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  1. Is this really a thing? I thought it was just a troll pic someone made from his own server with his Gm character.
  2. I N T E R E S T I NG. All I can say. If I had time I would join for sure. I'll log in on the beta though. Good luck!
  3. I would be so happy if that was the problem but sadly it isn't. It's the correct ip.
  4. If the issue is from my router(s) I must be really unlucky then for having 2 of them. This issue is troubling me for about 2 weeks and I can't find any other problem, so it might really be from the routers.
  5. Hello, I tried making my server online so my friends and I can play but I think I have an issue with my ports. I open my ports from my router settings and noone can login except me. They can't even pass the login screen. I followed every guide I found, dissabled firewalls etc etc, I even set up a second router and I got the same issues. The ports I opened were 7777,9014,2106. I called my internet provider and they told me that it's not their concern when a customer wants to forward ports other than the ones they already forwarded in the pre-configuration of the router and that it's most likely
  6. Ok solved. I had to add the main html of the npc in "data/html/default". Thanks again Tryskell.
  7. I found a shared npc on this forum, succeeded to adapt it for aCis 382, compiled correctly. When I spawn the npc with the correct npc type, I get the message "I have nothing to say to you". I tried adding the html files in different folders to see if I got the directory messed up or something. But thats not the issue cause even without any html I get the same message. Does anyone know what causes this? Thanks.
  8. Solved the issue. Apprarenlty I forgot a NPC I was trying to make. Deleted Class from eclipse but not the NPC in the XML, so it had "wrong" type so long. Thanks everyone. Newbie mistake I guess.
  9. That's what I'm thinking but last stuff I edited was itemhandler for hero coin etc, I didn't edit any spawn related class.
  10. I use //spawn command. I already have custom npcs spawned into the game which are saved after restarting. For some reason, no npc is saved from now on, even if I spawn existing in-game Npcs like Clarissa(30080).
  11. Can't find such a setting in any config in the pack I use.
  12. As mentioned in the title, I lose Npcs after restarting the server from the admins panel. The problem is, I never had this issue before. Also it's not for certain Npc, it's for all Npc. What i mean is, all the Npc I spawned before I started getting this issue are still in place. Whatever I spawn now is gone after restarting. It's like I exceeded the limit of spawns. Tried searching here but nothing was applicable for me (even though others had this issue). Is there anyone who had this issue or anyone who knows how to solve this? Thanks in advance. (aCis 382)
  13. Thanks, works. You can lock it. Here's the final code if anyone's interested. https://pastebin.com/rGk1WPy7
  14. When I do that I get as possible fix " Create useItem()'in super type IItemHandler' " on that line of the code. If I make that fix I get errors on all other classes of ItemHandlers.