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  1. Hello, does anyone know this website? i would like to get more info's about it http://super-guard.ru/ Best regards
  2. Out of topic suggestion, Consider to check SMS donations, everyone have access to mobile and they can donate fast and easy. The only CON is that the gateways are "expensive" and keep high fee, but like RIOT if players want to donate with SMS they can pay more money to get less "donate coins" than paypal
  3. Anyway the price represent what you get. If you want something better go to l2jscripts.com if you want something free to the above post that you quoted. Im selling L2JScripts rev 31620/15460 with all the features that it include, you can visit l2jscripts and read the changelogs about what it includes and what not. Some features may missing from this rev, still it is what it is and im selling it 500 euro and you cant find something better for that price. let's agree to disagree and please dont continue, we all read your feedback, there is no reason for spam and explanations thanks.
  4. Ok we all believed that you are here representing L2Remorse have a good night now
  5. I never told that its Remorse source, its the source the remorse using as core (l2jscripts rev 31620/15460). Yes i agree that l2jscript may be 10 times superior, go pay 2.5k Remorse is x30 because he bought this source for 2.5k and gave +3k euro for the development. You are speaking about 500 euro and you compare the 2 above options as equal, what can i say .. The source it is what is it is and the price as well, if you dont like the files your feedback is welcome, i still insist that you cant find something better with that price range and im not here to defend a source for god shake everyone will see your feedback and thats enough, good night
  6. Hello, thanks for your time testing the files and providing your feedback, The only objection i have is about geodata / geoengine since it was disabled it is false report. About the rest of the problems as i already told you, i set a value on those files and im not sharing them for free because its superior from the shared one and ofcourse less good than the latest l2jscript and thats why the price is 500€ because it represent the quality of the files. Ofcourse you may find few problems that you can solve by invest time or few dollars to a developer. Noone told that the files are the best on the market and ready to rock thats why they have that price. In my opinion you get what you pay, if you want the best files that you can find on the market you can just visit l2jscripts.com, give 2.5k dollars and take them. If you have time to invest you can give 500 euro and invest some time. Im here to cover a middle solution. If you want a 0 cost solution you can check this url yes, https://maxcheaters.com/topic/222712-l2-scripts-classic-zaken/ In any case as i told you on discord as well i will consider your feedback and think about what i will do with that. Best regards *Edit Also the price represent the fact that im willing to sell those files 1 time only, in any other case i could set 100-200 euro and sell 2-3 copies and earn the same money but because i want to be honest with the buyer and i dont want the source to be leaked thats why im doing that.
  7. Sure, you have DM *Edit What do you mean i was not part of the team? We have chat logs speaking about business since 05/2019. As i already told those are the things that i did for him. 1. Change PHP things on 1st interlude website. 2. Help you with SQL queries and many more things on the L2OFF interlude server. 3. I started the design of his interlude 3d website (dyno). 4. Started the new classic project. 5. Help him setup the source on his computer. 6. Develop the whole 3d website of first classic project website. 7. Transfer the whole website from the dedicated server to web server. 8. Finish the development of the first remorse classic website. 9. Change the whole forum design (images / buttons etc.). 10. Change the whole control panel index page (that for some reason he or the panel developer ruined later) 11. Help him transfer and make the source work on the new laptop that he had as testserver. 12. Help him on the front-end and source configuration. 13. Made the community board. 14. Made all the community boards multisells + custom community board items. 15. Update again the control panel index and change some things that you wanted inside. 16. Update the whole 1st version website to the newest 2nd version.
  8. with 500 euro i can set up your server localy with the latest l2 java classic files that worth 2.500 usd if you are interesting, everything on the source is easy to config and you dont have to mess with coding. If you are looking for something free check the latest acis share version its easy to compile and set it up.
  9. Or you can either save 1.5k euro and invest them to your own server development.
  10. Καλησπέρα σας, Αν έχετε βρει προϊόντα / υπηρεσίες που αξίζει να τα δούμε (λογικά γύρο από τον χώρο της τεχνολογίας) αφήστε κάνα url απο κάτω.. Εγω βρήκα αυτό το κατάστημα (Dell Exclusive Store) που πραγματικά έχει πολύ καλές εκπτώσεις, δείτε.. https://www.exclusivestores.gr/dell/black_friday.asp
  11. Maybe someone reported you, otherwise it just happened. As i found out there are PvP videos on Youtube that removed because of Innova Co. Copyright breach.
  12. The email you received is real. Based on a small research that i did this company did the same on many other server owners and even players for Copyright breach. Good luck
  13. A 30min video dedicated to l2? seems interesting i will check it out
  14. Κινητάρα, αν βγεί με τα παραπάνω χαρακτηριστικά σίγουρα θα είναι ο αντικαταστάτης του S8+ που έχω αυτή την στιγμή