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  1. i almost cried:( sad story for dumas that opening now giantbattle and after 1 week apocalyps bcoz he cant advertise new name server xd
  2. You will see on opening who is the owner:).The random haters that writing here because they are losers but its funny that ppl like achylek who thinks that knows something he doesnt even know how easy its to copy paste the buttons and icons same to rip website all of this dont even cost more than 80e ask any designer he will do it bcoz its most easy thing since they dont need to make something from 0:) Dumas is so loser that he can just copy
  3. its fake for sure xd even worst than l2warriors copy-pasting us
  4. Just saying he is scammer already checked
  5. yes for that reason classic has full stream channels with our server ,fcking dog of tales that u even dare to speak . On highfives are on top so no comment , soon interlude and skylord smell the ground like vercetti doing .
  6. 8000 euro and maybe i will share it to you. Shroud already bought it from me .
  7. Im too sad for that but achylek says the truth, he posted you proofs in your face , Its fake facebook our facebooks have over 10k followers these one are with 300 i suggest you to find a doctor for your eyes because propably you have cancer on them. No comment about stalone trying to advertise his fb with fake names of our servers propably he is desperate .
  8. over 5 sides on soa first day, Ownway clan ,synergy,tos,untage,remedy
  9. only highfive server with action is lionna so good choice u made
  10. low rates died , from now on only mid rates www.l2lionna.com new season x50 Highfive over 4 sides will be there with over 10 cps each side
  11. hopzone website had a problem first days of August try contact them via email they will answer you.
  12. wtb gracia final files full pack or source pm me with offers I prefer files with fixed quests & pack for low rate- mid rate // no pvp custom pvp packs skype => delux.13
  13. Did you call me albanian ? I can accept everything except that. First of all retarded kid you are a looser now gtfo if you say one more time my name i promise you will rename your server to L2dead.com . Go open 2 servers per month saga+ nemesis last time just to steal ppl u dont have skills to open with random names .