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  1. your idea is good and that would be the ultimate protection , but have in mind that ovh firewall can only handle up to 20 rules . that means you can have up to 19 online players ( one reserved for drop all ) so you have to find another workaround.
  2. Open Beta Tomorrow 10.01.2010 20:00 gmt+2
  3. Two Factions , An Endless War. Which Side Will You Choose? The legendary faction server, that everyone was waiting for, Koofs vs Noobs is back! A huge Interlude Lineage 2 project revives. 24 hours pvp , no farm , fascinating rotating pvp zones! Koofs vs Noobs will fight each other day and night in order to gain their lost respect! Are you ready to feel the excitement? 18 JANUARY 2020 Website: https://www.L2Mafia.net Koofs vs Noobs: https://www.L2Mafia.net/Koofs-vs-Noobs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/ Starting Level: Lv 80 Safe Enchant: +6 Max Enchant: +25 Normal Scroll Chance: 80% (+0 to +16) Dynasty Normal Scroll Chance: 80% (+0 to +16) Blessed Scroll Chance: 100% (+0 to +16) Dynasty Blessed Scroll Chance: 100% (+0 to +16) Crystal Scroll Chance: 70% (+16 to +21) → If your enchantment fails, it will reduce your enchant to -1. → Example: If you enchant from +17 to +18 and it fails, it will become +16 Dynasty Crystal Scroll Chance: 70% (+16 to +21) → If your enchantment fails, it will reduce your enchant to -1. → Example: If you enchant from +17 to +18 and it fails, it will become +16 Infinity Scroll Chance: 5% (+21 to +25) Mid-Grade Lifestone: 25% High-Grade Lifestone: 50% Top-Grade Lifestone: 100% Everyone starts with B-Grade Armors and Weapons Koofs Faction Base: Dark Elf Village Noobs Faction Base: Elven Village 1 PVP : 3 ADENA Let’s start explaining how our adena system will work in L2Mafia Koofs vs Noobs The basic factor is: 1 PVP = 3 adena. But as the server progress and since the main and only currency is adena this system is totaly unfair for new players. In order to make things better and provide a fair pvp expirience for both old and new players we have added the following system: New Equipment Depended PvP Reward: This new reward system will totaly boost our servers duration and give a chance to new players start playing in our faction server. Its very hard to explain all the complicated algorithms developed behind this system but in general when a low equipment player kills a high equipment player it will gain more adena than the minimum reward of 3 adenas. For example a full b grade player kills a full a grade player , instead of taking 3 adenas wich is the standard reward he will receive 6 adenas, on the other hand if a full A grade player kill a full b grade player will take the standard reward of 3 adenas. Our system calculates all aspects for equipment grade to equipment enchantment and not only. But what about support classes (Healers and Tanks)? In order to help support classes, we have completely reworked the party system. Party *By Turn: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded to one by one party player every time Party *Random Loot: No matter who makes the pvp kill the adena will be rewarded randomly to one party member. Party *Finders Keepers: The player that makes the pvp kill takes the adena (like playing solo) All support classes have 20% Chance to get +1 pvp kill when their party get kills. All support classes take kill assist for every pvp kill their party makes. FASCINATING MAPS Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Guards Heal Allowed: YES Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Guards Heal Allowed: YES Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Guards Heal Allowed: YES Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Guards Heal Allowed: YES Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO Zone Objestive: Kill Enemy Faction Heal Allowed: NO UNIQUE FEATURES As you can see in the image below, you can now check your PvP Score in the last hour and your playing Skill Score (MMR). We’ve also added KDA (PVPs / Deaths / Assists) so you can keep track of your statistics. The most important feature though, in our opinion, is the Faction Chat (+Faction) because now you can communicate with same faction players ONLY. RANDOM RESPAWN To Village Teleports you back to your Faction Base as usual. Random Respawn Respawns your character inside the current pvp zone choosing randomly one of the eight spawns. But that’s not all, our server will check the spawn status and teleport you to a – safe – spot. Meaning that if a spawn is full of enemy faction, it wont spawn you there , instead it will choose another more – safe – spawn. 