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  1. Files are not good, there are missing things and unfinished data, it need a lot of work.
  2. need at least 4-5 testers to check everything from A to Z and then fix everything
  3. open the test server and check for example: armors stats weapons SA stats they are all wrong and bugged
  4. I opened the server in localhost and i am testing it... i am just telling my opinion out of what i tested
  5. Server have a lot of bugs and problems, not even close to be ready to launch
  6. Looking for L2Gold pack for take some informations i need Thanks for who helps
  7. We had an agreement He payd for gran kain package ( which is not shared ) Everything he say is a total lie... I was the one who was scammed anyway...
  8. WOW He made paypal chargeback immediately after 10 min i sent him all files Stolen my files and got his money back what a ... i don't even know how to call this piece of shit...
  9. Negative reputation abuse without reason Please fix, this guy gave me -4 rep in 1 minute https://ibb.co/bzG54m