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  1. gl mate i hope koofs vs noobs come again back this is nostalgia xD
  2. final int spbId = 6622; final L2ItemInstance spb = player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(spbId); if (spb == null)// Haven't spellbook { player.sendPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.YOU_DONT_HAVE_ALL_OF_THE_ITEMS_NEEDED_TO_ENCHANT_THAT_SKILL)); return; } // ok if (Config.BOG_STACKABLE) player.destroyItem("Consume", spbId, 1, trainer, true); else player.destroyItem("Consume", spb, trainer, true); } } else { final SystemMessage sm = new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.YOU_DONT_HAVE_ENOUGH_EXP_TO_ENCHANT_THAT_SKILL); player.sendPacket(sm); return; } Something here is wrong i cant figure out
  3. I did them but nothing checked again + nothing
  4. ok tattoo problem solved but nothing with ls and bogs
  5. i have 3 problems : 1)i have for example 12 life stones(stackable) and when i am going to augment life stones disappeared and used only 1 to augment others are gone 2)Book of giants when i am going to enchant skill npc doesnt use the book however enchant the skill without the book 3)And i have a problem with my custom tattoo i can see it on my inventory and i can see it on shop only in black form and i have passed them right to armorgpr and on itemname
  6. Εχω ενα θεμα με τo tatoo μου το δειχνει κανονικα στο inventory ενω στο shop μου το δειχνει μαυρο(τα εχω περασει σωστα στο armorgpr και στο item name) και οι life stones μολις τις βαζω για augment ενω εχω πανω μου π.χ 15 οχι μια μια ολες μαζι μου τις πεταει ολες και μου βαζει μονο την μια επισης οταν κανω + σκιλλς δεν μου τρωει το βοοκ τι γινεται?
  7. Exw ena provlimataki kserei kapios pws na kanw tis ls kai ta scrolls stackable.. Apo tou frozen ta config dn douleuei opios mporei na me voithisei tha eimai eugnomon euxaristw poly
  8. Kalimera exw ena provlimataki den borw na sindethw me tipota ston server ta ports ta exw ola anoixta firewall kleisto tou router firewall tou pc kleisto antivirus kleisto ola pisteuw oti einai swsta apla nomizw oti otan anoigw ton server apo kapou blockarei ta ports etsi nomizw toulaxiston opios exei kapia idea na me voithisei euxaristw
  9. Sorry paidia eimai ligo noob me to olo thema to exw paratisei to athlima kai eipa na ksana asxolithw loipon exw 2 thematakia epsaksa sto forum kai dn vrika tpt (1) Den vriskw to arxeio script.cfg (2) Otan paw na perasw ena sql stin navicat sugkekrimena mia gk mou grafei to eksis [Err] 1146 - Table 'acis.npc' doesn't exist [Err] INSERT INTO `npc` VALUES ('99', '35653', 'Enjoy', '1', 'Buffer', '1', 'Monster3.Elite_Mage', '6.5', '21.96', '80', 'female', 'L2Npc', '41', '3652', '1593', '21', '3.79', '42', '46', '35', '22', '24', '16', '0', '0', '1324', '471', '782', '383', '279', '0', '343', '0', '0', '28', '132', '0', '0'); [Msg] Finished - Unsuccessfully ----------------------------------------------- Sugnwmh gia tin talaipwria paidia euxaristw!
  10. file poly wraio share Alla an ginotan na evazes kai kapies photo..
  11. Very nice share man :) keep sharing