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    l2developer ,you will see my name like: Kamex

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  1. Looking for L2Gold pack for take some informations i need Thanks for who helps
  2. We had an agreement He payd for gran kain package ( which is not shared ) Everything he say is a total lie... I was the one who was scammed anyway...
  3. WOW He made paypal chargeback immediately after 10 min i sent him all files Stolen my files and got his money back what a ... i don't even know how to call this piece of shit...
  4. go go you can in one dead forum

  5. check what i sell before speak, some admin please fix my rep i had 24
  6. people continue to give me bad rep without any reason please fix
  7. for some users abused negative rep was fixed, for me not ... why?
  8. my rep is still 14 from 24... nobody fix?
  9. What the fuck??? This retard kid keep giving me negative feedback on everything, mods should ban him...
  10. Negative reputation abuse without reason Please fix, this guy gave me -4 rep in 1 minute https://ibb.co/bzG54m
  11. Need 4 or more testers for an L2OFF interlude project, for who may be intrested please contact by skype: l2developer (kamex) players should know the game and the basics