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  1. easy mod but my time is limit for make you this mod :P
  2. you can make this like take enchant rate from config with arraylist like enchant lvl,enchant Rate; * 1,100; 2,85; 3,65; * and make only 1/2 line code so easy..
  3. claw faction is old and i remember.. in my first adapt i find much problem with engine so i take only the base and i fix if again from zero. is the first point this.. my second point i clean engine with connection db and i clean 40/50 line code after all clean's i use something more mods like Owner map, Pray Map and pray for take castle i use faction guard and he move from base faction "noob" to enemy faction "koof" more pvp more fun :) after all i fix reward a big part of problem with rez/kill player like farm adena.. i use a protection with delay from first kill to second kill if a player ki
  4. hi apla thelei ena check an afto pou foraei den einai megalitero kai ison me to config enchant na sto kani :) den thimame an einai etsy >= i etsy => desto esy me to error pou tha sou bgali if (Rnd.get(100) > 50) { L2ItemInstance pvpwep = getInventory().getPaperdollItem(Inventory.PAPERDOLL_RHAND); if(!pvpwep.getEnchantLevel() >= 17) <-- edo bale to config max enchant pvpwep.setEnchantLevel(pvpwep.getEnchantLevel() + 1); sendMessage("Your " + getInventory()
  5. i have create a project faction egine and he take me 2 years for finish it full.. with base on old GvE 2006/2010 and i put some idea from russian GvE server with guard move to enemy base for more fun in pvp enchant system with protection if you kill same player give penalty and more.. but the big work is engine every time in live server i find and one problem :P
  6. hello all i am looking for ACM -> ACC Manager for register/change password something classic for java server if any have and sell it pm skype : typerakos before buy i need test it live tnx.
  7. first of all for make that you want you need use a check, for if any player use it without last class. so my idea is use a check that cloak can only use it with last class like sagittarius. if you do that you can make like <useing kind="118"> <--- last class Id and take stat only that class :)
  8. you use any custom interface ? if yes try with a clean patch or use default interface and test again. if you dont use any custom interface you can find problem from logs you can open logs and find from where you send packet and you close connection for fix your problem.
  9. you can only if you have source file without source you can't do nathing..
  10. this he take the price of item and he make it / 1 so if your weapon cost 1.000.000 you sell it 500.000
  11. i think need one more file change for show price 0 adena i dont have your project for check i think you can share this and you find all point use price adena * item.getReferencePrice() / 2 *
  12. make post in pastebin selllist.java and requestsellitem.java for fix that you need
  13. have this in SellList.java writeQ(item.getItem().getReferencePrice() / 2); change it writeQ(1);
  14. !activeChar.isInsideZone() --> ! <-- activeChar.isInsideZone(mplampla) <---- this is for player is not inside zone and if player is in zone town/peace cant open cb without --> ! <-- this he check if player is in zone town/peace he can open it only out of that zones
  15. i dont remember if acis have any config like l2jfrozen with sell price in town's....