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  1. hi guys someone can send me this old files or working link or something like this..
  2. https://pastebin.com/J6kEFtKS i am using elfo's pin code system code works fine.only think i want to do is check every login character if pin is sumpited or not if not, appear .pin main sumbit pin menu with freeze(dont allow to do something only when pin will be sumbit then to do ) to add pin and then at second login again check if activated pin or not if not at this state code works fine if pin is activated menu appearing.
  3. Hi Guys someone got this pin code at character selection for l2j acis/frozen/jserver interde project i mean ..
  4. yeah i got eclipse bossmanager with live statue after respawn only appear Is Alive i can add button their but for any rb how to set the current location..
  5. As tittle says, can someone help me to get the correct way to do something like? If I dont explain it correctly in the tittle, what I want is a GK that can teleport you to the RB ONLY if the RB is on
  6. i changed type and made it BossZone, inside enterinside i made it like enter bosszone but at boss zone i dont have disconnect back to town code.. help for this.
  7. can you help me ?.. https://pastebin.com/uPFuC4zN?fbclid=IwAR2VqCha3MCXpDE2ajw_y9b9tC2HwKepxakHtrsyLWiGSK2YhvqxZV-9j20
  8. https://pastebin.com/uPFuC4zN?fbclid=IwAR2VqCha3MCXpDE2ajw_y9b9tC2HwKepxakHtrsyLWiGSK2YhvqxZV-9j20 here you are
  9. Hi guys i made special zone like solo farm with minutes etc.. but my problem is player when player disconnect or restat inside the zone after login he still be their.. i wanna help for this to move back at giran after disconnection or restat etc.. some one can help me please?.. thanks Code:https://pastebin.com/uPFuC4zN?fbclid=IwAR2VqCha3MCXpDE2ajw_y9b9tC2HwKepxakHtrsyLWiGSK2YhvqxZV-9j20 //Edit
  10. Hello guys i got Elfocrash player of the hour event i modify it for l2jfrozen but i cant add reward item to winner i try many code's but nah.. someone can help me please? need to add code here ( //TODO Your reward should go here. ) code:https://pastebin.com/k0rvzw72