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  1. https://forum.innadril.com/threads/event-alioths-flaming-rampage-10-03-21-15-03-21.323/
  2. How you can judge the p2w if donation shop was not realeased?
  3. WEBSITE : https://innadril.com/ WIKIPEDIA : https://innadril.com/wiki/home OPENING : 26 FEBRUARY RATES : X1 TEASER PROMO VIDEO UI & UX Improvements
  4. We dont sell it But anyways allredy 4-5 project's copied our website. 1:1
  5. Hello I would like to get some feedback from Lineage 2 players about the wiki we've made. You can visualize Monsters in 3D. Very fast and detailed information from skills, etc. https://innadril.com/wiki/home Do you think it would be cool to do it also for other chronicles?
  7. 🎯 BE READY FOR OUR GRAND OPENING! TODAY (November 07) all you guys can check our live project! • 18:00 GMT+0 • 19:00 GMT+1 • 20:00 GMT+2 • 21:00 GMT+3 🏹NO BOTS, NO P2W, LONG-TERM
  8. Today we want to bring you a new system that we were working on; we call it Marketplace. Most of you are probably familiar with this system since it's not as revolutionary as the others we've created. But it's critical in our RMT policy. We all know that RMT is a present thing on every MMORPG and something we need to tackle. Introducing a marketplace is the way that seems to be the most effective one on this matter since it protects our players from scams and frauds and also supports the project in a very positive manner. All details of this system will be on our new page
  9. We appreciate it! Take a look in out project and be surprised.