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  1. In what file i find this texture: https://ibb.co/LvgsNcd i see some server have different font. How i can find and change it?
  2. Mayby 2-3 person form this forum know how solved my problem ( i think about Celestine, NevesOma) but nobody wanna help me long time... I spend many hours/days and find it ALONE! Here is guide what very helped me : @GLO thx for it!
  3. in what file i can find this id? in system folder?
  4. yes a mean about custom skill in new file. I know here is guild but is no easy create new skill. I try learn 😉
  5. but i must in code write nickname or can use party window 1,2,3,4 etc? how it work on Interlude?
  6. its possible makes form this assist party target on button?
  7. Who exsplain me how make form one target skill animation for mass skill animation? (use skill and see animation on all party/ally members)