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  1. Hi, I am selling my code. It's second pin at ACCOUNT for ALL CHARACTERS OF ACCOUNT YOU CAN ONLY ADD IT AT FIRST LOGIN OF ACCOUNT (second password + recovery answer). Some Preview of Pin Setup Menu 1.First Login Menu. 2.Success Messages After Second Password Creation. 3.Login Menu After Setup & For Every Login. 4.Reset Pin Code Only With Your RECOVERY ANSWER. 5.Secure system ( its command like .secure and you must write your RECOVERY ANSWER to unlock some features like trade system/warehouse/enchant/remove skill/destroy/sell/offline shop etc) 6.Account Manager to change your account password you must know recovery answer if not? you cant change your account password too. For Price & Live Check Add me skype: c1c0s
  2. for player also i got this activeChar.setInstanceId(instance); SoloEventMisc.saveData(activeChar); activeChar.setIsInSoloEvent(true);
  3. i wrote it now to check l2object worl is = 0 i am going to try then.
  4. final L2NpcTemplate template = NpcTable.getInstance().getTemplate(stage.getRaidId()); try { final L2Spawn spawn = new L2Spawn(template); final Location raidLoc = stage.getRaidLoc(); spawn.setLocx(raidLoc.getX()); spawn.setLocy(raidLoc.getY()); spawn.setLocz(raidLoc.getZ()); spawn.setHeading(0); spawn.setAmount(1); raid = spawn.doSpawn(); raid.setInstanceId1(instance); //raid.setIsNoRndWalk(true); } i got this already also doSpawn but when event start i cant see the raid + the player ..
  5. yeah i know i only what this but dont working at my other source and its working at my old source i cant find my mistake or what to add to work also and another source..
  6. raid.setInstanceId(instance); activeChar.setInstanceId(instance);
  7. i want this instance id to add somewhere other event or etc and add another things but i cant find this instance id where is possible to be?..
  8. i cant find.. you now new world instance where located or example of simple code..?
  9. i register dungeon with normal player etc and start at stage 1 fine. teleported to my location fine and another mobs and npcs setted invis for this player and with administrator account i cant see player ither with normal soo.. my question is where i can see this code to allow see players or another mobs when event start etc.. help me guys.
  10. hi guys someone can send me this old files or working link or something like this..
  11. i am using elfo's pin code system code works fine.only think i want to do is check every login character if pin is sumpited or not if not, appear .pin main sumbit pin menu with freeze(dont allow to do something only when pin will be sumbit then to do ) to add pin and then at second login again check if activated pin or not if not at this state code works fine if pin is activated menu appearing.
  12. Hi Guys someone got this pin code at character selection for l2j acis/frozen/jserver interde project i mean ..