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  1. I'm trying to open the Unx ut2 L2UI_CH3, however when trying to do it I get this error, can someone help me? Texture L2UI_CH3.RefineEffect.refinegrade3_49: Serial size mismatch: Got 58, Expected 87570 History: LoadObject <- (Texture L2UI_CH3.RefineEffect.refinegrade3_49 28141==28141/41073528 28083 87570) <- ULinkerLoad::Preload <- PreLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::LoadPackage <- UEditorEngine::SafeExec <- (LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UEditorEngine::SafeExec <- (OBJ LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UEditorEngine::Exec <- (OBJ LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UUnrealEdEngine::Exec <- WBrowserTexture::OnCommand <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- WBrowserMaster::OnCommand <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- MessagePump <- MainLoop
  2. Could you teach how to use SpooferHwid?
  3. No friend, I just want to change the look of the inventory, nothing more. And as far as I know, the visual is editable through the Interface.dat file
  4. Good night everyone, I would like to know the name of the program used to edit the style of the inventory so that I can have the inventory of my interface equal to that of the photo, I believe it is not through the xdat editor because it is almost impossible, the photo interface is Celestine's (link below), can someone help me? Link Post Interface Celestine:
  5. Damage on Screen (Current is Old based on systemmsg) ==> Auto SS New Brand Inventory
  6. I'm sorry, sometimes I get very lost here on the forum .. I won't make such a mistake again, can you move the topic to it please?
  7. I'm editing a particular interface (interface.u) just for me and I saw in some videos that some interfaces have skill bars next to each other, I would like to know which core interface file I should edit so that it looks like this too and how the same should stay. Can someone help me?
  8. Is there a program similar to Eclipse so that I can see the entire interface structure and know where they connect to each other?
  9. Good morning everyone, I am starting to learn something about interface editing, but I still find it very difficult. I want to make simple edits, but can't find the files to edit or even the textures. Can anyone help me by showing me the path where I should edit? What I want to do is: Edit the inventory texture. Add screen damage like classic. Please help me.
  10. Good morning / afternoon / night! I'm starting to edit the Interface file and decided to make a modification in the bar, however, I have problems as follows attached pictures. When I first in the game This happens when I click to have the skill bar turn horizontally. Original files: Files edited by me: Help me!! This is the video of the bar I want to edit, I don't want it this size anymore, I want normal size.
  11. OK
  13. I've done everything, but the error still remains. Can I send you my LineageEffect?