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  1. Greetings to everyone, My group is looking for active EU players / drivers that are available to play more than 8 hours per day and invest their time with our team playing l2 🙂 As a group we play this game for many years either as a cp or a clan, depends the activitiy and the will of the group. We are low rates players and we are playing mostly Interlude low rate servers. We just finished our Valhalla Session and right now we are spending our time in L2 Elmore Lab casually but we aim to move on a more competitive server soon like L2Dex, E-global
  2. Yes i know many promoters - streamers getting a lot of free cols (value of 500€ +) but after all one individual doesnt affect the balance of a server with that much population like valhalla, even with 10k cols in order to get hero you need skills + feed 😄 As i know boh was paying every of the CP's that was playing under his crest 500-1500 col per week in order to boost them to win the server, on this Valhalla Boh lost by a lot tho and rage quit. My cp already did cashout while on mass pvp i had no lags 😄
  3. Its ok server, since the community is good there it worth the try but try to stay away from politics, discord dialogs etc and keep low profile
  4. I dont have pictures of something that i can send right now since i was playing at least 1 year ago but personally as leader of the competitive side of the server i received ban for the following reason: One day i was randomly going to Goddard WH and i saw behind a Goddard building (hidden) GM and the leader of Unepics (piyu), anyway i didnt care at that moment so i just ignore what i saw. The day after that i learned that Unepic did an Antharas beta test (without the rest of the community know anything about it) and Antharas died in like 20 min because it was bugged and it didnt dro
  5. I dont like this server but i can share my personal opinion about their success. First of all L2Reborn wasnt a successful project since day 1, while i was playing there i was already the "2nd wave" and the MDT (which was the trade zone) had like 50-60 shops. The competition was 0 and the server was 100% one sided by 2-3 "competitive" cps that was running the server. Because of GM team dedication and because they kept their values and their promises community started to trusted the project and many players joined. In general: 1. Good target group (ARG-BR community)
  6. Ofcourse its all about money, l2Remorse - innadril same owner, selling even his players accounts database with all data, ips, addresses, emails, usernames, password etc. And im not even talking about the corruption behind that this guy is providing free items to clans + making RMT with alt accounts. Not recommended.
  7. Still enjoy every minute of gameplay, awesome project with lot of clans and pvps!
  8. Im streaming ! twitch.tv/seveswen


  9. No time to explain, join l2etina.com

  10. Tried the beta.. its really unique, its like classic with interlude features + the custom things that this GM team did, congratulation very very good work! Will definitely invest my free time there!
  11. @VasyaBiceps all reports about the fact that he is scammer are deleted dont worry
  12. Hello @Celestine i just saw your comments, sorry for the long delay i just logged. If you are still interesting on that as i told its the Source that L2Remorse owner (Fabio - KmR) bought from L2Script for 2.2k euro and we were working together for the first L2Remorse Classic [2.8]. After i set up the source to the server and in his local computer we made few changes and then since i was in charge for the front-end he hired a developer with proper experience in this pack (that was @VasyaBiceps and as i saw Remorse scammed him as well 😄 ) . As i mentioned in my topic
  13. yes as @Red-Hair-Shanks mentioned, the features seems good enough but you can never know until you try it also the cost is a very important matter. In any case i would like to receive a feedback if you will try pigasos dev team service. Update i checked the costs in Athena Project URL. Also keep in mind that those kind of protections block some players and make their life hard, they have login delay etc. etc. but nowadays a similar solution is a must.
  14. Sadly the most common DDos method is not from the Server side but from the Client side, there are multiple brutce force programs and other commands that will cause lags to your server, the best thing that i can recommend is a good anti-bot client side program with antibrute force and spam filters. Good luck mate!