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  1. go private on skype: l2developer (kamex)
  3. go go you can in one dead forum

  4. Lineage2 Proffessional NON-Custom Interlude Ready To Go [bassed grankain source] PS: the server name has been choosen alleatory (random), server can have any other name the customer ask for with server logo/loading screen/banners/etc... There are added some custom items like tattoos which are just an example, they can be removed or replaced anytime, depends on what customer want. -> Project based on last grankain source revision -> Project ready to start ( JUST PLUG AND PLAY ) -> Tested live -> Perfect working geodata -> Perfect working skills like l2off -> Perfect working sieges -> Balance is similar to l2off ( CAN BE TESTED ANYTIME ) I wish to sell my Lineage2 Interlude PVP Project It can be used for any kind of rate NON CUSTOM Project OR CUSTOM Project Project have ready banners and ready server name for who wish to purchase it Project will be sold only 1 time to only 1 person After the proejct will be sold once to 1 person, the next person who will wish to buy it will recive a reworked project, with changed gameplay style, changed zones, monsters, items, farming items, farming style and whatever the customer ask for. I do not have time for open the server, i can offer support if there is any bug inside ( for free ), if the customer want support for adding new things or anything else, it will cost, depend how many hours i will work. I can help setup the server for free. Project contains latest 2018 bug fixes All skills reworked to be similar to L2OFF Same i can say about balance Do not hesitate to ask for test server, you can test the project whenever you want Call your friends and come to play on it and see if you like it or not! :) The project is based on Prestige Source ( my own private project ) Q: Why i consider this my own private project? A: Because everything has been added manually and allmost everything has been reworked by me! PS: Source is suitable for any type of server, even for low rates one.For more info about features contact me on skype. Here you can see a little preview of the project, here are SCREENSHOOTS: https://ibb.co/jx1myS https://ibb.co/nR74k7 https://ibb.co/nxtuk7 https://ibb.co/fkYGyS https://ibb.co/e37yCn https://ibb.co/n4uBXn https://ibb.co/g3nWXn https://ibb.co/k54Zk7 https://ibb.co/ivfUJS https://ibb.co/doQUJS https://ibb.co/dxvksn https://ibb.co/nMxLQ7 https://ibb.co/mp85sn https://ibb.co/db5ksn https://ibb.co/k4Ouk7 https://ibb.co/iYLwyS https://ibb.co/nvZBXn https://ibb.co/jr9OdS https://ibb.co/iUnn57 https://ibb.co/b7e0Q7 https://ibb.co/dVFksn https://ibb.co/bY2LQ7 https://ibb.co/j1LUJS https://ibb.co/jJK0Q7 https://ibb.co/ddrEk7 https://ibb.co/hQtS57 https://ibb.co/fV0wyS https://ibb.co/kdg3dS https://ibb.co/d5wEk7 https://ibb.co/mKX9JS https://ibb.co/fY5757 https://ibb.co/eQB3dS https://ibb.co/gbAJCn https://ibb.co/nfSn57 https://ibb.co/ceNyCn https://ibb.co/cZ90Q7 https://ibb.co/bQUdCn https://ibb.co/icc9JS https://ibb.co/chS9JS https://ibb.co/mznn57 https://ibb.co/dd0UJS https://ibb.co/fi0UJS https://ibb.co/jrmEk7 https://ibb.co/gu4OdS https://ibb.co/hLiGyS https://ibb.co/mLgQsn https://ibb.co/iPmrXn https://ibb.co/cr13dS https://ibb.co/grzBXn https://ibb.co/cW8S57 https://ibb.co/fNfwyS https://ibb.co/j6Hn57 https://ibb.co/mRwQsn https://ibb.co/cZJGyS https://ibb.co/g3PZk7 https://ibb.co/ijUOdS https://ibb.co/hEPpJS https://ibb.co/dtpOdS If you want more detals add me to skype so we can discuss more about it PS: The project will be sold only 1 time Skype: l2developer you will see my name as: Kamex If you have trouble finding me leave me a private message here in maxcheaters forum