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  1. thats the 2nd and 3rd trans, we talk about 1st one (ID: 29046) the first, the one with no wings on his back
  2. for me only works on bigg one transformation, the first one, doesnt work
  3. Thanks, but this file is smaller than the original interlude, it matches the size of the chronicle 5 file, I think if we use this file, the new interlude animations will stop working.
  4. Nop, im just a player Was l2j acis, some months ago, gms transfered to l2 off scripts files :)
  5. WTS ai.obj with full quest fixed/added for interlude.
  6. Informations: Server opened since: 31st of October of 2019 Website: https://l2reborn.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/N8EVyg3 Interlude 100% retail 1x (+1100 players Online) https://l2reborn.com/stats/ VIP System: Vote every 12h to get x1.5 EXP/SP First sieges 27th June 2020 Without dualbox / bot / donations / RMT Multi Proxy for good play sensation Offline Shop (Logout) Alt+B Community (New!!) Current Event: The Fall Harvest (5th - 19th September) Things that will never exist: Pay to win items Donation items
  7. I know, i can add this easy method: myself::AddUseSkillDesire( talker, skill_id, @ST_ATTACK, @AMT_STAND, @MAX_TIMER_ID ); But i dont want shits in my code, must exist a code to cancel task or something... thank you anyways :)
  8. Hello, i need help with this code, i decide to create this AI, All works good, except, when chaos start walk myself::AddMoveToDesire( 95904, -110652, -3344, 5000 ); the character starts follow him on camera action, my question is, exists any method to paralyze character or something??? can anyone help me? thanks class 1 doctor_chaos1 : citizen { parameter: int social = 1; handler: EventHandler TALKED( i0, i1, quest_id, talker ) { if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) < 0 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_01.htm" );
  9. this server is running under java files, change the title post...
  10. anyone can upload c2 system??? thanks you!!
  11. www.l2warding.com 5 minutes left for opening :)