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  1. Create a folder in config name masterio and put this inside
  2. OMG thanks mate! i search for this 2 days non stop! ITS WAS Sooo f@ing easy... really dude thanks...
  3. Hello! When i am starting the gameserver this happens... found the solution thanks
  4. i cant do that... says that No projects are found to import... .
  5. Hello i have a small problem... I have a new source and i wanna test it... iam trying to put it on eclipse to compile it but i cant because the .project is mising is any way to create one?
  6. Thanks all.. I found the solution!
  7. This is the first time that i see that..Definitely monsters/summon/raidbosses/walking Npc are using drugs...Out of hunters village or Cemetery i dont know... Any solution?
  8. hello! When i am opening loginserver/gameserver this happen when is trying to run the server.. Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: CLIENT_PLUGIN_AUTH is required
  9. Hello! iam using a new l2j pack but i cant run the server even in gameserver/loginserver! I made the compile... build was succesfull but when i am running the server i am taking this... Starting GameServer. log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (l2s.gameserver.GameServer). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. log4j:WARN See for more info. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at l2s.gameserver.config.xml.holder.HostsConfigHolder.log( at at l2s.gameserver.config.xml.ConfigParsers.parseAllOnLoad( at l2s.gameserver.GameServer.<init>( at l2s.gameserver.GameServer.main( Server terminated abnormaly ... Server terminated ... Press any key to continue . . .
  10. When u press this button u register in academy list... somehow this button is dead!.. private static void registerAcademy(Clan clan, Player player, int itemId, long price) { Connection connection = null; PreparedStatement statement = null; try { connection = DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); statement = connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO character_academy (clanId,charId,itemId,price,time) values(?,?,?,?,?)"); statement.setInt(1, clan.getClanId()); statement.setInt(2, player.getObjectId()); statement.setInt(3, itemId); statement.setLong(4, price); statement.setLong(5, System.currentTimeMillis() + Config.MAX_TIME_IN_ACADEMY); statement.execute(); deleteFromAcdemyList(player); scheduledDeleteTask(clan); } catch (final Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } finally { DbUtils.closeQuietly(connection, statement); } }