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  1. Thanks you Xeonc, I think he asking how enable premium. I never saw that premium server before I guess I just outdated.
  2. Maybe a program could update the table each time it needs. I do not see other fix.
  3. Yes because it cost me weeks of work, well this program can create parameters for all quests it found and then you can put all parameters on default npc , and eventually change parameters from there by just edit ai.obj on txt without need of compile/decompile.
  4. Aparently he is scammer : he sell classic interface for interlude client to my friend (100USD) :
    and then do not remove copyright URL  deathraid.ru , so he probably not real developer of that client mod


  5. ID Skype: l2developer Username : Dan7E2 He sell l2j shared packs as own work product : Scammed 500 usd to one of my friends. Please ban his IP Is just a trash l2jfrozen
  6. How to make the default game switch language tab to work ? i try setup it by localization.ini but it do not works well , willing to pay client dev
  7. Is not shareware , contact me to acquire : skype: madocter
  8. LINEAGE 2 QUEST DROP RATE CHANGER FOR WHAT DO YOU NEED THIS ? : If you want increase quest item drop rate automatically , this program will be usefull , since to edit quest item drop rate you need edit ai.obj , find target random function , and taking in account that Lineage II (c4) have : -305 quests. -967 random functions related to quest item drop chance. (aprox value) -650 npcs that gives one or more quest items. (aprox value) Can be really weird task to adjust all quest drop rates of your server , and users just will ignore quets since usually them do no
  9. Program 100% finished : C4 : Working and tested C6 : AI (vanganth) : Working . Aparently works with C4 compiler-decompiler GF : AI vanganth : Not working . To work would need vanganth GF decompiler GF : AI (depmax) : Not working. Probably would need depmax H5/GF decompiler H5 : AI (depmax) : Not working. Probably would need depmax H5/GF decompiler T o make work GF / HF of vanganth/depmax: At GUI interface just setup COMPILER / DECOMPILER path , but probably if you use other compiler/decompiler default c4 commands that my program uses will not wo
  10. Well i dont know about that , i just linked his topic since the pack he preconfigured , and extended is very good , and is what the OP needs
  11. Now working with Depmax compiler too , but not tested since i dont own it