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  1. i am reporting his bots more info here he breaks @@ like we dont know how he is or how much fail the server is
  2. windows since 7 + need new system files with updated files to work on later windows 8 and windows 10
  3. you need to navigate in client section and find a clean patched system to download.
  4. quick question you try to connect from the same computer? if no you should try to open udp ports 2106 7777 from the error i cant say much maybe that authD has some issues and if this is true you might be done the job correctly
  5. solve this and you're done :) you need rule in/out both ports what protocol did you use? tcp/udp?
  6. same computer or remote connect like normal player? try this and test ports 2106 7777 status, take it from start one by one we all do mistakes and its probably something inocent that you missed.
  7. another guy who referes to himself as "we" i think its the company syndrome.
  8. whats the issue? its the most easy l2off setup exist on the internet :s
  9. just to be clear i dont think people in 2020 care or know about l2j and l2off but i dont think somebody would say my server is off and having java files.... when you enter the game you do one click and you know what kind of server you play
  10. you should share first something and then say its ugly because mine is better... saying ugly without reason is prevending people from sharing stuff and is toxic behaviour. when you share your pack we will see where your name is ... everywhere?