1 VS 1 - SYSTEM WITH BET NPC There is a special npc where you can Register for 1 vs 1 Battle and make your bet for example: 5 Donation Coins, 100 adenas or anything else.. The NPC announces that you are Searching for 1 vs 1 opponent. As soon as someone accepts your bet from npc you will be auto teleported in a Special Arena where you will fight each other. The winner will reiceve the whole bet amount. USE OF BISHOP Let’s now explain in which areas bishop – healer classes will be allowed. Healers will be available ONLY in the following zones: – Faction Boss Zone – Grand Olympiad Games – Castle Sieges – Castle Vs Castle Map ATTENTION! Bishops won’t be allowed to enter Rune Castle, Cemetery and The First Arena Map NEW FUN AREA SPOIL ZONE Spoil Coin: You can exchange this coin for Crystal Enchant Scrolls (up to S-Grade) and Dynasty Crystal Scrolls Some information about this Special Zone: - Only Spoilers ( Fortune Seekers ) can join. (Base class or Subclass doesn't matter) - Zone opens 4 times a day and it remains open for 20 Minutes. - All Players will appear as Female Dwarf when they join to make it more enjoyable. (Imagine an area full of Dwarfs for PvE and PvP) - This Zone has Ssome nice drops Available with Spoil - Sweep (Not Normal Drops). The drops are: (Auto) CP Potion, Mafia Potion and Spoil Coin. - Both Factions join the same zone , so we will have a lot PvP action too. We really hope you'll enjoy it , as it will be a vital feature for your gameplay. LUCKY & FACTION BOSS Lucky Boss Lucky bosses respawn every 1 hour and 30 minutes. They drop 1-300 adena and some other special items you can see ingame. Drops are x2. One for the most damage ( solo or party ) and one for the last hit. Each faction have their own faction boss. When boss dies faction members participated on the fight will be rewarded with 10 adena. Faction Boss Valakas – The faction boss of our koofs vs noobs lineage2 faction server. Valakas respawns every 13 hours , it is a faction boss. That means both factions ( koofs and noobs ) will fight each other to benefit from valakas loot. Valakas will drop the same exactly drops with lucky bosses + the winning faction will be rewarded with 50 adena for each member. GRAND OLYMPIAD Koofs vs Noobs will have Grand Olympiad Games like a normal server – retail! Same faction matches will be available Olympiad has 1 Week circle Olympiad operates every day from 20:00 until 00:00 GMT+2. New heroes will appear every Sunday. Olympiad needs 6 minimum participants to begin. Every victory will grand you Noblesse Gate Pass (x50) which you can use to buy items Your points will be traded for only x1 Noblesse Gate Pass → That means points are only important to be the best of your class and win the hero, not for Gate Pass Augment Skills are NOT allowed in Olympiad Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased. EPIC & RAID BOSSES Raidboss Barakiel will reward you with x5 Noblesse Item → Once you click on this Noblesse Item, you will become Noblesse Epic Grandbosses will have x2 Drops (Last Hit & Damage Dealt): → x1 Jewel & Clan Reputation Items on the player who made Last Hit → x1 Jewel & Clan Reputation Items for the Most Damage Dealt Valakas: 128h Respawn Antharas: 72h Respawn Zaken: 72h Respawn Baium: 120h Respawn Ant Queen: 72h Respawn Frintezza: 128h Respawn Barakiel: 12h Respawn Orfen: 24h Respawn Core: 24h Respawn CASTLES & SIEGES Every member of the Clan that owns a Castle will have a +5% Bonus in Enchantment → This Bonus is for all kinds of Scrolls (Normal, Blessed & Crystal) Every member of the Clan that owns a Castle will have a +2% Bonus in Lifestones → This Bonus is for all kinds of Lifestones (Mid, High & Top) AUCTION HOUSE You can use our Auction House system to sell Items for PvP Coins or Donation Coins. We have also added an option where you can