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  1. this server is running under java files, change the title post...
  2. anyone can upload c2 system??? thanks you!!
  3. 5 minutes left for opening :)
  4. Sry bro, my mistake, anyways thanks
  5. Facebook Web: Our weeb: Hi Everybody!!!!! We are very excited to show you our new Lineage 2 Mid Server GRAND OPENING THE NEXT FRIDAY 3 MAY AT 21:00 UTC+1!!!!! Our sever Features will be: Server Rates: XP: x50. SP: x50. Party XP: x1. Adenas: x50. Drop Items: x10. Rate Seal Stones in Catacumbs and Necropolis: x1. Rate Drop Spoil: x10. Rate Drop Quest: x10. Quest Drop: x5. Quest Reward: x1. Enchants Armor / Weapon And Jewels: Safe +3 And Max +16. Chance Enchant Scroll: 50%. Chance Blessed Scroll: 60%. Chance Crystal Scroll: 70%. Olympiad System: Without armor penalty. Olympiad start at 18:00 and end at 00:00 (UTC +1). Olympiad Period 2 Weeks. Battlel Period 6 Mins. Olympiad Validation Period 24 Hours. Need 6 participants for classes matchest and 8 for Non-classed. Clan Configs: 1 Day for join in antoher clan. 1 Day for create another clan. 0 Days to dissolve a clan. 1 Day to join in a new alliance. 1 Day to join in another clan when dimissed. 1 Day to create a new Alliance when dissolve. Maximun 3 clans for alliance. 15 Clan members needed to request a clan war. Rift System: Minimun Party member to enter in rift 5. The maximun number of jumps between rooms allowed 4. 10 seconds Time that the party has to wait until the mobs spawn when entering a room. Time between automatic jumps (in seconds). Delay min 480 and max delay 600. Time for stay un the boss room (in seconds), min 960 and max 1200. Pk Info: You need 5 Pks to drop. Limit to drop with Karma 3 items. Karma Rate Drop 40%. karma rate drop item 50%. karma rate drop equip 40%. karma rate drop weapon 10%. Sieges Information: Sieges every 2 Weeks. Siege duration 2hrs. Clan lvl min for attack a castle 4. Max attacker clan 6. Max deffender clan 6. Our Unique Custom Features: In our GM-Shop you can buy till B-Grade. In GM-Shop you have also a Vote Shop. You can get Keys and Recipes Armor And Weapon Grade-S doing the respectives Quests. Our Raids Bosses Custom with Respawn 8-9 Hours. Also killing our Custom Raid Bosses (Flag zones) you can get: -High-Top Life Stones -Blessed Armor B/A & S -Blessed Weapon -Keys Weapon/Armor and Jewels S -Recipes 60% Weapon/Armor and Jewels S -Adenas. In Vote shop you can get: -Retail Tattoos with some stats. -Life Stones. -Books for enchant Skills. -Crystals to bestows SA. -A lot of accesories. And a lot of more items. Grand Bosses Customs (Flag Zones): Grand Bosses Drops: -Raid Jewels. -Recipes 70% Weapon/Armor dynasty. -Keys for craft Dynasty Weapon and Armor. -Crystals Armor Grade B/A/S -Crystal Weapon Grade S -Adenas. GrandBosses Respawn: Valakas - 7 Days Antharas - 7 Days Zaken - 7 Days Queen Ant - 6 Days Baium - 6 Days Orfen - 5 Days Core - 5 Days Unique Party Zone (Flag Zone): Raid Boss Drops: Spawn (10h +-2) -Seals Stones. -Adenas. -Gold Dragon Coin. -Noblesse Status. -Top Life Stone. Monsters Drops: -Seal Stones. -Adenas -Blessed Armor Grade B/A/S Another Informations: Bank System Enable. Wedding system Enable. Custom Offline Enable. AutoLoot from monsters Enable. AutoLoot from raids Enable. AutoLoot from Grand Bosses Enable. AutoLearn Divine Inspiration Disable. Freights Service Enable. Free Teleport Around the World. 1st Occupation change cost 100.000 Adenas. 2nd Occupation change cost 1.000.000 adenas. 3rd Occupation change cost 700 Halisha Mark killing monster in Shrine of Loyalty. (Grave Ant, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Scarab, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Guard and Shrine Knight) No Needed quest for classes. No needed quest for sub classes. Max Subclass 3. Subclass Start from Lvl 40. Npc buffer with all the buffs. Max buffs 24 + Divine Inspirations. Max debuff 4. Every character start with Armor, weapon top No grade and Soulshots and blessed spiritshots. Drop penalty monster from 9 lvls differences. for enter to 4sepulchers you need to be in party, minimum 4. Chances Life Stones: Mid-Life Stone 5% High-Life Stone 10% Top-Life Stone 15%. Mastery Armor Penalty, Players like dagger cant use Heavy Armor (from lvl 20). Mastery Weapon Penalty Disable. GRAND OPENING FRIDAY 3 MAY AT 21:00 UTC+1 WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!! COME AND JOIN USSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy ;)
  6. Server is closed due ddos attack, we will wipe in some weeks.
  7. Grand Opening in: 1h 20 minutes. you can download patch: Mediafire:!hU0z2BKS!zW3w0X5MVHO6qSIUMxivWGSRFnfANYm6GqsSauwonHgGoogle Drive:
  8. We use l2off files with AI.obj and custom extender for l2classic by my team. 5H LEFT FOR THE GRAND OPENING Path will be available 2h earlier
  9. 1 Day left for grand opening! Enjoy
  10. Added torrent for client download
  11. Added server status on website