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  1. [L2j]L2 VIKINGS

    not enough competition,most areas look empty,mc rate is like 5x in some classes... plus adena bug in 2k18? Buy A weapon 10kk adena from gm shop and sell it 13.5 ? ;D nice.. also pvp kill don't drop pvp medals,inside or outside of pvp zones...anchor ,fear, stun 100% for like 40 secs.. why open servers like that? ;DD
  2. [L2J] L2Ko

    it's up,but still 20-30 online .. sad.
  3. [L2J] L2Ko

    why is down for long time? :(
  4. [L2J] Lineage 2 Insane

    there is no way to be 200 on while olympiad games barely start,still no update and lots of bugs and unbalance game exist around.
  5. not sure,but maybe someone try to use phx in ur server,wich probably won't work since you got that on gs
  6. [L2j]L2 VIKINGS

    this line is epic,lmao. no comment on this nothing special, good luck tho..
  7. [L2J]L2 Mythical

    stop reading features from the site when i saw this : Free Weapons, Armors, Jewelry and Consumables and then.. Adena Drop Reworked for better Economy
  8. unique .menu about to be top feature. 99% balance? 99% skills? lmao.
  9. where did you search? found clean systems in just 2-3 mins of searchin..
  10. oki,was just talking in general,ofc each srvr miss a lot.. as for it, @Evie Frye can't make a perfect code,but his codes make a perfect Evie Frye
  11. stucksubs + customs, good luck for them inexperienced testerz arguing for the balance in order to gain a GM position
  12. why u quoted me on this???? sorry if i get it wrong,didn't get why u quoted m ;P, didn't anywhere tell that can b perfect Top coder,great all around skillz,only legend who can code cookies, his cookies > all servers
  13. Legendary cookies only by

    @Evie Frye