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  1. Hey, i wanted to ask about 2 problems 1) when i try to import staticmeshes or textures using .bat script "umodel -export -all <filename>" it instantly closes the window and no textures/meshes are imported. i tried following the tutorial with adding effects to the npc and i'm having problems in that part 2) my umodel often says that the file is probably read-only, is there something i can do with that? i checked the file etc. thanks for help in advance
  2. Okay thanks a lot, i'm already studying html and i just wanted to see if there is something like that:)
  3. As the title says, i'm looking for a HTML editor. Does anyone have it? I would be glad hah
  4. looks great, is there only client side or server side as well?
  5. Hello, is it possible to insert unicode symbols into chat/title? I saw a guy who had some special symbols in title. I could only insert § without any problems on chat, but when i set it on title, it was not seen. I tried copying it manually but it didn't work, changing language also didn't solve my problem. Thanks in advance.