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  1. if i only repleace it with orginal texture will be work?
  2. War /delcared/undelcared icons display in 16x12px is possible to change it on interface.xdat for 16x16 and display bigger picture? Chronicles: Interlude
  3. Alternative for orginal macro icons for Interlude https://ibb.co/PQZPjzy Download: https://www53.zippyshare.com/v/DEETEx8h/file.html
  4. Hello Frank i send u private messeage with files, and thx for u wanna try make it!
  5. Very nice i need it but without sound its possible?
  6. Hello i looking for custom animations (for Interlude) I'm most interested in Heal , mass heal and FoI. Animation must be in in a separate file and not work with lineageeffect.u
  7. i try alredy on dtx1 dtx3 and dtx5 and still this same effect....
  8. Hi i want to ask why? when i changed icon in game (interlude) and i try drag out i dont see this icon (only when move). look on movie : https://youtu.be/I7rJkbhHEKk(this macro icons is custom not orginal i change it)
  9. i know, u can make but u no make it for free? I ask because I don't want to waste your time BTW "Horror" form Dark Avanger have this same animation looks like https://postimg.cc/G8gJMHd
  10. on pictures its retail form classic official server https://postimg.cc/G8gJMHd
  11. i need something up on head when fear landed on enemy