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  1. PLR1 = Player 1 is a friend of mine and had a dispute going on in PayPal against L2Mid's GM SkyLord. My friend left L2Mid server and I (PLR2 = Player 2) logged in his 2 accounts to check if there was any items worth I could ask him for. Moments later I logged off and logged in on my own accounts (3 boxes) and started playing. Then I got moved to jail with one of my characters and GM SkyLord started the conversation shown in screenshot below. https://i.imgur.com/0X0fotK.jpg After the discussion was over, he moved my other 2 characters to jail, disconnected me (to prevent me from taking screenshots, but luckily I took it while we were chatting) and left my characters in jail until now. He says he has proof of us both having the same IP (which he doesn't, because I live in Brazil and my friend lives in United Kingdom), but you can notice by yourself many contradictions in his words: 1. He's pming me asking for my friend, so he KNOWS we are not the same player. 2. After telling I just logged in his accounts but we don't share the same IP, he says he's sorry but that I need to contact him (my friend) and tell him to close dispute. 3. "All accounts will be blocked", "Sorry I need to protect myself" and "I can't help you sorry" is another proof that he knows we are not the same, but he has to do something to hurt my friend (PLR1 = Player 1). 4. Finally SkyLord admits that if HE (my friend) doesn't close PayPal dispute I will be banned. Ps. I just censored our nicknames for privacy but I don't mind revealing it if anybody wants to see, because we did nothing wrong after all. I also have all the original unedited screenshots in case someone doubts it. TL;DR Because of a PayPal dispute with my friend regarding donations, GM SkyLord from L2Mid decided to BAN ME to somehow hurt my friend. I've never donated to L2Mid and had NOTHING to do with their PayPal dispute. So think twice before playing there, kids. It could happen to you. I personally will never be setting foot in L2Mid ever again. Bye!