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  1. logika enoei if (activeChar instanceof Player && activeChar != null) giati to instanceof kanei null check
  2. L2jEternity from @LordWinter very good pack you can request some info from him
  3. ok now we getting somewhere thats more efficient and has clear intention.
  4. as long as no "best l2jfrozen packs" be there +1
  5. ah yes i talk generally elfocrash created it on public acis i adapted it on l2jhellas and so on the one in the video is indeed from vaggos
  6. its on l2j hellas long before l2jnetwork existed also @Kara
  7. Thank you for your concern on how I do things in my life. TODO list check them out https://itopz.com/forum/main/announcements/42-development-todo-list.html and in case people who see this are interested in a free solution of donate panel here is how to get it https://itopz.com/forum/main/donate-panel.html people already using it here is some soon to come statistics of payments https://prnt.sc/1qvit25 Stop confuse users with server administrators, think first talk after. Thanks for your help your trash talking feedback is something that is already answered. thanks for your concern but my development is not limited to an engine of l2 or gaming, already have in backstage alot of surprises and since you look like a fan boi of my work you will see it soon 🙂 PS: the statistics are live data
  8. I dont have issues to answer on trash talking boi, the website is on alpha stage, in couple of days there will be a beta stage, and then a stable release as all normal softwares, is beign build from 0 and is using basic bootstrap and templating engine, yes I am not designer but in the forum there is a list of TODOs and design is one of them, also it works so 32k visitors trash your judgment while they already using it. also next time you have something your self to compare with try again.. until then you are just a randomer who tried.
  9. My (iTopZ) website has no such issue and has banners starting from 1 euro per day (min 10 days) and premium 5 euros per month and there is no multi accounts different hwids etc.. while it has 32k visitors per month https://prnt.sc/1qszg5j there is also The system that work with protections, you just have to add 5-6 lines of code and its ready with the advantage of open source or even buy a system from the market place that has also support
  10. client -> server <- cache -> static/dynamic data load is the work of cache (does not have to be database)
  11. its not need anything high end to run. the rest you should test for your self.
  12. iTopZ

    GR Covid Vaccine

    μια χαζή ερώτηση τον COVID 18 πότε τον περάσαμε;
  13. are you his boifriend? this is the part where you say how much because its on the rules
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