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  1. this is L2Centos that failed 4 days ago and he's reopening with different name. don't join
  2. let's gogogo opening day! 7 hours left
  3. Really nice server. I am waiting for the opening
  4. really good server. I am playing since day 1. if you are looking for a long term x1 retail international server with daily growing community. this is your place to be, give it a try
  5. Well constructed server. Waiting for the opening
  6. promising project. definitely will join
  7. Is this a polish server or international? What's the point to make it for Polish people only and neglect all the other countries? The forum - events are in polish also. So don't advertise the server in english. Make a full international server if you want non-polish people to join.
  8. Discord server is dead without any responses from the admin. That's a bad handling by the admin not discussing with the community. And the server has not any forum also. This is bad
  9. Good luck really. I hope there are many online because this seems like a good project
  10. Everyone should join the server. don't miss this gem. Best admin ever
  11. GIRAN SERVER Spellsinger: 51 LVL 999K KARMA Dyes: +4 WIT - 5 MEN ---> +4 INT -5 MEN ---> +4 CON -5 STR ALL SKILLS VIP 1 Manually leveled char 100% clean I can provide pictures of the char. Contact me for any information. Skype ----> giorgos97@gmail.com
  12. ONLY SPELLHOWLER 57LVL LEFT FOR SALE Contact me for pictures-price: Skype ---> giorgos97@gmail.com