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  1. Nice server. Every day more and more player join to server.
  2. So New trend on private servers market? H5 dead and Interlude specially low rates Reborn,Etina etc.. are rising.
  3. Lineage 2 EU community slowly dying or its already dead? Servers like Saga ,Pandora some Interlude servers etc... Max players they got its arround 100-250 on every server. But Russians servers still got huge community. What is the difference between EU and RU servers?
  4. Hello all. I have question for this community. How its possible this L2 Reborn is so successful? New players still join to 1 year old server. Twitch Lineage 2 section 70% of streamers play on L2 Reborn. YouTube videos about PvP siege there are 150+ ppl. What they do what others dont?
  5. Best server in your dreams maybe. Gm put ancient scrolls for donation Store. 2nd day guy named LordVoldemort run with +13 vesper wep. Why gm didn't make enchant cap for +8 for 2 weeks? Bcs he wanna donations only from ancient scrolls. Next look on Twitch your br streamers brjoga etc and you will see 0 activity on server. 5 day passed and server population from 300 dropped to 100. And please remove your phantoms from server or setup they better. Every town 5 real players and 100 phantoms run every sec to left to right. Your server failed this Time Man. And you know it too. Pay more to brjo
  6. This server is l2stars.eu and l2imagination Dont join !!! Previous server was alive for 1 week Waste of time
  7. Good server, every zone is crowded. Can find ppl easily for party via /partymatching Best low rate Interlude server.
  8. Vorpal Leather Set +6 1800 attribute Veniplant Sword +5 300 attribute + Acumen Feather Eye Blade + 7 300 attribute Send Message Here Payment method : PayPal