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  1. Hello, As admin told server BETA running in "first version" since most of the custom changes or the configurations didnt applied yet. There is a Private Beta which players testing lot of things and there is daily feedback and support about that. You can check more on server Discord channel, also Remorse (Admin) told that the Beta will be updated in 3 days. So i guess if you want to experience the real open beta you must wait 3-5 days.
  2. Amazing work as always! Never played Classic before but its the best chance since its mid rate, cant wait for the opening!
  3. Already many clans participate the sieges!, server still on PVE mode and soon the war chapter (3) will start! Right now the max level is 75! enjoy.
  4. Today server went on Chapter 2 (max level 75) with new content, A healthy server without bots - rmt. This is the real deal of 2019, for real, no bots!
  5. L2Remorse L2OFF IL x3 www.l2remorse.com still one chapter 1 (max lvl 60) JOIN TODAY!

  6. Some feedback less than a month of online, Server grow and activity increase day by day it worth to join, also the server still on chapter 1 for 6 more days that means max level is 60! Totally worth!
  7. 5 clans was on AQ - Also many clans that we know not came because it was too late. Server still on Chapter 1 (max level 60) and many new players join everyday, it may be your chance!
  8. Server is amazing! much fun and still growing. Its on Chapter 1 so max level 60, you can join now!