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  1. i answer to this cause i felt sorry for you, make a parser that connects in some api translator and replace data..
  2. techically or not the results are not changing the fact that he has damage because of your work ... techically and morally.
  3. dont forget after the ssl and the vote api to add some <tr> inside the <tables> here is what i mean http://prntscr.com/103dyte here is some info Tryit Editor v3.6 (w3schools.com)
  4. what i see is you said you will fix it and your broke his server and you asking for money and then come here to report him. if i was zemaitis i would report you for beign iresponsible and leave him with broken server and guess what i would refund fully the first 50%
  5. [Code] Vote [Global] [Individual] & Donate System ALL CHRONICLES - Server Shares & Files [L2J] - MaxCheaters.com | Lineage 2 Development Marketplace Bots and Cheats literally 5 clicks to install
  6. 1) make new database 2) go in backups under the new database 3) paste .psc 4) right click on .psc and restore backup
  7. there is 1 word for brut: griefer first he try to say that diablo 3 trades are stupid after you say he is wrong he wont accept so he try to say the game is dead here is something so he can argue with google https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=US&q=%2Fm%2F04czc9r,%2Fm%2F023ztn,mental hospital for free and grief as much he wants.
  8. learn how to backup/restore now that its early stage and you can delete database and files and install them again.
  9. upload files inside htdocs and make a database, and then go in browser and the installation steps will shown, then you need a database user to add his info.
  10. This is just circous, One guy says people copy me, when he copy others (its called karma) Notably l2noobwars, l2thegame copy. The other guy opens a topsite for his own servers (legit as fuck) and steals another a logo that totally cost 25euro. idk ... 2021 is weird
  11. did you use search there are few also define "good"
  12. the website he tried to sell you is shared here [Source] Share Atual Studio 20 websites + admin panel + UCP - Server Shares & Files [L2J] - MaxCheaters.com | Lineage 2 Development Marketplace Bots and Cheats with name site4
  13. that video reminded me the old times l2jteon, l2jfree the split between l2j old memories
  14. try to re open the server and login this error is from replacing jar while server is on also change this http://prntscr.com/xm436q to