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  1. he change again ? if not i can help you.
  2. same map like l2mafia without without flags and guard like old gve. i remember old gve with that guard,flags,siege pray and enchant system with pvp and some class have some more skill like titan have dash skill and paladin can move with UD open but have low speed. i remember all from l2 gve old.
  3. maybe have problem with download because i download 20kbps can you upload it in another site tnx.
  4. yea can you solve it free for make it happy and can take donate from your code.... pay a dev for fix your problem.
  5. you can remove and auto potion ? some server have panel with auto potions
  6. i can make you a new check method if you want send me a message
  7. fail. that is wait if player is < 2 in register just can here use a threadpool with check if players is < 2 just check again after (x) time. my option is chage that line.
  8. net.sf.l2j.gameserver.events.tournaments.unrealtournaments line 112 what have here ?
  9. ok so if is same you have disable scripts from config or xml list i can see if you give me id private from anydesk remode
  10. make restart server. if you respawn npc or reload npc is not working script's
  11. poso diskolo einai na mazepsis dld 105e kai meta me na dinis 30e to mina. an to skeftis kala 10e to augment me 3 atoma exeis to mixanima pliromeno 15e pes gia ena site kai pas me copy gia na min pas se polla eksoda - {Simboli einai na min agorasis site apo kapion kalitera kane rip gt den ksereis an tha ta bgalis to site code mazi me design paei sta 100e analoga to site} 30e gia topzone/hopzone/network gia na paris premium kai na eisai sto top new xoris na perimenis 30e gia GGuard protection afta einai ola ta parelkomena pou xriazete kai ta ipolipa einai gia gabanza na exeis ton epomeno mina sto mixanima sou. giafto kalitera monos para me alon ektos an einai gnostos.