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  1. Check L2Etina. Rates are x3, no dual box, interlude chronicle with classic client. https://l2etina.com
  2. Link to the server features in the first post doesn't work. By the way, server seems great 🙂
  3. Item Search was hardest window to make. It allows you to find every possible way, of getting desired item:
  4. Check out our Drop List which you can open by using Shift+Click on monster:
  5. No. Take a look at the server features or even the picture, you will notice that one server has nothing to do with the other.
  6. We plan to send 250$ to the Clan, which wins first Aden Castle Siege on L2Etina. You can check it out in here: https://l2etina.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47-250-reward-for-aden-castle-siege-winner/
  7. Amount of maximum characters per player, is still undecided. We have a poll on forum about this, and thus far most players vote for server without boxes. If you share this opinion or if you dislike it, please vote on forum so we can make better informed decision.
  8. We have decided that server will Launch on 01.01.2021. You can log one week ealier though, to check out everything on Beta Testing at 25.12.2020. See you there!
  9. Welcome to L2Etina! We are very excited to finally announce L2Etina, Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client like no other. There are a lot of cool features that you have never seen before in really well polished package. It took us really long time to prepare server that doesn't add new skills or changes to formulas and gameplay, while having completely redesigned look and lots of new cool features. L2Etina combines the best of both, New Game Client and Great Old Interlude, all of that in 800mb patch. We didn't stop at this though, we have added a lot of new features like Guide for new P