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  1. i didnt even though about it :P ,i will try and tag you here if i cant or stacked :)
  2. Hello , i recently added a code to protect newbies from attack of other players,depends at level difference of players. "player is getting skill(anchor)" when hit player with 10+ level difference. but this is based on "TARGET" and player is also paralyzed when they use buff to other player with 10level difference. I want to allow buffs to other players no matter the level difference . code: i could add restriction skill ids but i think is simplier way than add every skill id :/ . L2jfrozen last rev Thanks in advance!
  3. just take the ids and add your own stats based on S-Grade weapons .
  4. he share a good votesystem for free,maybe its best free votesystem.At least we have to help him with bugs we found.He is part of the staff at l2.TGS.net ,he must aware of this bug .
  5. Hello .1st of all nice share, but i found a bug ~> https://imgur.com/CN4Avdb. When you vote in l2.topgameserver.net it gives you cooldown 9:30h ~> after those 9:30h you can just press multi times and as many you want on "Get Reward"button and receive reward every time you press that button. At least that happened to me. rev: L2jfrozen 1132 java8 EDIT: Even after restarting the server you can still press the button and receive reward ,multi times!
  6. dude you NOT even search for these npc's that are sooooo easy to find . the guide how to add em is simple: when you download the npc patch ,you will find inside ~> client files and server files: Client files~> copy client files of npc patch to: lineage2 client into client patch you will find ~>system/npcgrp.txt and >system/npcname.txt l2fileedit~>npcgrp.dat~>add the line(s) that are in files of npc as npcgrp.txt l2fileedit~>npcname.dat~>add the line(s) that are in files of npc as npcnametxt server files~> data/xml~>customnpc~>a
  7. No need :D .. I found it . interface.x.dat ~>loginwnd . FIXED no need ,fixed
  8. i check with utx view and isnt in there :/ i think is in lobby.urn but with l2smr i cannot find the exact location :/
  9. Good evening, where and how can i change/delete this ? https://imgur.com/hSS8beE Thanks in Advance!
  10. i had already updated to java 8 .i just borring to update again( also i believe l2jfrozen db will have lag issues after java8)
  11. if it requires above java 8 ,i will not try xd (borring to update java again,l2jfrozen uses java 6-7 XDXDXD)