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  1. WTS Elven elder 51 ( Selling with mail ) Elven elder 52 ( Selling with mail ) Shillien Elder 51 ( Selling with mail ) Shillien elder 52 ( With STIGMA - Selling with mail ) Spellhowler 44 ( Selling with mail ) Spellhowler 45 ( Selling with mail ) Prophet 53 ( Without DW, Selling with mail ) Warcryer 51 and 70% - Karmian set ( With chant of movement and vamp - Lots of xp scrolls) Characters can be sold with EQ or without EQ If u take 2 or more chars very good discount. I leave the server and I want to get rid of it :)
  2. Expect the following: - No shady pay 2 win donations. - Donations will be going to advertising and getting better server files only. - GM's without abusable rights. - Server is Ddos Protected. Website: http://l2cupid.pw OPENING ETA 3/11/2017 Here is the basic layout of the server: EXP: x 2000 SP: x2000 ADENA: x2000 Starting level: 75 (for subclass too) Max level: 85 Starting gear: A Grade Max Gear: S Grade (Dynasty) Max Enchant: +20 (All items) Safe Enchant: +5 (All items) Enchant Rates: 30% (All scrolls) Items dont break or loose previous enchant level on failure Max Buffslots: 24 (20+4 with Divine Inspiration) Max Dance/Song slots: 12 All Buffs duration: 3 Hours Cancelled buffs return after 15 seconds GM Shop, Global Gatekeeper & NPC Buffer npc’s Weight Limit x5 No Clan Penalties New Clans start at level 8 with 350k reputation points Olympiad Games period: 2 weeks Castle Sieges period: 1 week Automated TvT & CtF Events every hour with great rewards Custom Playgrounds (Leveling/Farming/PvP-Farming) Seasons System (Server Refresh) Dual-box allowed to swap items and buffer alts Ddos-protected server based in France Website: http://l2cupid.pw Server is still in the works. Meaning theres still time to drop suggestions in the forum. ETA is around 3d of November. BETA server may be up sometime but not guarantees. I will be straight with you. I dont have any funds to advertise the server, if you want to support this project you can donate or just be active ingame and in the forums. So dont expect 2.000.000 players. I will do my best to post about the server anywhere i can and spread the word. Previous projects i was involved was L2FX.
  3. We welcome you to TheGame Epilogue Private Server . After 12 years experience singe c1 we are back for you with an beautiful epilogue server in the level or retail . All the best players from Greece will join TheGame because they know its not just a server , its a movement . SERVER RATES »Experience (EXP) : 5x »Skill Points (SP) : 5x »Adena : 10x »Items Drop : 5x »Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x »Quest Skill Points (SP) : 1x »Quest Adena : 1x »Quest Drop Items : 1x »Spoil : 5x »Weight Limit : 1x ENCHANTS »Safe Enchant : 3 »Max. Enchant : 16 »Normal Scroll chance : 60% »Blessed Scroll chance : 65% »Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 »Elemental Stone chance : 40% »Elemental Crystal chance : 30% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS »Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 »Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : Retail »Buff Slots : Retail »Dance and Songs Slots : Retail »NPC Buffer Basic Buffs (without the 3rd class) , Duration: 1 Hour »Auto Learn Skills »Auto Learn Loot SERVER DOORS OPEN 21/10/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Website : https://l2thegame.gr DOWNLOADS : https://l2thegame.gr/download/ WINTER IS HERE AND THIS WINTER YOU PLAY !
  4. Server RPG Party x3 WTB LIST (Updated 15.10) - adena - gem s - aa - attr stones/crys - green 17 / red 16 - vesper noble robe set (+mw) 900/1800 - elegia robe parts - valakas necklace pm here
  5. Hello, i'm selling adena/chars at rpg x3: 100kk=7e chars: Grand Khavatari: 84/75/75/75 nobl SE: 84/75/72 nobl WC: 83.90/65 (+great fury) SWS: 85 (sub q done) BD: 84 DOD: 80 only paypal and i don't go first skype: eligijus.siupynas
  6. WTS Adena/items/chars/pwlvl/rurs in www.rpg-club.com x3 Party server (started 21st November) epic jewels, top items on sale! Adena 1kkk - 15 E Stock - 12kkk Any class (noobless,subs) skype coinsbomb
  7. WTB MANY ADENA/RUR IN RPG CLUB X3 CHEAP. SKYPE poweruser14. payment paypal only
  8. WTS ADENA/ALL ATRI STONES!!! skype : NoL1mmits
  9. RPG x3[Party] adena: ~40kk I use only paypal! contacts: skype:manutdadena private message
  10. RPG-club x3 Adena Cheap and safe skype: so3asy2 Hi. Sell my Adena Cheap and safe lineage 2 high five, RPG-club x3 All info in skype My skype: so3asy2
  11. Only COMMITED ppl who really want to play in a CP system and able to FOLLOW CP Commands. Only LF ppl who can play in PRIME TIME English speaking Teamspeak 3 Prime time: 18:00 - 01:00 GMT +1 For more info contact me in skype. Skype: carlos_7184@hotmail.com Setup and classes to be decided
  12. Hello. WTS: Adena 1 e - 10kk RuR 1 e - 90 rur Chars up to 76 lvl Pwlvl 1-76 skype coinsbomb all payments, discounts for regular customers!
