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  1. part of the code that does the pm responder function: public static void answerPlayers(L2PcInstance sender, FakePlayer receiver, String text) { ThreadPoolManager.getInstance().scheduleAi(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { for (String s : CUMPLIMENTS) { if (text.equals(s)) { _answer = CUMPLIMENTS[Rnd.get(CUMPLIMENTS.length - 1)]; _isCumpliment = true; } } if (!_isCumpliment) { _answer = PHRASES[Rnd.get(PHRASES.length - 1)]; } sender.sendPacket(new CreatureSay(receiver.getObjectId(), Say2.TELL, receiver.getName(), _answer)); } }, Rnd.get(10, 50) * 1000); }
  2. Good afternoon / day / night everyone! I'm having a bug on my game server when I try to send fakeplayer pm! The function is that he answers me, but he does not even receive the message and I still receive this message in gs .. could someone help me please? I don't know what to do anymore = / Ps: Sorry for bad english! is Google tradutor :)
  3. Good morning! I am trying to pull a java setting to disable weapons glow and aura hero and add the "ON" "OFF" option to the dot .menu so when the player wants to enable or disable this command, can anyone help me? I couldn't find where I should move yet. I use acys 370.
  4. Good evening friends, I'm having this mistake spawning the elf fakeswalkers! Are l2roboto, can anyone help me?
  5. Does anyone know how to block this attack?
  6. I'm buy AutoCaptha for L2League! Send me pm for price!!
  7. Good afternoon guys, does anyone own this antcaptha so they can make it available for free? Please..
  8. Put the box to set the automatic capability delay and automatic buff delay and add the option to decrease the pt size.