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  1. I found my own answer 😆
  2. Exactly how fucking stupid you think we are? Same day Centos fails you post this advertisement. https://l2centos.net/features.php not same my ass...
  3. This is the Centos Server that failed today with new name? Your info is exact same as Centos webpage.
  4. Players go to these fake servers so phantom bots in towns must be successful...
  5. You ever notice that almost all your posts are negative? I agree with some, but you don't have to be a dick 99%. And your profile link: l2aepvp.net = 403 Forbidden
  6. Thanks Rootware, your information is always the best. Thank you sir. If I need some customs I will contact you. You are tops!
  7. These: https://prnt.sc/ycdpfs https://prnt.sc/yce5g5 Not These: https://prnt.sc/yceo8i https://prnt.sc/yceqwb
  8. Finally an answer.. thank you guys so much.. sounds like Active Anti Cheat is good.
  9. Can you bot on servers with Active Anti cheat?
  10. Someone have icon id for Imperial Warlord Zombie and Nephilim Shields?
  11. yes, so surprising to find cheaters .. on max"cheaters" 😄
  12. 1. LF Developer to add customs to L2j interlude server 2. Buy files L2Escape/E-Global use for their servers 3. Edit H5 files to make like Interlude+hellbound
  13. What files do L2Escape and E-Global use? .. they use same pack.. I want pack and pay to add customs
  14. Looking for developer to add .dressme(skin shop like E-Global) and pet manager to evolve wolf/baby pets/lion from H5 to L2j interlude.