  13. As tittle says, WTS : 1) Archmage 85 lvl Nobless (subs 76/75/75) Gear: Vorpal robe set (1800 attri + pvp + Vorpal shield + Vorpal sigil) Vesper Buster +3 +Acumen + 300 Fire + Augment [Passive Magic Barrier lvl 10] Vorpal Jewels Set +3 + Augmented, Aden Territory Earring Extras: Cloak Of Flame +5, Romantic Chapeu Hat, Cloak Of Zaken, 141k Olympiad Tokens, 30k Fame, Skills +15++ (All) Augments: Celestial , wild magic , empower, Mental Shield, Bless Body Mystic Muse 85 lvl Nobless (subs 79(80%)/75/75) SOLD Gear: Vesper noble robe set +3 (1800 attri + pvp + Vorpal sigil) Vesper Caster +3 +Acumen + 300 Water + Augment : INT +1 Vorpal Jewels Set +3(Earring +6) + Augmented ,Freya ,Aden Earring + Oly Earring ,ring Extras: Cloak Of Flame +7, Cloak Of Zaken, 73k Olympiad Tokens, 30k Fame, Shirt cp +4 , S belt and bracelet , Russian hat RPG Augments: Mdef , Refresh , Bless the body , Mental Shield Skills : All passive +15 , All 3rd +15 , Aura flash +20 , Hydro blast +21 ,Fear +20 Storm Screamer 85 lvl Nobless Gear: Vesper robe Set 750+ Attribute + Sigil Vesper Buster Wind 275 Vesper Jewels Set 60k Olympiad Tokens Skills +10+ [Chars are prefered to be sold with items, can discuss just for items though] 2) WTS the following chars (all with their mail) -1x Sword Muse 85 lvl nobless SOLD -1x Spectral Dancer 82 lvl ----SOLD -1x Titan 83 lvl ( +Dynasty Crusher +Risk Focus + 300) - SOLD -1x Maestro 78 lvl -1x Soultaker 83lvl -1x Shillien Templar 83lvl SOLD -1x Elememtal master ( Vesper Noble set 900+ attri / 300 water + acumen weapon) -1x Fortune Seeker 84lvl (moirai heavy set clean + vesper avenger clean) 3) WTS following items: -Vorpal heavy Set +3 +1200attribute -Dynasty Heavy Set Essence II (full water / dark resist) - SOLD -Moirai Heavy Set Clean 4) WTS Adena (1,5kkk Left) Contact: inbox / pm me with ur offers
  14. As title says: WTS Archmage 85 lvl Nobless (subs 76/75/75) Gear: Vorpal robe set (1800 attri + PvP Tunic) + Vorpal shield + Vorpal sigil Vesper Buster +3 +Acumen + 300 Fire + Augment ( Passive Magic Barrier lvl 10) Vorpal Jewels Set +3 + Augmented Aden Territory Earring (+15% mental attack) Cloak Of Flame +5 (lvl 2 speed bonus) Romantic Chapeu Hat Cloak Of Zaken S Belt B Belt (+invetory slots) Skills +15++ ALL 141k Olympiad Tokens, 30k Fame, 17 Freya Q. items/ 7 Tezza Q.items Augments: Celestial , wild magic , empower Olympiad Weapons: Bless Body lvl6 , Mental shield Contact me inbox with ur offer .
