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  1. am looking too one know from c++ send me message prive or add skype typerakos tnx.
  2. why pay some protection from the moment the protection breaks ?? just i am looking one make me a hwid with some more check.. that for me is best.
  3. hello all am looking one guy know from dll's and can make me a protection for more info i speak private pay: only paypal skype: typerakos
  4. in new update windows 10 after click button give critical error and you can't open link
  5. 80hours for a balance pvp ? lol i think you need max 3h full for balance
  6. achylek=administrator better is the best guy in mxc
  7. good luck and fix your features have little mistake Stuckalble Bogs = Stuckable Bogs Augmentetion System = Augmentation System Caslte Siege every week = Castle Siege every Week Sustom Starting Zone = Custom Starting Zone - Site VOte Manager = Vote Manager
  8. good luck i hope see after much time one good pvp server
  9. hello all. i am looking one guy change some wings armor part to accessory add me on skype typerakos and tell me a price tnx.
  10. double faction pack features Base L2jLuna private project. Faction team: 2 flags: Yes Guard: yes vote map: yes protection farm: yes anti-heavy = no anti-skill = yes fixed mouvement stuck wall fixed can't attack same faction & same faction pet fixed stuck change map & update same map fixed enchant system with kill's added custom reward top point team added some extra config you see image pray can finish castle or take castle. image here image list prices: 120e pack+source+geo [FACTION FILE] 100% FREE SUPPORT mid/high pack features base L2jFrozen 1004 mix update 1960 version 6 Years work. 1. fixed duplicate item & account login 2. fixed rolling bug in attack mode (if you attack in same time with 20 bot's the server he stuck) 3. fixed gotolove bug in dead mode 4. fixed tvt/ctf event bug not teleport player in start 5. fixed olympiad bug stuck player in town 6. fixed monster return home stuck can't target 7. fixed raidboss stats like official 8. fixed Monster stats & missing skill like official 9. fixed fotress missing npc & walking manager 10. fixed stuck in login (the player after login can't move and need target self for unstuck) 11. fixed missing raidbos in same location. 12. fixed 100k +/- spawnlist mistake maxZ (some mob is down terrain) 13. fixed forge of the gods mobs like off (after kill S.stakato noble he spawn 3 mob more with low change) 14. fixed autoSaveManager lag after clean memory 15. fixed flood protection (is not working 100%) 16. fixed queen ant like off (he has problem with minions he heal all time the boss and you can't kill him) 17. fixed 20 skills monster he do heal in leader - clan (he do heal in your self not in clan - leader) 18. fixed auto buff monster (he is not working like off and for do it he need attack him) 19. fixed some missing html from datapack 20. fixed formula (very very bad formula in balance, stats, damage) 21. fixed siege stuck after start siege (in start siege the guard and pray npc is not spawn) 22. fixed balance class vs class in olympiad and out of olympiad 22. fixed xp/sp big problem from monsters/raidboss/minions 24. fixed quest monster's missing & xp give (in off all quest monster is not give xp after kill him) 25. fixed pleyer can not use so fast item | can not so fast enchant item | can not so fast augment 26. remove captcha bot code. 27. fixed disable skill after use formal wear Some more code in config. 1. added raidboss info in community 2. added .panel with enable disable xp/potions/trade/chat and more. 3. added olympiad settings in gm (you can set validation end & Olympiad end) 4. remove class master & added new class master system with tutorial 5. added auction house like h5 6. added announce enchant system like h5 7. added missing reload poly npc 8. added missing reload zone 9. added CTF,TvT multi map (he change automatical) 10. added mini event every weekend (1vs1, 2vs2, 4vs4, 6vs6, 8vs8, 10vs10, 20vs20, 40vs40, 80vs80) 11. added special droplist html code 12. added donate manager (augment skill's, AIO status 30, 60, 90 days | VIP status 30, 60, 90 days & special stats xp/sp/drop/spoil | change color name & title | Change name) 13. change KillingSpree code with multi add config 14. added screen killer HP/CP with smile text 15. added custom item for take clan hall 16. added custom cansel skill (after a time the buff is return to you) 17. added auto nobless barakiel or another boss 18. added show HP polymorph npc config with Id 19. added custom anti-feed olympiad mode 20. added special messenger in login 21. added special .vote system 22. added stuck ls/scrolls/book's in one item 23. added multi config color name/title in pvp/pk 24. added custom masterPenalty via class Id 25. added custom disable reflect damage to npc 26. added show npc level via type 27. added & change start item player (you use item in config and he use it automatical after login in server) 28. added announce castle lord's | hero | clan leader 29. added auto update price item in shop 30. added custom speak guard in radius (if player is in radius the guard is speaking) (i dont remember all my fix but i am open to all test's i have fix and some in droplist all adena rate min/max like off) new fixed list: 28-12-2016 1) fixed frintezza boss skills crazy stats 2) fixed aio buffer can not go out of town and use skills 3) added skill show time [he show how match need for reuse like 1 minutes, 20 seconds, like hi5] 4) fixed elpy mob non attack and move after player attack him like off 5) fixed quest monster in the cemetery after kill him he teleport to shilien's Messenger Cabrio 6) fixed petition stuck in old chat rework and fix 1. fixed movement stuck monster 2. fixed monster not buff self 3. fixed stuck olympiad after teleport 4. fixed event stuck not teleport 5. fixed some bug from some class.. 6. fixed 20k missing html 7. fixed 12k missing npc skill 8. fixed flood protection 9. fixed bug warehouse 10. fixed missing raidboss 11. fixed mistake stats Raidboss,monster,minions,questmonster... 12. fixed mistake html from some town. 13. fixed fotress not working 14. fixed big lag from mmcore some more fix 1) fixed full movement stuck in tree | rocks | wall 2) fixed doBuff monster not use all time.. 3) change panelDropNpc [you see image in link] 4) Change .panel [you see image in link] 5) change sheme buffer l2jfrozen [you see image in link] 6) added mini event 1vs1 -> 40vs40 7) fixed aio cannnot do buff out of Prices: 50E pack+source+geo [MID RATE FILE] skype: Typerakos for test server add me.