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  1. so , you have to find the code to do that work. here is the npc u want to : http://www.mediafire.com/?nse5uj8n1tk61b4 go to script ~> _init_.py open and edit these as you want ~> REQUESTED_ITEM=9560 REQUESTED_AMOUNT=10 for example: this is the retail : if you want 25 gb change : REQUESTED_ITEM=6522 REQUESTED_AMOUNT=25
  2. how u have these files if you dont have the code/script ? :/
  3. you have to paste your code/script(_init) not the html
  4. Good evening , well i just finish the adaption of HWID code from Acis to Frozen & as it doesn't shared yet, here we are! (i haven't test it for Online server, so make sure you test it before you run your server) Credits: I dont know , maybe Tryskell. https://pastebin.com/k8pmgan7 Help to improve this code is welcome! Edit system: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x3kbxnhcd7hcqa6/system.zip/file
  5. first of all do it correctly: u have normal scrolls and blessed max to : 30 so ~> # Max enchant Settings by scrolls. EnchantWeaponMax=30 EnchantArmorMax=30 EnchantJewelryMax=30 second of: add these to crystal(just in case) third of: go to config/protected/other.properties find this~> # On / off protection from re-enchant # The GMs do not apply # If a player log with an item Over enchanted he will be banned. # IMPORTANT: Put True for server security. ProtectorEnchant = False and if this is
  6. Good morning. Well this is a custom cursor i created & would like to share it. I hope u like it. Images: https://imgur.com/a/QbgIfya File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j09khzn6dqp9n8u/LineageEffectsTextures.utx/file *Replace into your systextures*.
  7. thank you ! no its fine i will create the client side !
  8. Hello Folks. Here is a code for items that bestow augment skills by double click. Code is for L2jfrozen but is very easy to adapt everywhere. Credits: Gabrieljdb. + Some Features and fixed from Yo_Sarada and me. Java Part: Client Part: Sql Query:
  9. isn't exactly what i had in my mind but ye, it can do the work i want for . thanks <3
  10. Good morning, i am searching for: Augment icons(retail like) which they have the skill icon inside them . i hope you understand. Something like this: https://imgur.com/a/hIz5lce But with background of retail augment icon & at the small icon the skill