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  1. Offering gold on Pyrewood Village EU HORDE Why me? 1. Trusted seller; I am a guy you can rely on. You can trust me, I am an old user; 2. Cheapest & stable prices according to all gold sellers all over the server; 3. Awesome mood after purchase & humanistic attitude to people; 4. Discounts for big deals; 5. Handmade gold; Stock and Price Stock: 30g Prices: 1 USD = gold Discounts: Get more, pay less. Payment methods √ PayPal √ QIWI √ Webmoney (WMZ/WMR/WME)
  2. Can sell you adena on Giran, write me in skype. Thanks.
  3. Hey Trusted seller Lineage2com NA Classic Talking Island / Aden good discounts for big amounts paypal/qiwi/webmoney pm here or drop a message in skype
  4. Hello. Willing to sell donation coins. I am trusted seller (check my previous topics). L2Metal: 20 coins = 5 euro Payments: Paypal, Webmoney Skype: chiswroomjke or PM. (use skype button in my sign to add me direcly).
  5. Hello. Willing to sell adenka or items(later) on L2Red (Opened 10th of March). I am trusted seller, many people know me :) Prices 1kk = 2,5 euro. Big amounts under negotiation. Selling last amount! Payments: Paypal, Webmoney, QIWI. Skype: adenadepot or PM.
  6. I also would not recommend to buy this kind of bypass. Since it easily can be fixed by SmartGuard team, so basicly you will pay big money for almost nothing.
  7. Who ever wanted to know about such prices of the L2Adrenalin bot, I will explain: - You get official troubleshooting right after you purchase the key; - You get official access to scripting repository with everything we have for free (advanced scripts does not count); - You get official scripting help from KRN if you didnt understand something in scripting; - You get official support in setting up the options in the interface of the bot; - You get official delivery of fixes for your servers as soon as possible; And the last is - you get official working key & version of the bot
  8. Hello to all guys who bought keys from Makintosh ever. This seller turned out to be a scammer :) Thus, all keys that he sold will be banned (some of them already are banned). My advice is to recall all money that you ever sent to this guy. Thanks :) And please, trust and buy only from official community. http://lineage2bot.com
  9. If still interested, http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/205618-wts-adena-l2destiny-hf-x50-trusted-seller/