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  1. i know, u can make but u no make it for free? I ask because I don't want to waste your time BTW "Horror" form Dark Avanger have this same animation looks like
  2. on pictures its retail form classic official server
  3. i need something up on head when fear landed on enemy
  4. LF animation for Fear like on classic chronicles or something similar for Interlude
  5. Its too bad, but thx for your time ;/ i no need bypass for it only separate new file and will be work
  6. yes it is in l2patch but it working together with file lineageEffect.u and some server block this file
  7. Hello! i looking for FoI animations (like on movie) but in a separate new file, because the server blocks the edited filelineageeffect.u Can u help me?
  8. I need only animation when i wear item on skill bar it is possible? I want see what tatto i wear actualy
  9. Hi Celestine, if i change all bufs icon size in .utx file form orgianal to 18x18px its will reduce their display in the buffers bar just like yours patch? Or i must interfere in interface.u to change the spacing between the icons?
  10. for me C6 looks better, but this animation (c6) charges the processor, mayby C1 was better? Great work like always!