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  1. getCastleName() method can be removed as you can get it directly from castle var. + private void sendSiegeInfo(){ + for (Castle castle : CastleManager.getInstance().getCastles()) { + sendMessage(String.format("%s Castle will have its siege on: %s", castle.getName(), castle.getSiegeDate().getTime())); + } + }
  2. Hello, can I ask you more specific what do you need? If i understood, you managed to remove a player without clan from the zone, so basically you have a zone where only a player with clan can enter. If this is the situation, on teleport event you can simply check : if (player.getClan()== null) { player.sendMessage("Only clan member can teleport to this zone!"); return; } I think you probably want some more, so that's why I asked you if you can provide some more details.
  3. You can check if the skill ID is FakeDeath and if the effect is in use: in this case you exit the effect. L2PcInstance.java #useMagic, find the toogle skill check inside the method and add the following code. if (skill.getId() == 60) effect.exit(true);
  4. Here we go: a most recent basic code for offline shop (based on aCis398). https://pastebin.com/DpKqLrAt
  5. isDonator() return probably a boolean value, so you should check like that: if (player.isDonator()) whatever you want to do
  6. You just cut the error message: is probably telling you that the table "account" doesn't exist in the DB, so have a look at it or share the full message to get help about it.
  7. // Increase the participated in tasks - int participates = PlayerMemo.getVarInt(player, "participated_automatic_events"); - PlayerMemo.setVar(player, "participated_automatic_events", participates+1, -1); + int participates = player.getMemos().getInteger("participated_automatic_events"); + player.getMemos().set("participated_automatic_events", participates+1);
  8. For enquiries use the following contact details: Skype live:.cid.237dc072d644a2cf mail laroja_dev@hotmail.com
  9. If you are looking to customize your server or create something new or just adapt a code from other pack, I can help you with that. Developer in real life, from over 10 years, always in love with L2. Italian, Spanish and English speaker. I can make any code you need for your server. Contact me and i will be happy to have a free conversation with you where i can explain and set things as you like. I don't just sell code, i explain to you what it does and i will be with you with no charge when you need. I give free support,
  10. Well what i can say, he is very professional. He really know what he is doing and is reliable. He help us choose and guide us in the setting process. Very reasonable price and high quality result. I definitely recommend. Also the product was delivered same day within an hour or so. What ask more? Worth it every penny. Thanks.