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  1. Far less but those who remain are old and willing to spend money on it :D
  2. Ppl started saying that L2 is dead 5 years ago but they are still paying for items and they are paying well. So i guess situation is still the same. Any new bot protections on the market or smartguard is still 1st and there are not many big changes? Yes I was selling only on free mid/low rates. Nobody buying items on pvps. I mean I should have said I am planning on botting and selling again rather than playing :D. I "played" like a regular player 7 years ago.
  3. Hello guys, I am thinking of coming back into the L2 scene. I was 1 year off Lineage 2 and recently having some free time so i was thinking. Can anybody explain me current l2 scene situation? Talking about free servers (L2 lionna admins servers). Last server I was playing at was l2 zaken, does those servers still work and people playing it and eventually donating? :D How about the bot protection on these free servers is it still the same or something changed and now you simply cant use adrenaline on those servers? Would appreciate and help from you. Thanks
  4. Hi I am looking for good NEW server midrate (lionna like) or lowrate (rpg like). Only for fun and not selling. Server must be max few days old. I know that on 7th dragon starts but I dont like to wait :P.
  5. Looks very good I will join for fun after long time lol. But I am afraid that server only portugal people :/. Anyone joining with meh?
  6. Ok great I am only getting bored of people who do not know what they are talking about and they did not purchased or tried any of my services and telling rumors without proofs. Thx
  7. Yes i am creating mine proxies as i say in topic on legit subnets which have not been abused before. If you did not tried anything and you know shit about instagram botting. Stay calm and if you are that smart go and create your proxies and do not cry when you are getting blocks. I burned a lot of money in testing proxies :). And do not reply this is a selling topic complain somewhere else lol
  8. I am offering working private static proxies (ipv4) for mainly instagram but working with any other social media! Those are working with fresh account without any action blocks! Tested 70 accounts within 2 months! 1 proxy can handle 4 ig accs without problem i have not tested more! Proxy location is europe! I tried all proxy providers available including highproxies, storm, sslprivate, buyproxies etc. none of them worked for me so i decided to start creating mine which are working like a charm. Keep in mind those are freshly unused proxies. Subnets are not flagged an
  9. You can delete spoof the packet - all protections know this and its not possible to replace anymore :P
  10. WTS L2 ELIXIR ADENA/DC/ITEMS ADENA 10KK = 4 EURO 1X DC = 0,2 EURO Any item or i can enchant items +6-8 later more. Skype: adena.depot1
  11. if vercetti back in the game they are done
  12. I have a experience with gm of this servers too he is obessed with adenaseller which is not bad he invested in his server. But he is selling adena himself since first l2era server. One thing i see is that every server he open after 1-2 weeks he starts to make a deal with some adenaseller or he is selling adena himself under some new sellers nickname. I wouldn't be suprised if sites adena.zone and 17kgold.com is actually him. Reviews are bought skype is weird and he is shouting for 2 hours straight wo problems ingame. Thats not possible for normal seller gm is online 24/7 or they have autodetec