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  1. GRAND OPENING TOMORROW 07/07/2020 L2 OXO - INTERLUDE 4x CRAFT SERVER Exp/Drop/Spoil/Adena Rate 4x Quest drop/reward/adena 3x Safe enchant +3, full item +4, Max Enchant +16 Enchant rate 65%, blessed scroll 85% No auto-learn skills - Spell-books needed Offline shop & craft: restricted area Global Gk 100 adena fee (no boss locations) Free Buffer 24 slots with scheme Player&Pet + Heal/Cancel buff until lvl 61 the autobuff preset buffs Free 1st class transfer NPC (second and third need OXO Coins) or quest Subclass without quest (3 available) GM SHOP sell SHADOW armor and weapon D-C-B-A grade Achievement NPC: reward for each task achieved Single player vote instant reward 7 sites Max level 85, subclass max lvl 80 Automatic nobless status to all party member who kills Barakiel Raid Boss Wedding Manager NPC Dynasty armor and weapon available to Craft Event Manager (8 events) Siege Manager NPC Boss Informer NPC Expon/Expoff Daiily Quest with reward AND MUCH MORE visit: FORUM & WEBSITE