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  1. Whatever you say Extreamer,im not in a mood to fight with girls now
  2. Rates changed to 20,000x & we will spawn an NPC giving free Adenas in Main Town(Giran) within the next hours!
  3. We still think what players will win in Beta,we will announce it after Beta in Forum... Beta is tomorrow
  4. Someone added me for some Java services,for an L2Pride Server [8:47:43 μμ] Lineage Services: What's your online server? [8:47:50 μμ] Xu: why do you ask that? [8:47:52 μμ] Xu: that's unrelated. [8:47:58 μμ] Lineage Services: I have my own reasons... [8:48:09 μμ] Xu: then I guess cannot answer you. [8:48:19 μμ] Xu: I never mention what server l own [8:48:20 μμ] Xu: or dont. [8:48:30 μμ] Xu: it's privacy. And the fact is i was a big Donator in L2Pride and i know that Andrew Xu is the original L2Pride owner so i smell that's Khalifa,so if you're a developer and someone ask you for a Fa
  5. You are being very rude and there is no reason too.. he sell reworked xmls,nothing to do with Skill Balancer,you could add him and ask him,but people in maxcheaters preffer to play the smartasses act like assholes...
  6. okay 2-3 guys told me same thing,i've contacted our host and wait an answer..
  7. Both website & forum are up and running,i dont know why you see it down... http://prntscr.com/7kvwqa
  8. We also look for some forum Moderators,if anyone is interested pm me