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  1. Today server went on Chapter 2 (max level 75) with new content, A healthy server without bots - rmt. This is the real deal of 2019, for real, no bots!
  2. L2Remorse L2OFF IL x3 www.l2remorse.com still one chapter 1 (max lvl 60) JOIN TODAY!

  3. Some feedback less than a month of online, Server grow and activity increase day by day it worth to join, also the server still on chapter 1 for 6 more days that means max level is 60! Totally worth!
  4. 5 clans was on AQ - Also many clans that we know not came because it was too late. Server still on Chapter 1 (max level 60) and many new players join everyday, it may be your chance!
  5. Server is amazing! much fun and still growing. Its on Chapter 1 so max level 60, you can join now!
  6. www.l2remorse.com  Interlude x3 L2OFF .. join!

  7. Sorry but you guys losing the point of this project, This project have nothing to do with the servers that i played until now. 1. The is no bot, for real! 2. The is no p2w or unfair donations, not runes or items that you can make adena with. 3. Have a great community. 4. Have a support that's 20/7 online and help with everything. 5. No clans that get paid and after 1 months leave. *In the picture below you dont see some players that get paid to play, this is the first wave of Remorse and trust me all those dudes will stay till the end, they are not a clan that when you stop the food supply looking for other server. .. I can name 10 more reasons but i highly recommend you to join the server and find them yourself! @AchYlek @AlmostGood @d4rknessqq We have a clan with 20-30 players and we recruit, if you will ever stop the servers that PAYS you drop me a pm, you will enjoy your stay on Remorse!
  8. Some feedback, server seems amazing me and my clan mates (30 people) playing here daily and we see many other clans - cps that working hard! Features are great, support is great, until now at least no corruption and everything going smoothly. About the shops its true that there are not many but its because of no bot! Yes you understand right ,no bots!!! I highly recommend this server!
  9. www.l2remorse.com L2OFF interlude x3 - balanced - antibot and many new and unique features. It will open today!
  10. Cant wait for the opening .. 0 days and 22:56:4
  11. 12/04/2019 Grand Opening L2OFF X3 www.l2remorse.com

  12. Ξέρατε πως ο Φατσέας παίζει σε σειρά του Netflix? :D https://thumbs.gfycat.com/KeenPrestigiousAmericanmarten-mobile.mp4
  13. Haters gonna hate i guess, and spammers gonna spam. Those people are the cancer of this community, they will try to find even the smallest detail just to have a "reason" to spam on your topic no matter if its a detail about features or about bots, corruption, website is not good, fake forum count, clans get payed by admins, fake players (phantom), fake online. On-topic, 9 days left for the opening that we are waiting for! 1 weeks, 2 days and 9:51:2