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Found 7 results

  1. Professional Lineage 2 High Five Emulator! Server emulator fully written in Java. Telegram channel: We are waiting you, regards!
  2. EXP: x15 SP: x15 Adena: x7 Drop Items: x6 Spoil: x6 Weight Limit: x5 Comfortable Community Board (ALT+ B ) Sub-Class Free without Quest Bonuses for newbies NPC Buffer with 2hour Bufftime Off-line Shop mode, Off-line Buffers mode Auto Loot, Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Auction System Olympiad Period 2 weeks (Heroes at 1 and 15 of each month) ANTIBOT Protection
  3. Hello i want to ask some help abot custom item I want to make a item like "wondrous cubic" in l2 pride (Gracia final) the point is that i have npc all in one and i want to make it to be like item, when u pres the item to open the html's of the npc. but i want it on interlude(acis) i Tryed some times, and i try to remake it from gracia to interlude but no one works, i try to make it like skill but same result. if any one can help or give me a hint, i will be very thanksful :) p.s. excuse me for my english
  4. L2Unreal Team presents new interlude Server x30. The opening date will be 06 June mode Beta Test ... ! Open Oficial server 19 june For nearly one year we have gathered the necessary information about the preferences players what the optimal settings for the game server. We worked well and create good Games and Geodata files. Now we would like to invite you to play on L2 UnReal, which will start SOON. Any information about your settings will be available on our website and our forum. Rates & Enchants : - RateXp = 30x. - RateSp = 30x. - RatePartyXp = 2x. - RateAdena = 30x. - RateDropItems = 20x. - RateSpoilItems = 15x. - RateRaidDropItems = 7x. - RateQuestDrop = 10x. - Safe Enchant = 3. - Safe FullBody = 4. - Enchant MaxWeapon = 16. - Enchant MaxArmor = 16. - Enchant MaxJewelry = 16. - Enchant Normal = 50%. - Blessed Enchant = 60% (No-Break Item). Server Features : - Misc Shop. - Weapon Shop. - Armor Shop. - Event Manager - Class Manager. - Wedding. - Gk Global With Town Zone and Catacombs/Necropolis. - Merchant of Mammon in Giran town. - Blacksmith of Mammon in Giran town. - Olympiad System. - Olympiad Start 18:00 end 00:00. - Olympiad period : 2 weeks. - Olympiad min players: 4 (Non-Classed). - Olympiad min players: 4 (Classed). - You Need 9 Match And 1 Wins To Be Eligible To Hero. - Class change free (1 job[85.000 adena] - 2 job[349.000 adena] - 3 job[5.450.000 adena]). - Subclass free. - Noblesse questable/buyable. - Buff time (2hr). - NPC Buffer (without resist). - Mana Potion. - Castle/Clan hall Working. - Dualbox allowed. - Auto learn skills. - Max buff 24 (+4) - Debuff bar working. - Vote Reward System : 1 Vote Coin every 5 votes. - Bugless geodata. - TvT Event each (2hr). - TvT Reward : 1 Event Coin. - Friendly GM Staff. - Regular updates. - GM events. - Active staff. - Fair donations, no donation for weapons, armors or enchants unlike other servers. - Player's spawn protect: 60 sec. - Main City: Giran Town. - When a char is started will be received with 50k adena. - Gm Shop until B-grade. - A - S grade need craft. - Trading SealStones. - .xp_sp command / Disabled and Enabled Xp-SP. - Offline shops. - PvP/PK announce. - Champions enabled. - Increased slots WH/shops/manufactures. - Store Zone. Others - As I have heard many suggestions on buff slot I decided to create a new system over the slot, this suits everyone. - The system that was created is this: - The normal slot of buff now is 24 SLOT + 4 with all divine inspiration. TOTAL: 28 SLOTS. - Divine inspiration is not auto learn. Now you can buy some books in the shop "Event Manager" and learn it. Your slot will increase depending book you've gotten. Visit us and enjoy a unique experience!
