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  1. This is an amazing project, seems promising! I will definitely try it!
  2. Hello dear friend, This server seems amazing, I already informed my ex cps about this project because we are always looking for good low rate servers to stay. I always play l2off low rate interlude servers so here are some suggestions 1. Minimize the epic windows as much as you can (i saw on features that its +-2 but think about +-1). 2. Be sure to check Pagan temple mobs stats (mostly those who drops mats for S weapons) because on many l2off servers they are very OP and you can't even touch them. 3. Check the Baium maximum death time, because some trollers were waking Baium and stayed Baium for hours and we were outside waiting for so long. 4. Many new clans (always) join after the server start while clan halls are not available because many boxes, or clans that not playing anymore own them, this is a very bad thing for the community, I don't have any suggestion about this "issue" but keep that in mind because its a bit important. 5. Anti-buff shield? it's the biggest issue on LOW - PVP servers. Those were the most common "issues" that came in my mind. I am wishing the best for the server (i will join 100%)
  3. And here we are, 1 month later from the previous "longer season" :D
  4. I made something with Photoshop timeline, if you have any better suggestion feel free to pm or reply here thanks!
  5. Hello, because i have no idea how to make it, Can someone help me out about how i can do it? I want to make a "smooth" gif - animation for a logo that starts with "</>" Then the < become the V on the logo, the slash / the underline and the > the A on the logo *Underline is not a must, if someone have a better idea please let me know because i dont like the underline much Thank you in advance !!
  6. Καλησπέρα, Είχα κάνει ένα post σχετικά με την νομιμοποίηση εσόδων απο το εξωτερικό αλλά τελικά δεν μπόρεσα να βγάλω κάποια άκρη για αυτό λοιπόν έκανα αυτό το post. Έχω μια απλή ερώτηση, Ένας πελάτης θέλει να μου μεταφέρει 800€ απο Αμερική, ποιός είναι ο "καλύτερος" τρόπος να γίνει? Με εκτίμηση.