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  1. Hello, thanks everyone for your time i used Watir & Ruby, i made a script, i wrote the commands - code and it surf the web and doing whatever i want pretty simply and easy i highly recommend it! Edit. Its easy to use and you dont need any "special" program, I made an example to navigate and login maxcheaters just to see how simply it is
  2. What i am looking for is a "tool*" that i can wring code inside like navigate maxcheaters.com then click store, then click advertisements etc. etc. My problem is where to start (what "tool" and language to use). Edit. I found a guide by using Watir & Ruby, i am gonna test it out but if someone have a better solutions please reply
  3. Hello, firstly i would like to let you know what i want to do, I want to make a auto "script?" to navigate a website and do specific actions (press some buttons) every X hours. Can someone help me about where to start? i don't need any code but how to do it like what tools and language i must use.. Never made a script for web navigation before that's why i need to help me with the tools and saw me the proper way. Best regards and thanks in advance
  4. Hello, any download link for new Eminem disc Kamikaze in HQ? thanks !
  5. I found InDesign& dll crack (i am not hosting the links so in future if they will be dead i cant reupload them) DLL -> http://prdl-download.adobe.com/InDesign/0AE9CC3E24054F7CAAEF89371F6B8E8E/1507852089154/InDesign_13_LS20_Win64.zip?red=a InDesign CC 2018 -> https://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-2018-direct-download-links.html
  6. I found illustrator & dll crack (i am not hosting the links so in future if they will be dead i cant reupload them) DLL -> https://files.fm/u/ac8rtxvj Illustrator CC 2018 -> https://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-2018-direct-download-links.html
  7. Hello, anyone have adobe illustrator and indesign available for download? also let me know if the method to crack them is the same with photoshop (dll file) and if you have download links for those dll. I found them. Check the replies for download links (i tested them, secure, no virus, no .exe or weird files). GL
  8. @Designatix please spend 2 minutes from your life and check his account in op.gg EUNE
  9. This dude (plat 5) made 21 deaths in a rank game .. how is that possible :D
  10. My opinion about new accounts > new accounts > new accounts... Update the forum terms of use etc. and type: In case of permanent ban, the member will lose any right to his topics and the administrator / moderators will have all the right to manage your topics. Then you ban his profile (bye bye feedback's and reputation), junk all his market / server / project topics. (keep all the "useful" stuff that he shared on forum because he will accept the terms of use) and then lets see if he will flame again
  11. @Designatix I was too fast i guess, sorry and thanks for your fast support. @Kara` Well my personal point of view is, if a new member will see his flame post activity and will see that this guy is a member on MXC since 2015 (without a ban) will say "this forum haven't rules". I mean you cant request from other members to be polite and follow the rules while this guy is a member without ban since 2015. Anyway i guess you can lock this
  12. Hello dear Moderators, I would like to know @Designatix why you are not give warning points or ban - chatban to @xxdem ? His general behavior to all members / posts is bad with offensive language like (fuck, trash, delete your server, trashcan etc.). Also spamming in all posts* The moderators are deleting his flame comments all the time but without any warning - ban - chat ban, why is that?. Thanks for your time