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  1. Its my second try to edited Interface Interlude, finally its not finished but is fully playable with all function. Still dont have texture for "macro edit window", and dont know how discconect window ;) Now i see how is hard edit this file, lordanov, ONA, Celestine make great and hard work when prepare files for free to players. I wanna THX for it! What do you think about it? ;)
  2. I find! problem is in file "skill.usk" from animations folder. Copty and paste this file and animation Hydro Blast back ;) Download: Skill.usk - LINK
  3. I have this same problem. All other skills SPS work fine but only Hydro blast animation cannot see. I thinking problem is in skillgrp file and change to orginal from clean IL but not help...
  4. Its possible change text font dysplay on screen (dmg, skill info etc.) in Interlude? I like font from Hi5 but dont know how change it?
  5. nie but its a random icons, i looking for specialy make icons for tatto
  6. Looking for nice custom icon for tatto item (.utx file if someone have plz share) Acumen, soul haste, wind walk etc.
  7. but u can tell me why? interfece.u not connect with ip server ?
  8. Hello! Someone can tell me why i dont see real HP my target (on players i see 0/0 HP, form mobs all its ok). What files working for this information? can u exsplain me or help with files? Please!
  9. thx, and tell what it is program to show fraps its interface?