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  1. Hey guys, I am looking for someone with some experience in L2OFF - AI.obj. I would like to fix one pre-existed quest on Advext INT Pack. It is a easy quest, have already the HTMLs for it, the person just need to write the code. Everything's gonna be paid of course. Just send me a message with your contact information or of you are interested. Forgot to mention, the quest is Kamael: A window to the Future. If someone has it already fixed, I would like to buy it. Cheers ! Thank you! Have a nice weekend!
  2. I think to keep a server alive you need just few houndreds...come on ! I'm coming with a new initiative, with some new ideas. Right now I just want to see some opinions, some suggestions. Let's say that a have a good budget, good files of Interlude and Gracia Final and I would like to make a Interlude server between 5-15x, retail, only some quests drop rate changes and that's it. You would join ? I really want a server that players to choose between all the classes. Long time ago a step back was mana drugs, it's a huge extra plus for magicians. After that, they added buffer npc with l
  3. I appreciate your comment. Brand-name doesn't mean quality, sometimes is about quantity... Lineage 2 was my hobby long time ago, I remember Dex, Wrath, Arion, Hydra and so on. I came back to play Lineage 2 and surprise, I cannot find a retail server and an idea came in my mind. I'm curious to see if players still love retail servers, is 2017, yea, people are getting lazy to farm on a old game but some people, I think, that they will play. That's why I made this poll. The main idea is that I would like to make a fully retail-like server, something like 'going in Giran and only normal NPCs',
  4. I would like to know if you will want to play on a Interlude mid rate server, retail, with no changes in game and without dontaions. Of course, well advertisied.