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  1. The Best Interlude PvP Server Opens Tomorrow! 18:10:2019 Gmt+3 www.l2mafia.net
  2. 3 Days Left Before Server Opening , Closed Beta Will Take Place Tomorrow ( It will be more for people who want to check the server before join and less for debugging purposes since our server its tested online for quite a few years ). In order to participate in closed beta please leave me a pm.
  3. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  4. Thanks for posting your observation , but please let me correct you a little bit. Enchant rates are easy , enchanting no. In order to enchant you need scrolls and believe me its not something you can obtain so easy. let me give you a more detailed post about our enchant system: https://www.l2mafia.net/ken-orwen-enchant-system-explained/
  5. 6 Days Left For The Grand Opening ! Are You Ready??
  6. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  7. 14 Days Left For The Best Interlude PvP Server. L2mafia.net


  8. Thank you KIDutz , it would be our pleasure to join us again! i wont comment the first part xD , thank you so much for your wishes! nah , im too old for that! we dont use to do so , but we maybe try to make it for first time, since i already know many cps love it. Thank you Jordan once more , about the 9v9 see the reply to celestine above. L2mafia exists since late 2005 ken orwen first launched after 2 years so it was 2007
  9. Back To Basics , 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server!

  10. hmmm he have some questions and i think i need to answer Raws.
  11. I Remember this Siege very well,your clan perform like pros and kept the castle for 1 hour and 45 minutes,if i remember correctly you lost from zerg :/ many times people ask in past to open this tournaments with 9v9 on beta test.maybe we can do it this time with a prize pool of some donations coins in game(so clans will not come only for the 9v9 tournament and escape the server after that).thanks for suggestion btw i like to see big leaders like you to suggest things on lineage 2 projects. About buff slots is on our plan to decrease the buff slots,but the exactly number i think will be between 32-36 buff slots.
  12. Hello Mrpro.no this time will be no beta but we have 2 big tournaments based on castle sieges with real moneys rewards.
  13. Back To Basics , 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server!