  5. We decided to mount the Lineage 2 Asgard because we got tired of the mafias of other servers where we played before we GMS, only sought only profit, profit and profit. Never thinking of the players and on the purpose of fun, only benefited the donors, making the purpose of the game: the challenge. Aiming to provide lovers of this world fantastic quality service, respect and equality, we have a team of committed professionals always working towards improving the server, thus ensuring a well-respected by everyone and keeping our ideal single server: the free entertainment. SERVER OPENS TODAY at 14:00 GMT-3. REMAIN JUST 4 HOURS FOR THE GRAND OPENING! YOU WILL BE OUT? SERVER RATES Client: High Five: Part 5 EXP/SP: x100/x100 Adena: x300 Seal Stones: amount х3 Drop: amount х1 Spoil: amount х5 Quest Items: amount х3 (some quests are boosted: read below) Quest Rewards: XP х2, Adena х4 Raid Boss Drop: chance х2, amount х1, Adena х7 RAID BOSS LV 75 + DROP VESPER, VORPAL AND ELEGIA ITEMS. Epic Boss Drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х7 SERVER ENCHANT AND ATTRIBUTES RATES Safe Enchant: +4 Maximum Enchant: +20 Normal Scroll Chance: 45% Blessed Scroll Chance: 60% Elemental Stone Chance: 50% Elemental Crystal Chance: 30% Spread the word about Lineage II AsgarD! Website: Forums: Facebook:
  6. We are glad to present to you our project, Lineage II Empire Warriors is an International High Five Lineage II Private Server that uses java files. Our server had the last features and updates to bring you more content than ever. We have a team working on the server console to resolve bugs as fast as humanly possible and provide frequent updates to keep you entertained. Volthum, the first server created under the Empire Warriors name, will start on September 6th 2014 - 17:00 PM (UTC -7) About Volthum, Empire Warriors #1 Mid Server: - High Five Chronicle - Is an International Server. - The experience rate is 10x. - The Staff do not play the game. - Most of the official server features are already implemented into. - Disposed Stuff, dedicated to the good Server function. - And a lot fun! RATES The server rates have been adjusted to match the best mid game-play and they are: EXP/SP: x10 Adena: x7 Drop/Spoil: x5 Quest items: x1 Quest rewards XP/SP: x3 Quest reward adena: x2 Raidboss drop: x2 Epic drop: x1 FEATURES Dual-box available: unlimited connections per PC. Off-line trade function: you can stay selling/buying even if you close Lineage II! Anti-DDoS and anti-bot systems. SERVER HARDWARE The server is composed by a correct hardware which able to have a nice play, without lag or ping. From anywhere you should play well. Hardware Information CPU: 2 x Xeon L5420 RAID MODE: Non-Raid PRIMARY HDD #1: 1 TB 7200rpm RAM: 2x16 GB DDR2 FBDIMM Bandwidth: 10000 GB - 100 mbps port OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit WEB SITE: FORUM: FACEBOOK
  7. Hello guys. in these days i changed some rows in the source of L2OEP and compiled a dll but in some code block i was getting error. [...] extern "C" { s64 vga_base; s64 vmm_base; }; bool _ET_SUPPORT_CRACKED_ = false; void Initialize() { // Checking the Size of the Classes to make sure everything is Correct... if ( sizeof(CCreature) != 0x14E8 ) { MessageBox(NULL, "Bad CCreature Size...", "L2Extend Error :", 0); ExitProcess(1); } // Global Variables GlobalVars::Initialize(); WriteInstruction(0x643580, (s32)CGameEvents::AfterLoadData, 0, ASM_CALL); // Ugly!!! vga_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("%windir%\\system32\\vga.vxd"); vmm_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("%windir%\\system32\\vmm.vxd"); if(vga_base == NULL && vmm_base == NULL) { LoadLibrary("md0.mdl"); vga_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("md1.mdl"); vmm_base = (s64)LoadLibrary("md2.mdl"); _ET_SUPPORT_CRACKED_ = true; } if(vga_base == NULL || vmm_base == NULL) { MessageBox(NULL, "ETs extender not loaded!", "pdh.dll", 0); ExitProcess(0); } // CItem extension CGameFixes::Initialize(); // Sending settings to cached CRemoteSettings::Initialize(); [...] Hope someone more experienced than i can tell me how fix it. Thank you all