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Found 24 results

  1. www.l2maxcheaters.com www.facebook.com/l2maxcheaters Server Chronicle High Five Basic Rates Exp/SP: x15 Adena: x12 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Raid Boss Drop: x5 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +9 (Untill 31 October) Support L2Maxcheaters will have its own autonomy in the game and in order to contact support for "Account Inquiries" only are: 1) By sending email at lineage2maxcheaters@gmail.com. (from 17th September) 2) By submitting a request on the Website Live Chat 3) Creating a topic in forum. Donation Store Premium Accounts only on Store.
  2. OPEN BETA GOING LIVE 22 July, 18:00 UTC Join now our premium long running High Five server and be a part of the legend. Specially tailored for the best gameplay experience, with 10x XP and 15x DROP, safe enchant 3, max enchant 16. Among the features you will find are: - A custom community board offering quick access to our server buffer, shops and teleport - An auction panel where you can buy and sell items - An auction panel for enchanted buffs - Save up to 5 schema buffs - Save a secret spot for up to 10 days and teleport directly to it anytime - Craft items from the Commun
  3. EzLandia x15 Interlude Server OBT (live from 30 April 2017) FEATURES Exp, SP, Adena x15 Drop, Spoil, Raids x10 Quest Exp, SP, Adena x5 Quest Drop x3 GM Shop with max B Grade and Mammon Global Gatekeeper with retail teleports NPC Buffer Buffs duration 2 hours Buff Slots 32+4 Overbuff protection Divine Inspiration autolearn Autoloot Auto learn sklls Free Class Change Free Subclass ENCHANTS Safe +3/4 Max +16 Normal 66% Blessed 75% ARMORS Modified original armors with better stats More info JEWELS Modified original Raid jewels with better stats More info TATTOO
  4. http://l2max.eu https://www.facebook.com/l2max.eu/?fref=ts EXP: x15 SP: x15 Adena: x7 Drop Items: x6 Spoil: x6 Weight Limit: x5 Comfortable Community Board (ALT+ B ) Sub-Class Free without Quest Bonuses for newbies NPC Buffer with 2hour Bufftime Off-line Shop mode, Off-line Buffers mode Auto Loot, Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Auction System Olympiad Period 2 weeks (Heroes at 1 and 15 of each month) ANTIBOT Protection
  5. Start Adena = 50.000 NG-D-C- Items = Retail and Newbye Guide To Obtain items B Items = GMSHOP A-S Items = Retail(Drop from bosses and Craft) Auto Learn Skills Geodata and Pathnode Implemented(Can't use WallShoting) Buffs Configuration NPC Buffer with all buffs avaibile 22+ 4 Buff Slots ( total of 26 ) 6 Debuff Slots Enchant Rates Safe enchant +3 Max enchant Armor +20 Max enchant Jewels +20 Max enchant Weapons +20 Normal Scroll - 66% chance decrease by every enchant level Blessed Scroll - 70% chance decrease by every enchant level RATES:
  6. Who are we? We started developing in 2005 like group of friends players like you, who were sick of servers closing and bugs.. After 2 years of work we managed to become the favorite choice among lots of players with which help we moved to be top #1 private server by people online and stability. And nowdays we have over 700,000 accounts created in our database, milions visitors, most advanced High Five and Etheria private packs. Lineage 2 Realm and Lineage 2 World team will work together to deliver the highest quality long term server environment possible and are proud to present our new
  7. hello wts Adena/Chars/Pwlvl on l2mid.com x15 interlude adena price negotiable , can go first with trusted members, big stock!
  8. WTS Adena l2 tales new x15 EternalFight A lot of positive responses in all my trade topics - you can chek it in my profile history best price like always + good bonuses in adena, someone have cheaper ? i make price lower ! webmoney,qiwi,paypal,skrill skype - allhailUA
  9. GRAND OPENING 14.08.2015 OPEN BETA TEST STARTED 15.07.2015 Interlude low rate Project under development From the creators of most succesfull private servers. And with the partnership of About us: We will unite the scattered Lineage 2 players and gather them in one huge Community once and for all. If you are sick of servers that last 1 month, destroyed by reckless Donations and want to experience again the true meaning of Lineage 2 in one stable and long term server, developed by professional team, fully dedicated to your satisfaction - you are in the ri
  10. L2tales Ruby&Azure Adena >>BIG STOCK, GOOD PRICES<< Adena 1KKK- 0,4 euro 24/7 in 5 min! Like in the topic - adena in game Lineage 2 on Ruby&Azure (Lineage2tales.com) You paying 0,4 euro and getting 1,000,000,000 adena THE FASTEST and THE CHEAPEST 1.We always trying put adena the cheapest, but if some1 put it lower than us, contact with us, we will make better offer for sure! :) 2. We trying to be the best and the fastest Service, That's why we're sitting ~20h per day at PC, all adena trades takes 1-10minutes after payment! WARRANTY OF SECUIR
  11. Hi guys. WTS 78 lvl nuker. pm. Normal nick, account with mail + master account. (CHEAP) 10 euro for acc Server l2citadel.com 78 ee - sold
  12. Hello. l2citadel.com launching new x15 server (17th July) Stock : 700kk Price adena 100kk-7e Chars lvl'ing 1-76 Contact via pm.
  13. Hello. WTS Adena in Lineage2azure.com server. price negociatable. P.S Selling any char, any level. Or can level up your char (online 24/7) fast+trusted services, contact me here.
  14. Beta Opening: 28/6/2015 18:00 GMT+2 Grand Opening: Not Announced Yet Basic Rates Experience (EXP) : 15x Skill Points (SP) : 15x Adena : 15x Drop Items : 10x (Recs-Keys 1x) Quest Experience (EXP) : 3x Quest Skill Points (SP) : 3x Quest Adena : 3x Quest Drop Items : 4x Spoil : 10x Weight Limit : 5x Manor : 2x Extract Fish : 6x Enchants Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 16 Normal Scroll chance : 60% Blessed Scroll chance : 65% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 40% Elemental Crystal chance : 30% Basic Configurations
  15. WTS Adena in l2tales H5 x15 Price upon request 1Bil = 2 - 1,5 euro. btw got english bot, + guide. payment method : PayPal. scammers gl i won't go first, only with trusted members. :) goodluck. :)
  16. Hi. WTB L2tales adena - price should be cheaper then 1bil-2euro lf items : vorpal light/ freya guns.
  17. WTS Vesper robe foundation set / vesper gun. Skype otasz12
  18. wts adena at new averia x15 H5 server prices are negotiable, there are discounts for big amounts purchased. best prices on market. contact me here via pm or skype:ivstavrev
  19. Last 5 bil for 7 euro. Accepting webmoney/paypal. Leave me a msg here for more info.
  20. WTS Vesper Noble Robe set +6 Foundation LVL 4 element Vesper Buster Acumen +8 dark Top Belt Pvp Skill atack 20kkk adena Pm here for prices and information
  21. Lineage 2 Imperial Inc. We create two Lineage II High Five Servers. One PvP Server (x200) Server is on BETA OPEN One Low-Mid (x15) Soon Overview The world of Lineage II Imperial is a war-torn land spanning over two continents, where trust and betrayal clash for power. Players rule supremely in this brutal and beautiful world filled with magic, large scale battlefields, vast territories to conquer and rival clans to battle. With a strong emphasis on PvP, you will find challenges around every corner in the continents. Magic and the swords are the means to protect yourself. Develop your