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  1. this whole image is a self joke and why you should avoid using sunrise in general.
  2. change them all into FA and check the reward code somewhere is the count
  3. iTopZ

    Need hack

    you just miss the last one for today as melron said, try again tomorrow.
  4. funny, you only need to set the host of user that the user is allowed to connect from to. -> you try to connect into mysql with user/pass -> server says no this user/pass is only allowed from or localhost you need to allow it from simple as hell side note the problem is on server, and if you use live data not cached each user who opens your website will also open database connection meaning you ddos your server all by your self. imagine you run like hell and hit your head into a wall get up and run ag
  5. so you looking for investor (somebody who will pay your server and advertisement)
  6. new quest: find redudant null checks
  7. i answer to this cause i felt sorry for you, make a parser that connects in some api translator and replace data..
  8. techically or not the results are not changing the fact that he has damage because of your work ... techically and morally.
  9. dont forget after the ssl and the vote api to add some <tr> inside the <tables> here is what i mean http://prntscr.com/103dyte here is some info Tryit Editor v3.6 (w3schools.com)
  10. what i see is you said you will fix it and your broke his server and you asking for money and then come here to report him. if i was zemaitis i would report you for beign iresponsible and leave him with broken server and guess what i would refund fully the first 50%
  11. [Code] Vote [Global] [Individual] & Donate System ALL CHRONICLES - Server Shares & Files [L2J] - MaxCheaters.com | Lineage 2 Development Marketplace Bots and Cheats literally 5 clicks to install