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  1. 🎬Video made by a player: https://youtu.be/BOL-XTjXQY4 A magic and power of our server :)
  2. Yes, server is live. Welcome. https://isekai-club.com Very well prepared server invite all to New Fresh game. If you are not happy of playing on your server and you think there is p2w or cash grab, join us, there is much fun and good atmosphere. We don't have such things like p2w and cash grab either. We respect all players. We rise up every day. You can be a part of a good game. Enjoy it fully.
  3. 📽Promo Video: https://youtu.be/IyMaG5g_jp0 📽PvP Promo Video: https://youtu.be/6SB9l7Uk6vo No cash grab server welcomes everyone.
  4. Spanish / English / Russian Nuevos desafíos, RB fuerte, muchas cosas por hacer, servidor con perspectiva durante años, hecho con pasión y compromiso. Ayuda a otros en la batalla por artículos de grado A o crea tu propio clan y arrebata todo de las manos del enemigo. El equipo de trabajo duro te invita al mejor proyecto a largo plazo. No te lo pierdas Equipo Isekai ==================== New challenges, strong RB, a lot of things to do, server with a perspective for years, made with passion and commitment. Help others in the batt
  5. 🌐https://isekai-club.com/ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦https://discord.com/invite/g3sRYeh 📽Video: ✅NoAdvantage [ x3 ] Improved Classic 2.0 Substack 1+1 same race ➡️ LIVE ON-LINE 3 months! • Revamped old & brand New Skills. • Base stats distribution system. • No cash grab, No p2w, No GM shop, No GM buffer. • Improved Buff Scrolls. • Offline Shops. • IG Drop calculator. • Max Enchant +8 (success rate 33%). • Max level 80. • Olympiad in C grade items (non-enchanted). • Free substack at level 40. • Scrolls of mana. • Pendants to diversificate classes. • Stats distributi
  6. Update stage 2 is comming soon. Watch our new promo video. Thank you.
  7. The real fight for A-grade items has begun. The update was implemented two days ago. Join the best long term project with perfect files. Many things can be done if someone cares about the development of the server and own development, not easy earning of money from people. Crying and complaining all the time will not bring entertainment, especially listening to people who do not know the game in 1%. Professionals invite you to the world of magic in a modern edition of the well-known game from 2003. Let our creation and innovation absorb you to the rest. Try
  8. https://isekai-club.com https://discord.com/invite/g3sRYeh
  9. Big Update will be implemented step by step in accordance with the map of update. Check out the news: https://isekai-club.com/#timeline1-11y
  10. 🏰"To help the new clan" Contest We know how hard it is to bring new people to the server, so we decided to help the clans by organizing a small Contest. 🔨Terms and conditions: • Bring friends and create a clan of at least 30 people. • Clan will receive our support in the form of a reward. • If the clan exceeds 30 active players (does not apply to dualboxes), leader and clan members receive support from us. 🆘️Starter pack for new clans: • Level 3 clan & crp for skills. • Premium account of 1 month for every clan member. • 50kk for the development of t
  11. Note patch is available to your review on our website (in News) Https://Isekai-club.com
  12. Goblin Slayer Event https://youtu.be/_-f7cKWzq2o
  13. https://discord.gg/g3sRYeh https://isekai-club.com