  15. sold. fuuck u Rokis (reviveLT) I mail u adena u cant answer for 2 days
  16. Archmage/MM/STS 80+ Moirai or better S80 Weapon +acu+150 at least If it has subs/noble better, paying with paypal. idc about skill enchants, PM i want the mail/char pass
  17. Glorians PvP Server X1000 - High Five [+]- ✔INSTANT CLAN LVL 11 + SKILL LVL 3 [+] [+]- ✔EXP: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔SP: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔ADENA: 1000x [+] [+]- ✔QUEST DROP ITEM: 1x [+] [+]- ✔PARTY EXP/SP: 2x [+] [+]- ✔RAID BOSS EVENT GOOD DROP [+] [+]- ✔CUSTOM BOSS GOOD DROP [+]- ✔CUSTOM BOSS ZONE [+] [+]- ✔Normal Scroll Safe Chance: 100% [+] [+]- ✔Blessed Scroll Chance: 90% [+] [+]- ✔Divine Scroll Chance: 100% [+] [+]- ✔Safe Enchant: +7 [+] [+]- ✔Max Enchant: +20 [+] [+]- ✔Armor Top: Poseidon, Ixion, Glorians Plates [+] [+]- ✔Weapon Top: Poseidon [+] Web : www.l2glorians.com FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/l2gloriansbattle/ Systextures : https://mega.nz/#!CwRVGTqJ!ttVBJvlq5uf5pu8BXS6sggoTDXc0YoWBypSZ0B4YDLQ System : https://mega.nz/#!zwBiFJjQ!sddeS0U8gRBI8kr3GhZ-NaM0LTUviM8_qOkBeagKCBs
  18. WTS ADENA ON RPG x7 l2e-global.com x7 Price Upon Request! Now stock 1kkk+ WTS Vorpal Mag Set 1800att and Veniplant Sword +7 300 acumen Payments by paypal, webmoney! Private message for contacts and info. or my last sales - http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/182552-wts-adena-on-l2tales-20x-new/?do=findComment&comment=2420425 http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/185235-wts-adena-on-lineageru-hell-x30/
  19. About Us: Hello we are the team topexpert 200 I bring this news to publicize their wonderful servers. We are a new team bringing real traffic for your online gaming server also released several categories of games and enjoy joins! Our systems are fully automatic making life easier for you. You who are hand player miss the great servers that are in our top ;) REGISTER SERVER: See the categories of games that disclosed below: To encourage you our automatic system 7 days of gold member so that you stand out on our top. Contact Us: Email: support@topexpert200.com WebSite: http://www.topexpert200.com
  20. BD 85 ,3 subs noble, all skills +10-15. cloak of flame +5 ( ZAKEN/TEZZA/FREYA CLOAKS! 15k fame SPS 85 , 3 subs noble . all skills +10-15 cloak of greenery +5 (zaken cloak) SPOILER 77 OL 85 ( suspension +22) noble ( 1 sub) (still waiting for email ) EE 85 2/3 subs noble all skills +15 WC 85 (great fury ) no nobles ELEMENTAL MASTER 85 nobles 1 sub PHANTOM SUMONER 85 nobles 1 sub SORC 3 subs noble all skills +10-15 (cloak of flame +5) 32k FAME! SOLD>>>>>>SWS 85 , 1 sub, noble , all skills +10-15.(cancel dagger) (zaken, 19 tezza,15 Freya ) SOLD>>>>>>Judicator . noble all skills +12 . main arbalester SOLD>>>>>>Necro 84 , +10-15 skills. , SOLD>>>>>>SE 82. SOLD>>>>>>SOS 84 ( dark elf tank) SOLD >>> >>SPOILER 81/82. x2 =========== VESPER BUSTER +ACU 300 FIRE VESPER BUSTER +ACU 300 WATER VESPER ROBE SET (no noble ) 900 Moirai robe set clean 40+ vorpal jewels adena ~5-6kkk. ( or more, if no one is interested in items they will be sold for adena ) ALL items are put on market for adena. so if u are interested in them better hurry pm here or Skype: ben2dagzzle
  21. cardi 84 3 subs (cov), vesper robe tyrant 85 3 subs (haste, focus, cl), vorpal light +4 ~1100, zaken cloak, flame cloak +6, v fighter +7 300 no mail offer and more info pm or skype reddzik12
  22. I am looking to sell items in RPG - CLUB x7 Victory because I get a job :P Vesper noble robe set 1300 att, Vesper noble robe set 1300 att, Vesper Noble robe set 900 att, Moirai heavy set 900 att, Vorpal robe set 1800 att, Vorpal Heavy set 900 att, Freya neclase, Frintezza Neclase, Zaken earing, Flaming dragon skull (rare) +12, Vesper caster acumen 90 fire, Vesper buster acumen 300 fire, Vesper shaper 150 holy, Vesper Duals 150 earth +3 And Dynasty crusher Master work, sa, 300 fire, +9 Prices will be very low and it depends on how many items you will buy in same time. For prices and more info add me in Skype: Servetasbnb
  23. WTS on rpgx7 Items-adena Dynasty Crusher Risk Focus 265 holy Angel Slayer Haste 150 fire Moirai heavy set 900 attr Vesper Noble Robe set 1200 attr Adena (all items can sold fast and give on adena if someone need big amount of adena) Chars Necro 84lvl +10 skills (+mail+secret word) (+dod + meteor) Tank Shillien Knight 85 lvl +10/12 skills (+mail+secret word) (sos learned+all books) Shillen Elder 82lvl (+mail+secret word) Titan 84lvl (+mail+secret word) Necro 81lvl (+mail+secret word)
  24. Dreadnought 85/75/75/75 Vesper stormer +7 300 Moirai Heavy set 1000 Zaken+3 Frintezza+3 Oly Ring Vropal yewels All skils bought. Skills +15/25 U can offer, we can negociate. feel free to ask SOLD
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