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  1. hello,any help is welcome ,you can also post right here and i will update topic . I had uploaded the system with dsetup .
  2. if(Config.ENABLE_PVP_FEATURES && isInsideZone(ZoneId.CUSTOMPVP) ) { pvpReward(); }
  3. i dont know what else to think, i need to fix females collisions(height and radius) , i find other packs to search for fix but without success :/ . i am struggling 1week with this s**t
  4. radius was fine , males and females have so small difference in radius, even change 7 with 10 will be totally fine actually isnt fixed.. it reversed ,now m_col_h isnt work :/
  5. the i see that ,but other races females are totally fine
  6. hello i have a problem with elf's height.. Elf females are flying Heights are corrects into database, but when i change the F_COL_H ,females height doesnt change at all as it should be. When i change M_COL_H change both height (males,females) and females are not flying but males boots are inside ground(i hope u understand) photos of navicat(elf fighter class is in the circle), male and female elf fighter ~> https://imgur.com/a/xnhjz6P java~> charTemplateTable any help how to fix ?:/ EDIT: Does anyone know how to get method : getSex apperiance so i can change the code to : if(sex==0) { set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("m_col_r")); set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("m_col_h")); } else { set.set("collision_radius", rset.getDouble("f_col_r")); set.set("collision_height", rset.getDouble("f_col_h")); }
  7. i believe that you insert a code into attack method and do it wrong and caused this. as example: crazy stats event
  8. if it happens in tournament then it can happend also in any situation
  9. ok ,if is that you understand ok. i can't find another way to explain.
  10. You have to understand that i do it to HELP & not to harm, noone shares for l2jfrozen , if you can do it go a-head and i will wait for your fixed code. Mate i just adapt the code ,that's all see my main topic post~> NOT TESTED for online server + if someone find code incomplete help to improve. All i saying is that you could help .
  11. i just adapt the code, also as you see i didnt even knew it required client part . and i upload the system of the pack i adapt the code. so i have nothing to do with viruses or miner. i think is better to help to improve instead of diss :/
  12. why this will never work ? as you see in my main post , i wrote: if someone see that the code is incomplete , help to fix is welcome. so if you know why isn't going to work , tell me to fix it :/ instead call for lock :lol
  13. to be honest ,i dont know which files are .. As i said i took the code from an Acis pack and system as well. If someone know please enlighten us
  14. Thanks for sharing !!! ( no more reaction today :D )
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