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  1. Add me skype: c1c0s its possible to add also this :)
  2. It’s for interlude :) acis live tested without any problem. Add skype for price: c1c0s
  3. i am selling this donate manager, with many improvements from me and many fixes! Photos: For Price add me skype: c1c0s
  4. i have something for interlude add me skype for more infos: c1c0s
  5. i have daily reward at login for character something like this add me skype: c1c0s
  6. hello their, i am selling login + select server side background interface this image its only for example. Photo: For Price add me skype: c1c0s
  7. hello their, i am selling my autoreward codes 11 top vote sites ( l2topzone/l2hopzone/l2network/ ) some pictures Price: 25E via Paypal add me skype: c1c0s
  8. i got this error when i spawned fake player(elfo system) and trying to vote from vote manager api based. i added client null check but again the same.. api based get ip and client code public void retrieve(Player player) { if (player.getClient() == null) return; try (Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement("SELECT * FROM character_vote WHERE ip=?")) { ps.setString(1, player.getIP()); try (ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery()) { while ( player.getVoteData().put(VoteSite.valueOf(rs.getString("site")), rs.getLong("time")); } } catch (Exception e) { _log.warning("Couldn't load vote data for player " + player.getName()); } }
  9. Hi, I am selling my code. It's second pin at ACCOUNT for ALL CHARACTERS OF ACCOUNT YOU CAN ONLY ADD IT AT FIRST LOGIN OF ACCOUNT (second password + recovery answer). Some Preview of Pin Setup Menu 1.First Login Menu. 2.Success Messages After Second Password Creation. 3.Login Menu After Setup & For Every Login. 4.Reset Pin Code Only With Your RECOVERY ANSWER. 5.Secure system ( its command like .secure and you must write your RECOVERY ANSWER to unlock some features like trade system/warehouse/enchant/remove skill/destroy/sell/offline shop etc) 6.Account Manager to change your account password you must know recovery answer if not? you cant change your account password too. For Price & Live Check Add me skype: c1c0s
  10. for player also i got this activeChar.setInstanceId(instance); SoloEventMisc.saveData(activeChar); activeChar.setIsInSoloEvent(true);
  11. i wrote it now to check l2object worl is = 0 i am going to try then.
  12. final L2NpcTemplate template = NpcTable.getInstance().getTemplate(stage.getRaidId()); try { final L2Spawn spawn = new L2Spawn(template); final Location raidLoc = stage.getRaidLoc(); spawn.setLocx(raidLoc.getX()); spawn.setLocy(raidLoc.getY()); spawn.setLocz(raidLoc.getZ()); spawn.setHeading(0); spawn.setAmount(1); raid = spawn.doSpawn(); raid.setInstanceId1(instance); //raid.setIsNoRndWalk(true); } i got this already also doSpawn but when event start i cant see the raid + the player ..
  13. yeah i know i only what this but dont working at my other source and its working at my old source i cant find my mistake or what to add to work also and another source..