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  1. Dear L2Elmorer's! In the next couple hours our BETA Server will be Online for Public! Feel free to login and check out our features! The server is as well as possible prepared! We have tons of new features comparing to other servers and we are sure you will love our gameplay style! We will be really happy to see you on our BETA Testing Enviroment to check out our server together! Some Quick Links: - Create your Account: https://l2elmore.com/index.php?page=acp - Download Client & Patch: https://l2elmore.com/index.php?page=downloads Peace!
  2. Since you coming in our topic for posting i think you care 🙂
  3. 12 Days left! Get your free VIP Account : https://www.facebook.com/l2elmorestyle/photos/a.1019423651570596/1769676676545286/
  4. @SkyLord Dear Skylord, We understand your frustation about the similarities but we want to point out some things too. First of all, we are not same server like the ones which you mentioned. By accusing every newcomer multi-craft server out there you won't achieve anything. Second, our servers are same up to some level but because we both follow the general Multi-Craft Style which first introduced by russian servers. Anyone can confirm that by opening the files from your patch, you can find inside 10 different server names! (For god shake, please rename them! It's a pity to
  5. https://l2elmore.com/ New Interlude Craft-PvP Server! SERVER RATES - EXP/SP/DROP/SPOIL/SEAL STONES & EPICS Exp/SP: x50 Adena: x10 Drop: x10 Spoil: x15 Seal Stones: x15