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  1. Big Update will be implemented step by step in accordance with the map of update. Check out the news: https://isekai-club.com/#timeline1-11y
  2. 🏰"To help the new clan" Contest We know how hard it is to bring new people to the server, so we decided to help the clans by organizing a small Contest. 🔨Terms and conditions: • Bring friends and create a clan of at least 30 people. • Clan will receive our support in the form of a reward. • If the clan exceeds 30 active players (does not apply to dualboxes), leader and clan members receive support from us. 🆘️Starter pack for new clans: • Level 3 clan & crp for skills. • Premium account of 1 month for every clan member. • 50kk for the development of t
  3. Note patch is available to your review on our website (in News) Https://Isekai-club.com
  4. Goblin Slayer Event https://youtu.be/_-f7cKWzq2o
  5. https://discord.gg/g3sRYeh https://isekai-club.com
  6. https://isekai-club.com https://discord.gg/g3sRYeh
  7. After 1 year (or when most of population reach maximum level. The 2nd stage will be unlocked with max level: 51 (C-grade) P.S. Live Opening this Friday (29.01.2021) 18:00 GMT+1 - get ready Fan-made Video https://isekai-club.com/page11.html 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 https://discord.com/invite/g3sRYeh
  8. Group Video in Giran Verfa lv.51 - All vs 1 Event Hidden Criminal - Part 1 - Baurin lv.49
  9. x1? who the hell likes high rates 😁 belive me this will be real fun. Real long term project. Dedicated server is paid for 5 years ahead. We don't really need donations so there will be no p2w. There will be only one thing from donation premium account (exp x0.02) for 5e/30.days. Smart guard and 4 active GM team to hunt bots everyday manualy. There will be no mercy for dualboxes and bots. Castle Sieges/Clan Halls/Clan system adjusted for low levels. 9 clan leaders already declared to bring their clans. But we are w8ing and counting for m
  10. Where else you can prove your skills in pvp than on low levels with well known basic skills and wearing D grade? Even carebears will be able to pvp, because there will be no exp loss upon death and also there will be free noblesse buff w/o need of spirit ores. Cool thing is that this is not bad looking C1..C2 or C4 or Interlude. This is classic, so there is cool interface, overall better-looking game and for sure better skill mechanics. Imagine the battle for QA as end-game boss... and struggling to kill low level Raids with poor equipment and limited consumables.