thats why its bugged i guess.
  7. - No he got a request for a working vote system and he said there are 3 ways to do it, not only smartguard. - He got the money first because he promised it would work for my server, then he did the coding which is not working corectly. - My pack is not missing hwid system and no its not up to me to check. He saw it and he said it would be ok. - I still dont think smartguard has a bug, it seems to work fine but he didnt make it. What he meant is that the pack doesnt have hwid system but instead it has hwid system only if u own smartguard which i do. I hope i cleared the situ
  8. You are wrong in every sentence, let me explain you how. He worked x hours and didnt deliver what he promised and thats 100% his problem. I was there all those hours + extra hours for testing on the server and I could ask money for those hours but im not doing that. His job is to deliver a working code. Ididnt ask him to contact anyone. He got a request from me, he got paid for me and then he didnt deliver. Thats the correct order and thats why im asking my 30 euros back. Keep in mind extra3+ codes missing. If my pack is missing something just tell me and dont get my money.
  9. No you are wrong. Smartguard has no problem and actually as it seems smartguard is the only hwid that works on the fandc-mythras-ava pack. I cant use the code because my project is "dead" and also it was part of the agreement that i will not resell it etc. Adding to that i offered him to take everything vote-code-related back. I DONT WANT IT. If theres indeed a problem with smartguard he could tell me or contact them but he never did. He just took my money. @SweeTs No i will not ask others to help me on something i payed kara to do. You do not seem to understand at a
  10. He could test the Hwid method and the Ip method but he didnt. Me contacted others to complete the code i payed to kara was never a part of the deal. So i just want backthe money i payed and didnt receive working codes for.
  11. He could test the pack i told him i own (i told him where i got it from and it was free for test) so you are wrong. its totally his fault.I didnt hide anything from hide. I got what i got promised from smartguard but i didnt get what i promised from kara. You can blame them as much as you want. I didnt demand him to do thing he couldnt do but i want the money back fro mthe codes i didnt get.
  12. I only know it didnt work for me and i want the 30 euros back. It may worked for your other clients but thats none of my business. If i have to upload proofs about my smartguard license i can do it, just ask for it. ps. You keep referring to vote ONLY when there are more codes you didnt complete.
  13. No i didnt say that because it never worked, it had bugs on every test i made on my server. Kara knew my pack and he could refuse to code the vote but he didnt, he prefered to scam me with fake promises. Hwid is working (with smartguard) which i have and he still couldnt do it. Adding to that he said he could do it with 3 ways. smartguard + hwid + ip. All false. If the pack is fcked just dont take the job and my money. I would be perfectly fine for that, i didnt pressure him at all (see the chat) At the end of the day i payed for something i didnt receive. If you wanna
  14. He said he can make it work with hwid, smartguard hwid and ip. I got none of those. Its not my problem if the faction i bought from kara is not working. He could tell me from day one that vote would be problematic but he promised a bugless code on the pack i had. By the way vote is not the only non complete code from the list i payed. Update: Hes not blocked on skype anymore and he said he will refund 30 euros in 3 days from today.
  15. I politely asked you 3 times to stop spamming my skype and support your lies from the chat above. You did none of those 2 things so i had to block you. Please return my 30 euros. I did 100% percent from my part and you still accuse me for extra money. The chat is above stop blaming me and show the part where i didnt complete the payment.