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  1. Hello i have a problem with the website This website was blocked to prevent a malware from reaching your device. Malware can cause your device to slow down or it can steal your private information.
  2. Hello, no offense but thankfully you are hidden in this forum, i don't want to see anymore this Indian freelancer prices of 100 and 150$ for eshops and websites. Just respect your time, only the time consumption to setup wordpress / woocommerce / payments / shipping / cookies policies etc. worth more than 150$
  3. Follow up: After some research i ended up using godaddy hosting and i picked US datacenter for my files, also SSL provider gave me CDN and now website working fast from everywhere!
  4. WTB ADENA ON NEW KETRAWARS X1 I PAY 10,00€ FOR 4KK (4.000.000) I will pay first only if you are worth of trust (something that i will decide based on your MXC community profile). Payment method: Paypal donation
  5. I know, who will prefer to play in this "hack mode" and lose all the entertainment of the game that include the graphic enviroment as well?
  6. Hello and good luck with that, No offense but who will play this game with this graphics?
  7. Hello dear, thanks for your reply i tried to install it but tdl.exe had corrupted route as my antivirus informed me
  8. Hello, i have a problem, some servers detect that i am using virtualmachine and l2exe is not start. I tried already the known methods of regedit edit but still didnt worked, any idea?
  9. They are looking for newbies like you to play there boxes if you want i can send you there nicknames ingame to pm them to play with them like a serious noob that you are
  10. Yes and the fun fact is that they will allow me to choose the name and the appearance
  11. Hello there, i will join Ketrawars x1 and a Russian cp invited me as WC active (main) and this is what he told me. Its so funny! And my reply...
  12. I just editted my post, i want l2off.. not able to waste even 1 min of my life to exp on a low rate java server. But thank you very much for the suggestion
  13. Hello, check the pdf on the link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KAgm4GdD37x2R3oEDSijcP6hSWH0ouU8 [Update] Some other areas that the difficulty lvl is high but worth the risk and your time. 1.Garden of Eva 2.(Deep) Devil Island - Dolls 3.Pavel Ruins (very good exp and great spoil) You will find a PDF format guide (tutorial). I am wishing you lucky Spoils!