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  1. up need 100KK ! im online 5 USD per 1kk ill be your loyal costumer till level cap!
  2. Hello! im looking for adena in Giran server classic, Looking around 100kk for 5$ USD. Will need references before buying the adena. Please do PM me im online and currently looking for adena! thank you!
  3. Looking for Eminence bow for 350$ USD from reputable sellers only! im online now!
  4. the only reason i didn't buy from you is because you gave me an attitude right from the start sir. If an admin would like a copy of our conversation right from the start ill be happy to provide it. I don't think you and the sellers that i bought from have the same opinion as yours. Hope you learn how to treat your "potential" costumers in the future knowing you want to sell your stuff. And yeah its normal for people to ask first when they want to buy something. Its called canvasing. And don't force people to buy your from you just because a costumer asked something what you have. Learn to move on if the costumer didn't get back to you its normal. Remember you have competition for selling adena and stuff here on this forum so the least you can do is treat potential costumers with respect who knows maybe he'll buy from you in the future. :)
  5. bought from BOMB again! still looking for eminence bow!
  6. Looking for seller online now. Need around 15kk-20kk adena 20$USD per KK. i need references for you as a seller i have references too as a buyer bought alot of adena and item from reputable sellers in this group (maxcheaters.com). if you can't prove that i can trust you, sorry hope you undestand im not pushing thru with deal. thanks all!
  7. If you accept middleman for your bow im interested. Middle man has a very good reputation here in maxcheaters. And i have references as a buyer. Thanks
  8. Hello! looking for adena in Classic Giran Server. Will only buy from Sellers who are known or have references looking around 12kk! looking around the price of 1kk - 40 USD also looking for eminence bow! Had earlier deals from BOMB and E-itemz! Thank you!
  9. Interested in taking the 12kk in giran server. Do you have references? Thank you!
  10. already bought from BOMB and e-itemz! legit sellers! thank you!