sell Items that are AUGMENTED and others can buy the item with the skill it has on it when you added it. VOICED COMMANDS .map - Displays information about the current PVP Zone (Map) .mmr - Displays your target's abilities and statistics. .menu - Opens your Account Control Panel. .vip - You can check the remaining time of your VIP Status and your VIP benefits. .vote - After you submit your votes for L2Mafia, use it to get rewarded with our Vote Buff. .boss - You can check the respawn time of all Raid bosses. .pvpevent - You can check the Top PVP Player of the hour. .buffon / .buffoff - Allow or Disallow if other player's buff will effect your character. .repair Use it only when your character is stuck - Repairs your character. CLAN CONFIGURATION SYSTEM Dismissing a clan member will give a 1 Day penalty to the clan. Only Lv 5 and above clans may register on Castle Sieges. Heroes provide Clan reputation points reward to the Clan. Castles provide Clan reputation points reward to the Clan. Clan Penalties → 24h Leave Clan Penalty. → 12h Clan Expell Penalty. → 72h Delete Clan Penalty. Clan Size → 40 members maximum to Main Clan.
  4. There is a big true behind his post! Yes there are undetected ddos attacks focusing ovh at this moment. These Layer7 attacks using hundreds of thousands ips flooding your open tcp ports ( with traffic that seems to be legitimate) causing a denial of service on your rootserver. The way skylord's protection work is really smart and keeps out these unwanted ips. Since tcp cant achieve high throughput comparing to udp ( all udp attacks are dedected and easy to mitigate from ovh ) and after a packet analysis i made to some last ddos attacks the only way to harm you is to find open ports of your gameserver and attack there. ( as Nik correctly stated above the bad networking is one of the reason this attack can harm you , but not only that ) So keeping this ips out and only legit ips in, with an application layer protection is the only possible solution stay "safe". How to do this? put your mind to work. ( i don't wanna give more info in public ) i have just developed my own version of this protection on c++ which needs minimal resources to run and i maintain myself in order to protect my servers and i will add it live soon. my version is available for both linux / windows and planing to sell the linux version only since i dont want to cut profit from skylord and his idea. but even if it sound weird for you , yes this protection works you. i can discuss in private only about that. PS: Skylord is 100% true on what he is saying and he is not trying to scam anyone. He just couldn't or didn't want to give more details in public.
  5. The Best Interlude PvP Server Opens Tomorrow! 18:10:2019 Gmt+3 www.l2mafia.net
  6. 3 Days Left Before Server Opening , Closed Beta Will Take Place Tomorrow ( It will be more for people who want to check the server before join and less for debugging purposes since our server its tested online for quite a few years ). In order to participate in closed beta please leave me a pm.
  7. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  8. Thanks for posting your observation , but please let me correct you a little bit. Enchant rates are easy , enchanting no. In order to enchant you need scrolls and believe me its not something you can obtain so easy. let me give you a more detailed post about our enchant system: https://www.l2mafia.net/ken-orwen-enchant-system-explained/
  9. 6 Days Left For The Grand Opening ! Are You Ready??
  10. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  11. 14 Days Left For The Best Interlude PvP Server. L2mafia.net


  12. Thank you KIDutz , it would be our pleasure to join us again! i wont comment the first part xD , thank you so much for your wishes! nah , im too old for that! we dont use to do so , but we maybe try to make it for first time, since i already know many cps love it. Thank you Jordan once more , about the 9v9 see the reply to celestine above. L2mafia exists since late 2005 ken orwen first launched after 2 years so it was 2007
  13. Back To Basics , 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server!

  14. hmmm he have some questions and i think i need to answer Raws.