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  1. Hello, I am selling legit l2remorse classic 2.8 source files. The files work properly with classic client since its developed for that. Disadvantages******** The files are not ready for live server. Some skills missing There are some bugs And you must investigate the source for backdoor. I will sell the source 800 EURO to only 1 buyer, im not interesting to do anything with those files (resell or use them in the future) i just want the money that i lost by providing my services to L2Remorse server and never get payed of. The files worth 1.300 + EURO. TERMS********* I will sell those files to someone that have knowledge because i will not provide any support and to someone that is not willing to resell them. Payment can be done with a middleman or pay infront 70%. Drop me a pm if you really interesting.
  2. Thanks for your time writing this, Well i wont try to prove that he didnt payed me for my services since everything was under the table. I will make a report about his illegal company and his illegal transactions i have all the necessary data / informations in order to do that, i wont request something from him i just want to damage him. About the server, i never had any intention to work for l2, i have IRL job and i have my own customers that im working for. I worked for Fabio because we were "friends" while i knew him as KmR, while he told me everything about who is he and what he is doing i just provided to him my abilities just because he was my friend (rolf).
  3. @iOllie Also (Ollie did nothing, just cry for money) rolf. Meanwhile on June (06/06) only until then my job worth minimum 800 based on what Remorse says. But while the payday comes, 3 months later "i did nothing" *Edit Yes i did nothing, thats why i had access to everything.
  4. I can verify all the above that Ollie mentioned. Ollie was lucky because he realized earlier than me that his guy dont have any intention to pay since he left after the first project. Anyway personally im not willing to stop with those posts about who is he and what is he doing. I already spoke with a Spanish friend and since i have all Fabio email adresses / ips / datas / vat numbers / addresses etc. we will make a report about his connection with digital scam on Lexus Espana (Valencia) where he is / was working and later on the Spanish government. This is what happens when you are not paying your bills.
  5. Who is Remorse ... what is this game and what is happening behind the scenes . https://youtu.be/z9hSSu6Erl0 *edit Im suggesting you to stop being a part of this cancer game. Have fun
  6. Hello everyone! To be honest i am very dissapointed to be in this position because i worked hard "hidden in the shadows" to improve L2Remorse brand. Some players may know me from the previous L2Remorse since i had an extra role to provide general discord support as DevAth Moderator. This is a followup topic of my report: Since 23/05/2019 i provided my knowledge and my time under L2Remorse admin but didnt received my payment (return of investment) ever since the project went fine and admin made thousands euros. I know that it doesnt matter anymore and i should not spent even some minutes to write this article but since i already invested my time without getting any reward some more minutes wont hurt me. So, who is L2Remorse Admin? - L2Remorse admin is Fabio (aka KMR), he was a player for some years. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3pt36O_4hmDdo6ACSCCABQ - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFlbco2aD7Qtc7AxHSgTddw - He started L2OFF (Interlude) Remorse and fooled many players, he was playing his own server (actually he was a clan leader of the Icarus clan) under the name of KmR and as result as you can understand there was full corruption and he was giving lot of items that he was "farming" to his clan friends and they become the best clan (rolf). After that players found that something is wrong and they start complaining about some weird situations that was happening ingame, the enemies couldnt die.. they was overgeared (true story) they even record a dagger that couldnt die etc. Well eventually Fabio closed the server because we received the money that he wanted in order to open his next one (less than 1 month). - He started L2J classic server with l2j scripts source. Ofcourse he was playing as well and there was corruption but as bonus he proposed me to develop an RMT website for L2Remorse in order to get more money. You can see the WTS post by me (because players didnt knew who i was until then) *ofc it was deleted while server closed And the story goes on. The fun fact is that he was blaming L2Lionna admins for being corrupted (thats why he had a decent amount of players) but he was the same with the rest. But players just didnt knew it. Some things that he told me while we was working together (i also have those things recorded). 1. He is AdvExt company owner, yes the L2OFF files company. 2. L2Remorse Interlude was just a sample to improve the antibot protection that he was getting bonus of adrenaline. 2. He have partnership with Adrenaline and he get bonus for each bot play in his server. 4. As he claimed he own the Valhalla servers. Ofcourse those are things that i cant confirm, he just told me those things and he saw me some of the transactions that he had with the representer of those companies. *Those things can be fairytail as well, this guy is a pro lier since he fooled his players, his friends, his clan mates and even his partners. Next time pay your bills. https://ibb.co/89XGPVH https://ibb.co/FgLDBBP I may update this in the future. Enjoy reading
  7. Hello, thanks for your reply. Well he blocked me from everywhere so i guess he dont have any intention to make a payment at all also im not the only one that this guy owns money but i dont want to name the other partners without their approval.
  8. I gave him many options, he didnt want to make any payment at all. I will wait silently for 1-2 days. After that i will provide to public many things, recordings and video calls that i saved just to have a backup.
  9. Yes because we was a whole team, i was not alone, but guess what, he own to the whole team. Im not the alone that get scammed. Many people that invested money never took returns and lost all the money.
  10. His first reaction to this post is to ban me from his discord server and not get exposed. Lets see where this will go.
  11. Hello, Sadly im here today to report L2Remorse admin that we was working since 23/05/2019. I was playing on his first L2 Interlude Remorse server and on May 2019 Fabio (aka Remorse admin) came to me and ask me to work for him, after many thoughts i decide to work under him and provide him my knowledge and my time. The services that i provided him from 23/05/2019 until 15/09/2019. 1. Change PHP things on 1st interlude website. 2. Help you with SQL queries and many more things on the L2OFF interlude server. 3. I started the design of his interlude 3d website (dyno). 4. Started the new classic project. 5. Help him setup the source on his computer. 6. Develop the whole 3d website of first classic project website. 7. Transfer the whole website from the dedicated server to web server. 8. Finish the development of the first remorse classic website. 9. Change the whole forum design (images / buttons etc.). 10. Change the whole control panel index page (that for some reason he or the panel developer ruined later) 11. Help him transfer and make the source work on the new laptop that he had as testserver. 12. Help him on the front-end and source configuration. 13. Made the community board. 14. Made all the community boards multisells + custom community board items. 15. Update again the control panel index and change some things that you wanted inside. 16. Update the whole 1st version website to the newest 2nd version. So when the success of the project came and he earned thousands euros i asked him I asked him 800 for the previous projects that i worked for (Interlude before closing & 1st classic) plus 300 euro for 2nd classic. A total of 1.100€. When i told him about my price he told me that my services dont worth and im expensive with an argument that he payed his source developer 1.500USD for for 720hours of coding. Anyway he was just a cheap businessman and i understand his intentions that he is not willing to pay even 1 euro so i told him from the total of 1.100€ to proceed with 600€ payment. He told me OK but wait a bit because my paypal account is blocked and i cant transfer money. So im spamming him every week since 19/09 and he is telling me wait and wait and wait (like its my fault of his paypal is blocked). Im feeling sad for this post because i worked with guy for so long and we spent lot of hours speaking each other by call. He even invited him to his house in Spain. But sadly here we go again. If he will make the payment i will inform the moderator and update my current post. This is a report about @Remorseadmin If i will not receive my money until tomorrow i have to make one more report that will provide all the informations that i know about the owner and the server. Best regards, George
  12. Hello there!, Download Adobe CC 2017 (trial), make login to your adobe account, install trial version and before open the program just replace amtlib.dll with the cracked version of it that you can find easily on Google
  13. OFF-TOPIC admin - insomnia promotion topics (spam) Banners - Ads RMT Lineage Servers Lineage Development