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  1. tazerman2

    GR Kara

    malon o enoxos (ton bgazo ego gt goustaro)
  2. very good with this you can make anything window like tuporial or very small for question :) or auto fix size like if html is bigger from 300/400 line
  3. for 10e 33+ page [GR] na ta les ola min kribis pragmata
  4. again melron give a best help thank you very very much +1 from me now topic can locked
  5. i dont know how can make a code like this is hard for me.. any else can help make spawn like distance radius
  6. hello all i need little help with spawn guard my problem is i try make guard spawn like distance radius from center flag but some time's guard is stay in one location or guard no have big distance guard -> guard. so i need make some like this and i need little help my code is this public Npc addSpawn(int npcId, int x, int y, int z, int heading, int RadiusGuard, int RadiusFlag) { try { final NpcTemplate template = NpcTable.getInstance().getTemplate(npcId); if (template == null) return null; final L2Spawn spawn = new L2Spawn(template); //Distance position final int offset = (100 + RadiusGuard + RadiusFlag); final int minRadius = (RadiusFlag + 30); int newX = Rnd.get(minRadius * 2, offset * 2); // x int newY = Rnd.get(newX, offset * 2); // distance newY = (int) Math.sqrt(newY * newY - newX * newX); // y if (newX > offset + minRadius) newX = x + newX - offset; else newX = x - newX + minRadius; if (newY > offset + minRadius) newY = y + newY - offset; else newY = y - newY + minRadius; spawn.setLoc(newX, newY, z + 20, heading); spawn.setRespawnState(true); spawn.setRespawnDelay(35); final Npc npc = spawn.doSpawn(false); //better from Rnd code return npc; } catch (Exception e1) { LOG.warning("Could not spawn Faction Guard Id " + npcId); return null; } }
  7. h5 i think have item for bonus xp maybe you can make a item like retail
  8. afto pou psaxnis xoris protection den ginete dioti an to kaneis kapxi pou mpenoune apo internet cafe p.x. 10 atoma an ta 5 pane na mpoune stin olympiad tha afini mono enan kai tous alous tha leei oti exei idi atomo mesa stin olympiad opote to mono pou mporis na kaneis einai na balis kapio apo protection oste na min bazoune bot gia paradigma na blepei to posi ora einai mesa i ta pvp i tipota alo..
  9. Just i like your hard code html and i try learn more hard about html's for c6 client like use backround cb or another window.. I like your all design
  10. i think good try what you think ?
  11. sorry my fault i need xml's all noStoneZone I searched but i can't find all towns only giran, aden