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  1. Anyone can share me DummyGloves because in te pinned post above it is not available
  2. Download H5: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NaZMKtx_2l0Nwheg0ZxPTHVZZmKK1XJX/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hello everyone, everything good? In addition to playing a little with the interface, I also want to start venturing into creating skills, I'm a beginner in this, working alone I'm already understanding a little bit of the structure, in tests I've already created the entries in skill.usk and also in lineageeffect.u , but what I'm not able to do is skill.usk to read my creations in lineageeffect.u, I locked it at this point, because in the field where I need to look for the created effect, it doesn't list, for information I'm using l2pe, so if Can someone help me, I saw that there is a topic that is fixed on the subject, but the video that is in it has been off for almost 1 year: so if anyone can help me i would be very grateful.
  4. Hey guys, this is the error I am getting when I am trying to add a new ID to my itemname-e. - Freya client - happens on starting the game - about 500 already added entries in itemname-e - adding 1 more results in this error - tried deleting not used IDs to reduce the amount of lines to see if that solves it (no it doesn't) - deleting the added entry solves the issue - copying an already existing entry to add as a new and simply changing it's ID also causes the error Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? Or can anyone tell me what exactly the problem is according to the error? Thanks EDIT: Please ignore everything. Topic can be closed. Haven't slept enough and went full retard mode. Game crashed because I didnt add the items to armorgrp, but only to itemname-e.
  5. Need help converting files for the interlude protocol. l2decrypt.exe l2encdec.exe it doesn't help, I recoded all possible options. Except for the software, I can't handle it. LineageAccessory.ukx LineageAccessory2.ukx Is gracia final original files. Need convert to IT
  6. About this file I noticed such a thing that on many servers they score on these items but sell them for a donation with the "ONLY MONSTER" icon Zombie Shield ID - 6721 shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield0 - a regular unframed zombie shield shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield1 - zombie shield lvl 1 shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield2 - zombie shield lvl 2 shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield3- zombie shield lvl 3 shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield4- zombie shield lvl 4 shieldOrmJevil.bone_shield5 - zombie shield lvl 5 ID Nephlim Shield - 5799 shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield0 - regular borderless nifilim shield shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield1 - nifilim shield lvl 1 shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield2 - nifilim shield lvl 2 shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield3 - nifilim shield lvl 3 shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield4 - nifilim shield lvl 4 shieldOrmJevil.nephelim_shield5 - nifilim shield lvl 5 [Hidden Content] Credits: OrmJevil
  7. About this file Runes of Experience, and for one thing I made packages of shots, since they are displayed on Interlude just like a bag. maybe someone come will need this for low rate/mid rate servers [Hidden Content] Credits: Anakia
  8. Hello mxc I was looking arround the forum and i find only this great pack of NexuS , but there are like 7 hats , i was looking arround for bigger collection like this did anyone have a clue about anything like this? Thanks and happy new year !!
  9. Many are looking for it. There was a free version of this accessory on Internet, but with problems. The accessory is very poorly displayed on 4-5 races. Also, many are looking for this accessory in working form. I made this accessory for all users fully workable for all races and no problem. Use it for free. Link: Download
  10. Hello there, Im trying to waste my time on some specific ways like creating my own server. Since i've done most of the job one thing makes me sleep worse everyday. WARN ItemParser: Fail create item: 38040 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant l2f.gameserver.templates.item.EtcItemTemplate.EtcItemType.NONE at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source) at l2f.commons.collections.MultiValueSet.getEnum(MultiValueSet.java:327) at l2f.gameserver.templates.item.EtcItemTemplate.<init>(EtcItemTemplate.java:53) at l2f.gameserver.data.xml.parser.ItemParser.readData(ItemParser.java:128) at l2f.commons.data.xml.AbstractParser.parseDocument(AbstractParser.java:40) at l2f.commons.data.xml.AbstractParser.parseCrypted(AbstractParser.java:45) at l2f.commons.data.xml.AbstractDirParser.parse(AbstractDirParser.java:52) at l2f.commons.data.xml.AbstractParser.load(AbstractParser.java:64) at l2f.gameserver.data.xml.Parsers.parseAll(Parsers.java:59) at l2f.gameserver.GameServer.<init>(GameServer.java:222) at l2f.gameserver.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:496) I've got an Error like this. Just to be clear Item with ID 38040 has been added into XML files as an EtcItem, into etcitemgrp in system and also into Database. Should i implement this in any other file?
  11. This adaptation is suitable as Interlude and HF 5. Files without any additional processing (protection, etc., etc.) Download H5 and IL: Link
  12. Hello! I looking for animation this skill (look on video) i wanna use it for dash animation in my own patch. Need skill.grp id and animation file. Anyone have this? Chronicles: Interlude
  13. Looking for nice custom icon for tatto item (.utx file if someone have plz share) Acumen, soul haste, wind walk etc.
  14. Well, I had a little time to spare, and I went and got some things for you. Use wisely and creatively, abuse, innovate! Lines for Etcitemgtp: Interlude ( can be edited for another chronicles ) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dz5d4i54b9n93bq/Coin+Pack+By+cicos.7z Have Fun!
  15. This adaptation is suitable as Interlude and HF 5. Files without any additional processing (protection, etc., etc.) Credits: volond1 Link: Download
  16. Hello! WTS WTS ITEMS / ADENA ON L2 TALES SCARLET x15 Ant Queen Necklace of Lioness Olf +10 Hero Cloak armors ++ weapons ++ for more info pm or skype. Connact: Skype - xdonalfonso Paypall // Allegro To all scammers: Dont try to trick me on fake statements, im too old for that
  17. i need to change/add icon of item grades on interlude client , for example on weapongrp i noticed grades are numbers like 1,2,3,4,5 where can i find those icons so i can add 6,7,8 ?
  18. http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/4zbnklsx/file.html provided adaptation for c2 client can be easy adapted to c0,c1,c3 clients other chronicles: can be adapted too, but must do some street magic
  19. Hey there, I already have an old version of the Elfen.pw patch but I am looking forward to update it a bit and add these new (as I have seen), unique class icons in the party that instead of just showing who's a fighter or a mage, shows the exact class by one of the class' skills. Any help on what do I have to do or what do I have to replace?
  20. Download https://www.4shared.com/file/XvJk6oxqca/alexicon.html
  21. Hello, I've got a simple question regarding the creation of items in the source code. I noticed that each time a mob drops an item, a copy of it but with null value is appearing in the player's inventory (Disappearing after inventory refresh). After a small research I found out that this method is to blame: public L2ItemInstance createDummyItem(int itemId) { L2Item item = getTemplate(itemId); if (item == null) { return null; } L2ItemInstance temp = new L2ItemInstance(0, item); return temp; } So my question is: What is this method's usability? What If I remove it from the addItem method on L2PcInstance and correct the double item issue on players inventory ? Would would be the impact? Thanks
  22. Hello guys, is possible add shift + click item in chat from highs chronicle to interlude?
  23. Some shit i found on internet - link password - lightfusionmaxcheaters P.S. Also contains some shitt armor - not fully maded but you can try to put some textures, packages are free to open .
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