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  1. There is a big true behind his post! Yes there are undetected ddos attacks focusing ovh at this moment. These Layer7 attacks using hundreds of thousands ips flooding your open tcp ports ( with traffic that seems to be legitimate) causing a denial of service on your rootserver. The way skylord's protection work is really smart and keeps out these unwanted ips. Since tcp cant achieve high throughput comparing to udp ( all udp attacks are dedected and easy to mitigate from ovh ) and after a packet analysis i made to some last ddos attacks the only way to harm you is to find open ports of your gameserver and attack there. ( as Nik correctly stated above the bad networking is one of the reason this attack can harm you , but not only that ) So keeping this ips out and only legit ips in, with an application layer protection is the only possible solution stay "safe". How to do this? put your mind to work. ( i don't wanna give more info in public ) i have just developed my own version of this protection on c++ which needs minimal resources to run and i maintain myself in order to protect my servers and i will add it live soon. my version is available for both linux / windows and planing to sell the linux version only since i dont want to cut profit from skylord and his idea. but even if it sound weird for you , yes this protection works you. i can discuss in private only about that. PS: Skylord is 100% true on what he is saying and he is not trying to scam anyone. He just couldn't or didn't want to give more details in public.
  2. The Best Interlude PvP Server Opens Tomorrow! 18:10:2019 Gmt+3 www.l2mafia.net
  3. 3 Days Left Before Server Opening , Closed Beta Will Take Place Tomorrow ( It will be more for people who want to check the server before join and less for debugging purposes since our server its tested online for quite a few years ). In order to participate in closed beta please leave me a pm.
  4. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  5. Thanks for posting your observation , but please let me correct you a little bit. Enchant rates are easy , enchanting no. In order to enchant you need scrolls and believe me its not something you can obtain so easy. let me give you a more detailed post about our enchant system: https://www.l2mafia.net/ken-orwen-enchant-system-explained/
  6. 6 Days Left For The Grand Opening ! Are You Ready??
  7. 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server. Ken Orwen By L2mafia

  8. 14 Days Left For The Best Interlude PvP Server. L2mafia.net


  9. Thank you KIDutz , it would be our pleasure to join us again! i wont comment the first part xD , thank you so much for your wishes! nah , im too old for that! we dont use to do so , but we maybe try to make it for first time, since i already know many cps love it. Thank you Jordan once more , about the 9v9 see the reply to celestine above. L2mafia exists since late 2005 ken orwen first launched after 2 years so it was 2007
  10. Back To Basics , 18.10.2019 The Best Interlude PvP Server!

  11. hmmm he have some questions and i think i need to answer Raws.
  12. I Remember this Siege very well,your clan perform like pros and kept the castle for 1 hour and 45 minutes,if i remember correctly you lost from zerg :/ many times people ask in past to open this tournaments with 9v9 on beta test.maybe we can do it this time with a prize pool of some donations coins in game(so clans will not come only for the 9v9 tournament and escape the server after that).thanks for suggestion btw i like to see big leaders like you to suggest things on lineage 2 projects. About buff slots is on our plan to decrease the buff slots,but the exactly number i think will be between 32-36 buff slots.
  13. thanks a lot mate for your engagement.
  14. Hello Mrpro.no this time will be no beta but we have 2 big tournaments based on castle sieges with real moneys rewards.