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  2. are you his boifriend? this is the part where you say how much because its on the rules
  3. paid or percentage from donates? how much?
  4. question is why? aCis is well done i dont think characters are abnormally exceed this limits.. you will probably endup breaking something instead of fixing it if you dont know how you even install this. i recommend you better try to undertand what you want to do (make questions about it) and then why you want to do it, finally make a question regarding the code you want.
  5. for your project it can be the only one example he is right, if he was able to make a proper argument or make an absolute statement while not trying to be a clowwn, i've also made a statement for the sunrise as example of hidden warnings, those you mention have no impact on speed code leaks or to begin with.
  6. I get it is more easy to personally attack me than make an argument, its hard for you and your toxic behaviour, as i said look in the mirror if you looking for clowns.
  7. you cant even follow your own conversation, so thankfully not your kind.
  8. What you say is excactly that if this then maybe that, your statement is not even absolute or explained so if you're looking for idiots get a mirror and thank me later. on topic i believe tryskel has a point on stable lts he just follow the timeline, but you cant say this for all other projects mentioned (asside l2j).
  9. @Tryskell i believe you should give your answer to this
  10. i am not following their updates sorry but if you think you can do something about it they accept patches or talk with him he is reasonable some times, but you seem familiarized with the projects so i guess you know who is making and what all this years 🙂
  11. yes if you see the shared sunrise project there is a review: so... this guy who "made" this pack is making money from noobs, now there is another guy vilmis who's selling l2jfrozen pack this guys have in common that they scam noobs to get their money simple as that, decent packs are acis, l2jserver, lucera, mobius in this order, with them updating stuff is most possible you wont find any code leaks or performance issues, and to answer your question they dont know how to upgrade or what to upgrade this guys dont even know how to read java manuals or stay updated but scaming money from noobs is easier. hope to answer your question. PS same goes for l2scripts but still there are people who pay 2k euro to get it.
  12. 🙈you try to ruin another mans store with your good knowledge of what is shared or not and now you ask for help 🙉 🙊 see you're funny 🙂
  13. This is so funny, so this guy leaves bad comments on @Kara for shared codes while cant handle a limit on effect. amazing!